When Jay Leno performed five feet away from the President of the United States at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this weekend, he just recycled old monologue jokes from The Jay Leno Show. Which would be embarrassing and hacky even if the jokes were GOOD. But they were AWFUL. Will someone please give him the light? He seriously needs to get off the stage.

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  1. In his defense, no one heard the jokes the first time around.

  2. The Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert, anyone?

  3. No time to comment! I’m too busy putting the finishing touches on our special double-sized ALL-JAY-LENO issue of Duh Aficionado!

  4. Keep pedalling, Jay!

  5. Did Jay Leno just Nick Madson HIMSELF?!

  6. I believe we should leave this to the professionals.

    WALDORF: They aren’t half bad.
    STATLER: Nope, they’re ALL bad!

  7. “Jay Leno makes Nick Madson look like Neil Hamburger.” – Paul Mooney, probably.

  8. Who do you think had a more awkward time? Obama pretending to enjoy those “jokes” or Leno’s handlers having to tell him that he killed the crowd (in a good way of course)

  9. “Yeah, I had to recycle some jokes cause I was too busy waiting in line at the doctors to write new ones! Health care everybody!”-Jay Leno

  10. To be fair, he did write those jokes for Jay Leno. No wait, he probably didn’t.

  11. Well, if he didn’t recycle those jokes they would’ve been sitting in a landfill for millions of years. You have to dispose of toxic waste properly, you know.

    So really, Jay Leno was just doing his part to help the green movement.

  12. Now this is the blog post I was hoping for after suffering through Jay Leno’s bit at the president show this weekend

  13. Jay Leno really is an “unfunny rapist hack” that is “worse than AIDS” and definitely “worse than kitten snuff”.

  14. “The main thing that every political campaign in the United States demonstrates is that the politicians of all parties, despite their superficial enmities, are really members of one great brotherhood. Their principal, and indeed their sole, object is to collar public office, with all the privileges and profits that go therewith. They achieve this collaring by buying votes with other people’s money. No professional politician is ever actually in favor of public economy. It is his implacable enemy, and he knows it. All professional politicians are dedicated wholeheartedly to waste and corruption. They are the enemies of every decent man.”
    – H.L. Mencken, some time between 1880 and 1956

    “If you took ALL the money republicans have spent trying to stop health care, and ALL the money democrats have spent trying to get health care, WE COULD AFFORD HEALTH CARE!”
    -Jay Leno, 2010

    We got that Jay. Try to keep up with us dude.

  15. How many car jokes was Leno able to fit in his routine? They’re so appropriate for basically any setting or audience. Almost too appropriate. I’ll bet he even made a joke about how Obama wants all of us to drive electric cars! What a boob!

    Also: insert denim joke here

  16. Can we take a Leno-awfulness break? The sadness of Leno posts are just barely cancelled out by Birdie videos.

    • Oh my, I have to disagree! I feel nothing but glee when Gabe posts about how awful Jay Leno is. I only feel sad when there are also posts about Conan and his layoff beard.

  17. First off, I can proudly say I didn’t even come close to laughing at any of those ‘jokes’. Secondly….did we really expect him to use new ‘jokes’? The fact that people such as Hedberg and other funny people have been taken from us so early in life and we have to put up with assholes like Leno shows how unfair life really is.

  18. When I was in college, Kevin Nealon came to our school for an evening of stand-up comedy. It was a very small school and we did not get much in the way of famous people, so folks were excited. He came out and did all of his jokes from Saturday Night Live, which everyone new, and which were just barely funny to begin with. The crowd quickly turned on him. He got angry and invited one of the hecklers on stage to do better. The hecker crawled on stage, and though he was painfully drunk and not funny, it was funnier than Kevin Nealon who walked off.

    Now, I know that a comic can’t have a new set of jokes for every gig. It is impossible, but there is nothing less funny than an old joke everyone has heard, that wasn’t that funny to begin with lazily told by someone who has not natural comic skill and who doesn’t care to be where they are.

    PS: We also did the same thing to the Kronos Quartet.


  20. I still don’t understand why the majority of America believes Leno is funny. He’s just not.

  21. that was all kinds of not good at all

  22. Hey guys, I am no Joe Mande, but I definitely Took One For The Team a couple of weeks ago when, while vacationing with a friend in CA, my friend’s parents decided to surprise us with tickets to see Jay Leno perform at a comedy club in Hermosa Beach. He does a show there every Sunday night apparently. It keeps him IN THE COMEDY ZONE, I guess. Anyway, I sat through an hour+ of Jay Leno jokes and if you think the jokes from the Correspondents’ Dinner are bad (and they totally are), let me assure you that Jay Leno really was giving it is his best effort. In the act I saw, he spent about 20% of the time doing jokes about the CLINTON ADMINISTRATION and various other things that happened during the 90′s. He’d be like, “I don’t know if you saw this, but a few years back…” NO JAY LENO. Not “a few years back”, that was OVER A DECADE AGO. Also, he did a solid 7 minutes of “women like cats and men like dogs” jokes. (Maybe it wasn’t funny because it is TOO TRUE?) At one point, he said, “I don’t understand the dating scene…” to lead into a bunch of dating jokes (I think), but then he just pointed out how he’s been married for 30 years, and didn’t end up making a single joke about dating!

    Oh, the stories I could tell you of how hideous this show was!

  23. modern joke formats, how do they work? – Violent Jay

  24. To be fair, when Colbert spoke in ’06, he used mostly old material. Granted, his performance was confrontational, ballsy and funny and I could only watch two minutes of Leno’s speech before putting staples into my eyes.

  25. yeah. we hate repeated jokes!

    (relax, technogabe and technomonsters)

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