In this feature, we periodically check in to see what is up with Topher Grace.

I walked by a poster for Robin Hood the other day, and it reminded me of how there was a time in this world when Russell Crowe was, like, the most famous dude. Remember that? Let’s put it this way: he was famous enough that he thought it was OK to throw telephones at the heads of fellow human beings, because their value was so much less than his (according to him). Also, he was sampled on a Jay-Z song. Now, I know that Russell Crowe is still pretty famous, but it’s different. The world of Russell Crowe has changed. I can feel it in the Russell Crowe water. Today, if Russell Crowe threw a phone at someone’s face, they would be like, “Hey! Some old man threw a phone at my face!” And someone else would be like. “That’s not some old man, that’s Russell Crowe!” And the first person would be like, “Who’s that?” And the second person would be like, “The star of Robin Hood!” And the first person would be like “What’s Robin Hood?” Because you have to admit that movie hasn’t had a particularly impressive marketing push. Certainly not by the standards to which Russell Crowe has probably become accustomed.

There are ups and downs in this world, and we all just have to do the best we can to stay afloat. Even Russell Crowe. Hey, speaking of people who suffer the ups and downs of the world just like everyone else, but who are also Hollywood celebrities and movie stars like Russell Crowe, what is up with Topher Grace?

Big casting news this week, so let’s just get right to it! From The Hollywood Reporter:

Richard Gere and Topher Grace are teaming up for “The Double,” a Hyde Park-Imagenation Abu Dhabi spy thriller on which scribe Michael Brandt will make his directorial debut.

Brandt and his writing partner Derek Haas, who were wrote movies like “Wanted” and “3:10 to Yuma,” penned “Double,” which begins with a murder of a senator in Washington by a Soviet assassin long thought to be dead. A retired CIA operative (Gere), who spent his career going toe to toe with his Soviet nemeses, is forced to partner with a young FBI agent (Grace) to hunt the killer down.

Production is scheduled for June in Detroit.

Neat! I love thrillers! Topher, if you’re reading this, send me an email and I can give you some suggestions of fun things to do and see in the Detroit area, as well as places that are good to eat! I bet he doesn’t email me. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t reading this! But he probably isn’t reading this. It is still good news for Topher Grace and his fans. Richard Gere is also a celebrity.

Meanwhile, the Onion AV Club, which is the cultural reporting section of satirical newspaper The Onion, conducted an interview with Danny Trejo, one of the stars (but not THE STAR) of this summer’s Predators. He had some pretty nice things to say about T2: Gracement Day.

The Onion: The A.V. Club: People were surprised when Adrien Brody was cast in the lead, and when Topher Grace was added.

Danny Trejo: They did great. Adrien was great. Adrien’s a hog, straight out. I’ll put him on my team any time. Topher… he’s cute. [Laughs.] But his role, he was very serious about. And me, I won’t do it unless I can have some fun, and I had a lot of fun with it.

It was nice of Danny Trejo to not simply dismiss Topher as another pretty face. That happens to young actors in Hollywood all the time, no matter how much effort they put into their work. I’m going to add Danny Trejo to my List of Gentlemen. Of course, Topher is already on my list of Cute But Serious Actors.

This week, we also see an important development in the world of Topher Grace News. Namely, there is a new website dedicated entirely to it, called Naturally, this means there is more competition in Topher Grace reporting than there was when this column began, but a little healthy competition only serves to make us all work harder and get our facts straighter. Besides, there’s room enough on the Internet for all of us! And the important thing is that the word about what is up with Topher is getting out there.

That is the important thing.

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication.

There you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. Send your Topher tips to See you next time!

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  2. fuck yeah, topher grace! lacks the charm and sophistication of both Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace and FUCK YEAH, RYAN REYNOLDS! I’m not a hater, I just calls it like I sees it.

  3. Why do we periodically check in on Topher Grace?

  4. There’s a great lesson in here: life may test us in unimaginable ways, but just like That 70′s Show, you can still do your best through what may seem like endless syndication. And in the end, you’ll find the timeslot that’s right for you.

  5. The only thing fytg has that vgum doesn’t is this gif

    And I just remedied that.

  6. Wasn’t there, for a brief time, a That 80′s Show? What happened to that? Was Topher in it? What about Russell Crowe?

    • No, he wasn’t in it because I’m pretty sure it was terrible. Something that Topher is definitely not! Whoops, got to go write Topher’s name on my notebook. *sigh*

    • Dennis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was in it. I think it was on for like a month or something? There was a punk on it and I was high school punk when it was on so I watched it once or twice. It was bad.

    • The dialog was literally like:
      “Hey, stop dancing to the California Raisins song and help me solve this Rubik’s Cube.”
      “OK, but first fingerless gloves leg-warmers Pac-Man Teen Wolf.”

      There was a funny/not funny email exchange between Mark Brazill (70′s/80′s Show creator) and Judd Apatow (Judd Apatow) in Harper’s a while ago. Apatow gets in a real sockdolager at the end.

  7. Hey, What’s Up with Sid 6.7?

  8. True Story:

    I googled Topher Grace to get to his wikipedia page to see if this column is mentioned there because I remember hearing that it was(it is: and when I googled him, a bunch of images came up including this one:

    and I was going to copy it and say something like “we should replace the image we use of him with this one” (which is a great joke!!) but as I clicked through to the image to get the url for it, lo and behold, the image came from a previous HWUWTG post from a comment by That One which read: “Yes. When I think of the suave, class-to-spare Clark Gable, I think of the smooth, debonair Topher Grace. I mean, c’mon! Even his last name is Grace! Look at this fucking face and tell me it’s not destined to play one of the biggest sex symbols of the 20th century:”

    Good one, That One! Also, we clearly dominate all things Topher related on the interweb!

    • I just added a VG link to the wikipedia page so everyone can find it.

    • I like how the Topher Grave wikipedia page points out that videogum reports the latest Topher Grace news “in a snarky fashion” Gabe isn’t just any Topher Grace chronicler, but a snarky one. Dare I say the snarkiest?

    • As a 75 year old woman, I don’t know how to work the wikipedia. However, someone put reoccuring and not recurring and oops I know I’m pulling a Winwood, but this is the wikipedia and very important and it should be right and it is TOPHER (ugh so cute).

    • The real question is: Why isn’t there a Videogum Wikipedia article? Currently there is only a mention within the article for Stereogum. Aside from TG, I’ve seen Videogum pop up in a few wiki articles (the only one I can think of off the top of my head is Die Antwoord) but there remains no full article.

  9. Danny Trejo = not so cute. Rugged, no doubt…not really any sort of cute.

    • See but if a man’s man like Danny Trejo can say “oh that Topher Grace is cute” then it shows that this whole endeavor is totally normal
      or something idk

  10. Topher Grace is the one true candidate.

  11. “Cute but serious” is the new “She’s pretty”.

  12. I know how the first person feels, because I had no idea about “Robin Hood” until I saw a preview for it during 60 Minutes. (At least they’re probably going after the right demographic with that particular use of airtime.)

  13. You know why I didn’t like ocean’s thirteen (besides a terrible script). It’s because this didn’t happen

    No Topher makes any movie a bad one (even a Soderbergh movie).

    • By the way, totally wrong place wrong time but.


      • I thought Thirteen was better than Twelve, I mean c’mon, in Twelve Julia Robert’s character at one point impersonates JULIA ROBERTS. That’s a huge, awkward breech of the 4th wall. We should single it out so it doesn’t happen again. What if Topher Grace in Spiderman 3 had pretended to be Topher Grace to get into Kirsten Dunsts’ pants or something?

      • don’t you mean twelve?

        • Isn’t Twelve the one where she does the impersonation of herself to get into that museum and Bruce Willis is there and Catharine Zeta Jones finds her Dad at the end or something boring like that?

    • I liked 13 the best because NO JULIA ROBERTS.

    • are you sure that’s topher grace? because from this angle it looks like conor oberst. and when i say “from this angle” i mean “from the visual perception of someone that’s 5 beers deep”

    • I remember watching this (the first one) with an audience of teenage girls (I was a teenage girl at the time, not a pervert with a mustache), and everyone let out noises of recognition when he showed up at the poker match. Sadly, he was totally upstaged by Pacey Witter. The teenage girls (I repeat, I was a teenage girl) totally melted at that one. How the tides turn: now Topher has his own Videogum feature! Meanwhile, Pacey Witter is on that show Gabe watches every week but pretends he hates. He’s also banging Diane Krueger, but details.


  14. T-Geezy’s gonna be filming in Detroit?? Wooo! If they come around Ann Arbor I’ll try and do some extra work/behind the scenes field reporting.

  15. I do not get Russell Crowe in the same way I don’t get Gerard Butler. I guess my lady parts don’t work correctly.

    Sorry I didn’t talk about Topher Grace.

    • I got Russell Crowe as the gladiator, but since then he’s gotten a bit, um, spongy. Plus he’s a bat-shit insane megalomaniac and my lady parts have an aversion to those.

  16. I have been working on a paper about Stella for my TV and American Culture class, and I threw in the fact that Topher guest-starred just for the thrill of typing his name. We’re gonna need a bigger A+!!!!

  17. Not to worry. You are Rupert Murcoch’s WaPo to's NY Times. You will mercilessly crush it for no reason at all.

  18. Can’t read my can’t read my

  19. I had a pretty good day today. The weather was gorgeous, my sportsgames teams were victorious, I got a great deal on shoes, and I made some damned fine carnitas. Still, as I started to wind down my day by laying on the couch and cruising the internet I had an odd feeling. Not a bad feeling, actually it was a pretty good one, just odd. I made my way here, to Videogum to see what was up with TG when it hit me. I had not seen a comment from garbage swamp creature Steve Winwood the entire day, not even on the Lost recap (which I only check b/c I figure he’s made some pointless statement which has angered the Lostheads). So I popped back through all the comments just to be sure and he is nowhere to be found. In the end, I don’t know if no Winwood is a positive or a negative but its at least pleasant.

  20. I guess now that I follow fytg I don’t have to reblog every random post about Topher and say “I wonder what’s up with this guy.” Which is good because none of my friends know what the hell I’m talking about.

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