Date: May 1, 2010
Time: 11PM
Location: Tennessee CBS Affiliate
Description: Local weather forecaster track’s weather system’s movement in relation to potential storms in area with common broadcasters’ light pen technique used most often in weather reporting and sports reporting, but in this particular evening’s broadcast the weather forecaster inadvertently draws shapes that when viewed together appear to be male genitalia. This is a rare but prime example of the NON-VERBAL TWSS. Due to the fact that neither the weather forecaster nor his fellow newscasters (off-camera) make any acknowledgement of said genitalia imagery, it is also a classic instance of TWSS Dramatic Irony.

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  1. I am worried about this because I am traveling to Alabama shortly, f’real

  2. This is the oldest trick in the book.

  3. Looks like Louisville is going to get pounded.

  4. You guys can yuk it up all you want, but when this tornado is going to devastate Pen Island.

  5. jajaja it’s a penis.

  6. really pleased to see a post tagged “Genitals, Weathermen.”

  7. Pshh, You know Weathermen have a thing goin on with this – They all have little side bets on who can get away with what, and they get together at their little (BIG) annual meeting and compare youtube clips and stills of their best cockery, all for cash and prizes.
    It’s a weatherman Bachelorette Party, Basically.

    • off topic: ds3m, what happened to your arms? are you ok?

      • I was gonna say something (LIKE A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE TWEET PEEPMONSTAHS) about it in MB but I figure this works well too.
        My Left arm had its veins busted because:
        1. Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Pupura Happened to me randomly so almost no platelets = easy bruises, and
        2. I Told the stupid Butcher Nurse/Dr at the first hospital what I had going on, but they chose to disbelieve me, and my veins blew out on the left.
        The right inside with the bandage is where the second Good hospital pumped me full of Purified Immune Systems and some platelets, and the far right is where I had blood work done before we knew I had ITP.

        Yes, ITP

        Long and Short of it, I will be fine, I appreciate everyone on the twitters and the facebookings and chats and boards, all giving me love, it was scary. As for the Avatar, I’m keeping these nasty things up until I can think of something better. I am a ghost no more, I am all too alive, and thankful.

        Missed a helluva week last week, I missed you guys, glad to be back.
        And this post fits well as the spot to say thanks to you guys because… because…

        Because Penis Joke.

  8. So this is the ‘Twister’ porn parody? Not so hot, really.

  9. Seriously though, a funnel that big is just going to suck everything right up into it.

  10. Pissy weatherman Bill Murray is going to be all like, “Groundhog’s King Kong.. ain’t got nothin’… on MY King Kong!” Oscar Award.

  11. What, No Veins?

  12. Could this also count as a Porno Switcheroo? “Daddy, what is Arkansas doing to Tennessee?”

  13. “Thanks for that report, Mike — Huntsville is right in the path of that engorged storm, I see. Conditions are sure to be slippery, with some serious blowing.”

  14. Further proof that God likes dick jokes.

  15. After this incident, how many times do you think the weatherman referred to his shlong as the “Tennessee Tornado?” Countless times, I’m sure… yet not nearly enough.

  16. I hope its not snowing in Tennessee.

  17. it’s raining men…

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