This video could have gone a lot of ways, but I for one appreciate that it just really focused on being about hot cats.

“Should anything happen in the video? Should we make it more interesting?”

Hot cats! Are they too hot? We’ll never know. The only thing we can be sure about is that they are not cold. And that they are releasing all of the tension and stress of the day. Hot cats! (Thanks for the tip, Chris.)

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  1. The country where I quite want to be.

  2. The white cat is all “Not now, Seymour!”

  3. In Finland, they have what’s called sauna sausage, which is, unsurprisingly, sausage that is cooked in a sauna.

    In light of my recent trip to Finland and my attempts to experience their unique foods, I REALLY hope sauna sausage has nothing to do with what we’re seeing here.

  4. I greatly appreciate your use of the word cats, though using a synonym could have brought you significantly more website hits.

    • and my apologies for using my facebook link, but I never did get a response when I e-mailed admin about my normal login never working.

      • Email again plz.

      • Go to your facebook. Click ‘account’, then ‘application settings’. If you don’t see something that says videogum, click the scroll down for ‘show:’ and click ‘granted additional permission’, it should be on that list. Find anything that says videogum and delete it (an X on the right side of the application). Signing in to videogum now will hopefully not default to your fb name anymore. Congratulations, you’re once again anonymous!

  5. if they stay in that sauna to long they might miss out on Phish 3D! (opens April 30th)

  6. Wow. When he’s not delivering presents or asking children what they want for Christmas, he’s kinda seedy-looking.

  7. They are just training for the 2010 World Sauna Championship

    (hint: bet against Finland, Sweden is due for a win)

  8. metaphorical subtext: his ex-wife was a cock-blocker, but now that he’s free he gets all the hot-cat he wants.

  9. The daily Sunbeam War between my cats has just found a Road Map to Peace.

  10. I don’t even want to think about what it smells like in there.

  11. Please tell me that he is sitting on a towel or something…

  12. Aren’t Finnish saunas too hot for cats?? They’re so small, and covered in fur! Someone who knows a lot about cats, and Finnish saunas, please clear this up for me.

    • I know! For real. I am such a killjoy, but I am just really concerned for the kitties.

        other guys bathing with my caaaaaats
        THAT’S FINE
        in finland cause they’re really faaaaaat

        but I know sometimes cats must get out in the light
        better let them outside

        cause the cats aren’t alriiiiiigt

    • They look pretty comfortable, plus I’ve never seen a cat just sit around all relaxed in a place it didn’t want to be. Cats don’t put up with that kind of shit!

    • It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

  13. This video is so hot, it could melt all this stuff (my eyes.)

  14. THE HOT CATS (are) TOO HOT!

  15. It was weird for my parents to make me.
    It was funny for them to make me.
    Life is weird.
    Life is very funny. — Vera Pavlova

    Thanks videogum for the daily reminders of these unbendable realities.

  16. Topher Grace IS Hot Cats!

  17. Oh yeah! Finnish monsters represent!
    Eh… or am I the only one?

  18. oh no. I just got a song that doesn’t even exist stuck in my head. I can’t stop thinking of the lyrics: “Hot Cats!” inserted into LCD Soundsystem’s “Drunk Girls.” This may never stop.

  19. As an elderly lady, I got “Hot Cats!” inserted into Duran Duran’s “Wild Boys” stuck in my head. Thus, I would much, much rather be in your head right now.

  20. tykylevits (catman) is internet gold, prayed to the gifsoup gods but no luck:

  21. In the off-season things get weird in Santa’s village.

  22. I think your forgot to mention that cat-sauna man is also my boyfriend.

  23. knowing full well that it was a race against time before the camera lens fogged up, i think the cut from the cats back to Creepy Santa was a poor choice.

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  25. No one has made a “black cat on white cat jungle fever” joke yet? Come on Monsters! Do I have to think of everything??

  26. mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on Apr 29th, 2010 +20

    So this is the kind of stuff that happens when you live in a place that has no sunlight for 80% of the year…
    All of this guy’s (nearly 700!) videos are amazing. Like the one where he angrily plays drums with a pair of icicles:

    Has anyone been watching the new show Adventure Time on Cartoon Network? I know we’re all supposed to be senior citizens here and not watch cartoons, but it’s seriously one of the best-written shows on TV right now. Anyway, my point is that this guy is EXACTLY the real life version of the Ice King:

  27. Dear God,

    Thank you for making me Norwegian instead of Finnish. Because YUCK.

    Thanks again,

  28. i’m actually going to finland this weekend. and sauna-ing is definitely on my to-do list. so don’t worry, i’ve got videogum covered in the hot cat department. for this week. someone else will have to take over next week. i’m not a hot cat saunaman machine.

  29. So basically, I just want to know who is filming this masterpiece and more importantly, why?

  30. Tomorrow, I really want to be able to walk up to my friends and co-workers and just say, “HOT CATS!” But I know that instead of saying, “Hahahaha, exactly!” they will instead go, “…”

    I need better friends.

  31. aaaagh! the big one talks and it has a lion cut

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