The Onion‘s “The Hater” column ended today as writer Amelie Gillette leaves to pursue exciting opportunities in heaven Hollywood. Heaven Hollywood just got a little more hateful.

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  1. WHAT?!? But Amelie is the person who taught me how to hate! I never would have known what douchebags Zach Braff and Pete Wentz are if it weren’t for her. *Sniff* I’ll miss you, Amelie! I hope that you can now hate celebrities to their faces.

  2. Goodbye, Hater! We’ll miss your sub-par version of Videogum!

  3. Was this Steve Winwood’s blog?

  4. Well, I guess I’ll be spending more time around here, then. Videgum and The Hater had a ton of topical overlap, so my commenting attention has been fractured. Now, with half of my intake going away, I’ll be feverishly pressing f5, trying to get two sites worth of pop-culture anger from one site.

    And WMOAT is on hiatus, oh dear God I’m going to go into vitriol withdrawal…

  5. Oh god, I just had a vision of Videogum ending when Gabe gets a TV writing job. :(

  6. Oh god, I hope she can inject some life into The Office.

  7. “What is best in life, Gabe?”

    “To crush your enemy-bloggers, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.”

  8. But how will I know what’s making Jessica Simpson sad? Although if this leads to the Buzzkill column coming back, then I am more than ok.

  9. Totally off topic, but those of you who were a part of the “Machete” thread yesterday, I have updated some of my comments. Thank you! ;)

  10. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

  11. Oh man, right after one of her funniest (IMO) pieces too! Shucks.,40752/

  12. now all i have left on the internet is this crummy site and fantasy baseball. ugh, looks like it’s back to med school for me.

  13. I was listening to the latest Hater podcast in my car today (I’ve been listening to old ones all week, so I was happy for a new one) , and when she announced it at the end, I almost cried. Amelie! Come to my house and be my best friend instead!

  14. The Hater is my personal hate-blogging hero. I pour out this 40 of Haterade in her honour.

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