No offense, but you are bad at parking. Actually, I take that back. SOME offense. Please park better.

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  1. Back in your day, a man woulda’ had to pay a wooden nickel to the owner if he’d run his Studebaker through a wall, right Gabe?

  2. High school pranks just get crazier ever year

  3. I’m trying to read his vanity plate.

  4. The Mercedes isn’t even scratched. Those unobtanium bumpers are good.

    Car 1, Building 0.

  5. I am very good at parking, thankyouverymuch! Maybe that wall should have been better at being a wall.

  6. Oh, come on! I’m getting better at parking, so just give me a break.

  7. It’s like a scene from that movie Death Sentence! Has anyone seen that flick? I dare say it might be a candidate for TWMOAT. What do you say, Gabe? Oop! I’ma hafta call you back, I just backed into and out of a wall.

  8. I heard he was distracted by seeing Phish in 3D.

  9. Once I got my shoe stuck under the gas pedal. It turns out tie-on platform wedge sandals are terrible for driving. At least if you are looking to drive without having an accident, or give yourself a tiny heart attack.

    • Ladygum, up in here. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to take my shoes off one at a time on the freeway because you just can’t drive in pretty things.

    • I have a permanent pair of flats in my car that i keep under the seat for every time I want to wear heels!
      “Why not just drive barefoot?” you may say.
      “Ah”, I would respond, “because I’ve had two friends get tickets for driving without shoes when the officer failed to find something else to blame them for because teenagers are always up to something no matter what and for some reason both driving in flip-flops AND driving sans shoes is illegal here.”

      I don’t know. Sometimes Texas is silly.

      • I believe driving in flipflops is as dangerous as driving with any other ridiculous sandals–the stupid flippy-floppy sole can get stuck under the pedal and WHOOPS! you can’t stop.

  10. I didn’t watch the video, and even though the description of the video says a man did it, I will assume it was a typo and that they meant a ‘woman’ did it, because sexism.

  11. Note to self: stop trying to paint, exercise AND drive a car

  12. UPDATE: Identity of driver has been released.

  13. Nice, now local news producers have an excuse to dust off their Juvenile CDs.

  14. My office was closed for three days last year because someone drove a car out of the adjacent parking garage and through the wall on the second floor of my building.

  15. Apparently the man was attempting to park the car, do stand up and film a sex tape.

  16. No way dude. This is my parking job

  17. To the people on the street filming with their iPhones:

    “Relax, Technocitizenjournalists”.


    GOOD JOKE, “MBENJO”. (No. It’s not.)

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