Diddy has released a trailer for his upcoming Diddy Blog (A TRAILER! FOR A BLOG!) (and incidentally, he still refers to vlogs as blogs, but that’s OK, he is busy!), which he claims is going to the most positive, and inspirational blog post in the world. Cool. Although that shouldn’t be hard. Has he even read blogs? The bar on positivity is pretty low. So far, this post is the most positive and inspirational blog post in the world.

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  1. The word Diddyblog sounds disgusting.

  2. He’s the new DJ Clay!

  3. Oh no he Diddy.

  4. Are you guys old enough to remember the Negativland prank U2 / Casey Casum outtake thing where Casey yells “Diddly shit!” over and over again? That’s what I think about every time I see the name P. Diddy. “SOME FUCKING DOG DYING!” You should look it up if you haven’t heard it, friends.

  5. believe create feel grow love inspire

    that’s all bullshit coming from Puff Daddy and the Fresh Prince, but at least in image it is the exact opposite of the point of the Tila Tequila vlog

    “Heeeeyyy y’allllll. this is Tila Tequila, here revealing secrets about the shit that assholes have done to me over my years in the business. Today we’re going to be talking shit about MLK, Lincoln, Muhammed Ali, and King Leonides…”

  6. “believe create feel grow love inspire” is the new “make go get do be see“..

  7. Eat Love Pray Vote Die

  8. I wonder what you get if you run DiddyBlog backwards????

  9. Just when I was wondering who could snatch Gwyneth Paltrow’s “The worst on the internet” title.

  10. One time, my friend and I were holed up on a vacation and what we immediately dubbed “the wackest thing we’ve ever seen” came on the television. It was 3 years ago…to this day when I bring up the wackest thing ever, he knows what I’m talking about:


  11. I’ve been waiting for my life to be changed again since the Shins. It’s about time.

  12. Friday was FartGum and Tuesday is BlogTrailerGum.

  13. This is definitely the blog that MLK jr would have had.

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