Finally, Stephen Baldwin breaks his legendary silence on the subject of the important mission from God that we are all on to restore him to his proper place in Hollywood via PayPal financial donations to some website or something? It’s hard to explain. But you’re definitely part of it.

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  1. After all the havoc he helped cause, he wants to right his wrongs and help restore the delicate eco-balance of the Bio-Dome…makes sense.

  2. I can’t believe he shares the same DNA as Alec Baldwin. And I’m not even a big fan of Alec Baldwin…I just think Stephen is THAT horrible.

    • I concur. When Alec Baldwin is the shining star in a family, you know that family shouldn’t receive donations because they bought too many Swarovski encrusted bible covers.

  3. He’s using the funds to secrectly construct a giant Christian Bio Dome HQ. Soon after it goes public he’ll declare it is a sovereign nation, “Baldwinistan.” I just know it.

  4. Leviticus 23:22

    When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest. Leave them for the poor and the alien C-list actors among you. I am the LORD your God.

  5. What is it about turning Christian that makes people such giant douchebags? Jesus was a cool guy. I’d nail him.

  6. This “Lock Stock” ripoff with no cursing or violence is going to be awesome! Mobsters never swear or commit violence. I mean, Tony from the Sopranos sure mentioned Jesus Christ a lot

  7. All the roles he has done were stupid, douchey himbos. What is he going to do if he can’t play those anymore?

    And who is going to play all the douchey himbos? Tom Cruise is on a religious jag too, I doubt he’d help.

  8. Did anyone else get 54 photos into the 218 photos of Stephen Baldwin at the bottom of the interview before you even realized what you were doing?

  9. So wait, are you the nasty blogger that turned his attention to it in the first place? Nice job breaking it, Gabe.

  10. “Give me the paypal donations you cocksucking motherfucker.”

  11. I feel, as a Christian, it’s important to support the lifestyles of the rich and famous and finacially inept. If we don’t help them live their lavish lifestyles, who will?
    -Some Bewildered Christian

    Personally, if I’d ever made 2 million dollars even just one year in my life I’d be all set forever.

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