I have not watched last night’s Community yet, although I heard it was good. I really like and support that show and am glad that it has been picked up for a second season, although I do hope they make some changes next year. I’m not even sure what changes they should make, and it’s not like Dan Harmon comes down to my work and slaps the whatever out of my whatever, but out of the four Thursday night shows, Community has gotten stuck at the bottom of my priorities list for some reason, and considering that The Office has run its course and makes no sense, Community should, at the very least, hold a solid third place. I’m thinking lose the Jeff-Britta romantic tension (because more like romantic tensioNOT, right you guys? Good turn of phrase! Why don’t I have a TV show?!) and kill the weekly melodramatic meta-morals. This isn’t Strangers with Candy, and the show already pokes enough holes in traditional sitcom structures and tropes without needing to do that every. single. week.

But like I said, I haven’t watched this week’s episode. Maybe the whole thing just got turned on its head and I don’t even know it yet. What I do know about is this week’s Parks and Recreation, The Office, and 30 Rock:

Parks and Recreation was good! Although, and I know I am a broken record about this, but why is Ann always at every event? Is a nurse really going to attend the parks and recreation department’s Spring Catalog planning committee meeting in the middle of the day? Is she really going to stay up all night to help with a telethon? I guess she’s friends with all those guys, but I have friends, I know what friendship is like, and an all-night telethon would almost certainly happen to fall on the night that I was busy doing stuff with my other friends. My nurse friends, for example! But if NBC decided to cancel all of the Thursday night shows and just have Chris Pratt sitting in a chair talking for two hours, I WOULD WATCH THOSE TWO HOURS.

The Office was fine! What is there to say?

30 Rock was both fine and great! It was not my favorite episode of all time or anything, but I will say that Liz Lemon and Buzz Aldrin yelling insults at the moon was one of the funniest things I have seen on TV in a long time. “I walked on your FACE!” And Elaine Stritch as Jack Donaghy’s mom is always a treasure. Why doesn’t Elaine Stritch host Saturday Night Live? She would be great! Oh, that’s right. Because the Internet hasn’t given her its so-inherently-ironic-in-everything-that-it-does-that-it-doesn’t-even-realize-when-it’s-being-ironic-anymore blessing. Sorry, Elaine Stritch. No absurdist nostalgia-throwback-half-prank-goof of a Facebook Fan Group, no late life, mildly condescending career resurrection.

Your turn.

UPDATE: last night’s episode of Community was great!

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  2. Gabe, don’t analyze Community too much. Just sit back and enjoy it for what it is.

    This week’s episode was all kinds of awesome. Abed’s Matrix stunt was the best.

  3. For any Monster that hasn’t read this, Allison Brie’s story about having sex with her gay friend in art school is well worth the price of admission (which is free).


  4. For a while, I didn’t really see the appeal in Community. But last night was THE BEST, definitely my favorite.

    • Last night’s episode and the Goodfellas episode are, quite frankly, two of the best half-hours of comedy I have ever seen on TV. But I also kind of hated last week’s episode with Jeff trying to bang the mom and such. So basically I’m saying this show is a crazy rollercoaster with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

  5. What?! Community has been so good lately! First the Chicken-Goodfellas parody episode and then last night’s ten-kinds-of-awesome-action-movie-parody Paintball episode, it’s becoming one of the most innovative comedy shows on television.

  6. “The only thing taxing will be picking out the proper software to use.”

    As an accounting major, I appreciated this.

  7. My Thursday night programming anticipation rankings are now as follows:
    1. Parks & Rec
    2. 30 Rock/Community (Tie)
    3. HSN presents: Spanx on Parade
    4. Re-runs of Walker: TX Ranger on the Hallmark Channel
    5. The Office.

  8. There are two kinds of diabetes, but only one kind of caring. Type 1 Caring.

  9. Seriously, Gabe…stop being such a dick about Betty White.

    • I’ve been neutral (yet mystified) on the whole Betty White thing. However, last night I found myself awake and watching Late Night for some reason. Anyway, Betty White was a guest and it finally forced my hand on chosing sides (Why am I chosing sides? Are there sides? Ugh). Now, don’t get me wrong, BW is a charming, sweet, nice lady and I admire that she is still out there living the dream at 88 years old. I have nothing against her and wish her all the best. However, she could barely even finish sentences without pausing or stumbling over her words during the interview. I just don’t know how she is going to “succeed” at hosting SNL.

    • I’m not being a dick about Betty White. I’m being a dick about the Internet’s relationship with Betty White. There’s a huge difference.

      • It’s OK Gabe, the internet still loves you. We’ll let you off with a warning.

      • The internet’s relationship with Betty White strikes me as being quite similar to Videogum’s relationship with Topher Grace. Someone started it for some reason and most people simply jumped on the bandwagon of silly, self-aware, seemingly unjustified adoration. I don’t understand your hang-up.

      • Kind of a sophistry, I think. You’re saying “the Internet” has created this ironic resurrection of someone you’re basically characterizing as a has-been. But most people who are remotely familiar with her work recognize that A) those who are driving this “movement,” and those who (like me) are just sort of enjoying it from the sidelines, are generally pretty sincere in their appreciation of her comedic talent and stunning career longevity; and (B) she’s not undergoing a “career resurrection” because she has never left TV. Anyone who thinks her career started and ended with “Golden Girls” is not paying attention.

        Look. I know this SNL thing is a little dicey, but I really think most of her stuff will be pre-taped. They’re not dumb enough to put an 88-year-old woman through five costume changes. And maybe some of her talk-show appearances have been spotty, but a lot of them have been great. So why is it so wrong to just give her this moment? It may be brilliant or it may possibly be a disaster, but either way it’ll be more memorable than anything Taylor Swift or January Jones could ever hope to pull off.

        For anyone who cares, here’s a nice collection of Betty White moments since the ’50s. Some of them are fucking hilarious.

    • Stop wasting your time and get on the Elaine Stritch bandwagon. I just built it out of extinguished cigarettes, broken liquor bottles and feather boas. That’s a an elderly woman who can share the stage with Jay Z and hold her own. (Weirdly, I just read she was considered for Bea Arthur’s role on Golden Girls. For reals.)

    • LEAVE BETTY WHITE ALONE!!!!!!!! *sob*

  10. I have a huge crush on Community. Hopefully it won’t send me an email using “there” instead of “their” and wreck it all (looking at you, previous crush).

    • Ouch. A blackout pulling-its-pants-down episode would be OK, right?

    • This reminds me of the final episode of season 4 Curb Your Enthusiasm where LD is about to do it with Cady Huffman but sees a picture of Bush in her room and it ruins it for him. Then later Jeff says “I’d fuck her with a Bush mask on!” and it’s funny.

  11. It’s a completely sitcomy thing to do but Mrs. Lutz being just Lutz in a wig was the absolute best.

  12. What I enjoyed most was Community abandoning all pretense of reality, yet further a plot arc (even if that arc was full of romantic tensionot).

    • Agree! It reminded me of the one-off NewsRadios, like the one in space.
      “What if instead of reporting the news, we reported … the space news?”

      • I hold a secret belief that the whole “Space” episode on NewsRadio exists so that Dave can deliver the line: “Fine, then I’ll get a Space Heater“. It’s so singularly perfect, so amazing, that I really HOPE that the whole episode was created for that line, because that’s a hilarious thing to do.

    • Holy shit. Best username/avatar ever. Well, played. I’m going downtown. To see you! I want my leads!

  13. Community was spectacular, but their Glee bashing has become ironic due to their constant movie homages. Why don’t they see that? Maybe they do, and I’m not smart enough to pick up on it (which is possible).

    The Office needs to go. Let Mindy Kaling back into the writing/acting wild, we need her elsewhere.

    Parks and Rec was great as always. I agree about Ann, couldn’t she get laid off from the hospital for never being there and become a Pawnee medical liaison or something? I dunno, maybe only in my fan-fiction dreams.

    30 Rock was good as usual, but I spent most of the time worried about Jan Hooks. What happened to her?

    • I don’t think it’s becoming ironic. I think they very much know and love what they’re parodying and paying homage to. I don’t think Glee does. On Glee it’s like “Here’s some songs? They all have Hello in the title? Sort of?” Also, there’s the matter of Glee being pretty terrible while Community is relatively strong.

      “Come with me if you don’t want to get paint on your clothes.” Abed is the best.

      I also loved Senor Chang’s paintball gun. “I’m the kind of jerk who brings his own equipment!” His entrance was magnificent.

    • I believe the Glee/Community thing is that they are shot on the same set, so it’s basically a big inside joke combined with a insanely self aware show making fun of whatever the hell Lea Michelle and Matthew Morrison are doing.

  14. I had Detlef Schrempf’s trading card in my trapper keeper surrounded by Lisa Frank heart stickers all throughout junior high. Parks and Rec left me feeling 13 and breathless.

  15. who am I? is it Keith?

  16. So many easter eggs for the supermonsters:

    Liz Lemon’s Mom: “I had just graduated from Secretary School and I got a job at Sterling Cooper.”
    Puppies on Parks & Rec (Hi, Birdie!)
    Mrs. Paltrow-Delahaye on The Marriage Ref

  17. “I see you! I see what you’re doing! Return to the night! You have no business here!”

  18. I graduated from a crap school for old people who made terrible mistakes when young and thus Community is pretty much a documentary about me (yeah, I’m Britta and I married Senor Chang, spoiler alert).

  19. Also I thought last night’s Office was great, but I also love Craig Robinson plus they knew how to use Ryan
    It was the starlight diner, it’s in a life magazine spread on Americana
    “Does she keep her phone locked around you, Michael? Does she watch how much she drinks around you, Michael? Does she leave the room when she takes phone calls? Does she keep perfume in her purse? Does she shower before sex? Does she shower after sex? Does she…”

  20. I’m dying for an animated gif of Ron Swanson getting licked by that adorable puppy. Monsters, make my dream come true!

    • the intro to parks and rec with that puppy/aziz narration were so fantastic. i was pretty disappointed that the puppy didn’t make an appearance at the telethon because that would have been adorable.

    • My only question is, What did they put on his mustache? I’m betting on peanut butter.

  21. Community was fantastic. Prioritize, Delahaye.

  22. And 28 Days Later. (very first scene)

  23. All I know is, if we don’t get a Modern Family open thread soon, I may have to shoot someone in the face with a paintball gun.

  24. Last night was genius. Except for the Office, which I watch with my Mom, so there you go. But I still like it, because once I love something, it’s HARD TO LET GO.

  25. So, it’s worth pointing out that Buzz Aldrin clearly has a new publicist.

    And when that occurred to me last night, I finally FELT IT: Gabe isn’t hating on Betty White (I knew that). He’s just stating a fact that he can’t ignore (lots of posts necessary to satisfy monsters’ hunger for pain – I knew this too)! But still. I felt something.

  26. LET’S DIA-BEAT-THIS! 4 hours spent thinking of the slogan, 4 hours making the shirts. Time well spent.

    • My turn to make an important distinction! Four hours spent embroidering the shirts!

      Thank GOD Leslie didn’t turn into a female Michael Scott! I love her!

  27. There are things in this world you don’t even realize you want, until they’re there, standing in front of you asking you to yell at the moon with them.

  28. Moment of the night – Pajamaralls:

  29. I think you have to be insane to think last night’s 30 Rock was any good, this show used to be so great, the incredible season’s 1 and 2 and 3 wasn’t as good as the first 2 but it was still one of the funniest shows on television. The Office isn’t what it used to be either but It still shit’s out quality episodes like the one last night, and The cast has of the Office has always been better than 30 Rock’s.

    Parks and Rec:A
    The Office:A-
    30 Rock:B(only because of the Mad Men references)

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