BuzzFeed has put together a collection of “The Best Larry King at Dodgers Games Photos.” I didn’t even know that was a thing! There are some pretty solid photos in there, including his ex-wife feeding him pizza like a little baby Benjamin Button bird (gross), and also him sitting near Rihanna (haha, why?). But this photo, which they rightly placed at #1, is the best. What a hero. Of course, it would be even better if, you know, you captioned it.

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. SCORE!

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  1. Oh, I see – with Weekend at Bernie’s 3 they are reversing it: the OLD guy has to fake like he DIDN’T kill the kid.

  2. “Whoa Nelly, I just found wife #9!”

  3. Larry King draws his power by sucking the life out of the young.


  5. Larry King restores his youth by sucking the life of a young Dodgers fan, living to interview another day.

  6. Kali Ma!

  7. “I’ve been coming to these games for thirty years and this is the first time I’ve ever caught a foul KID! WOOHOO!!”

  8. This photo confirms that Larry King is the Grim Reaper, as anyone he makes physical contact with dies instantly.

  9. “LOST sucks!” – Larry King

  10. I remember when baseball players used to look like

  11. The assumption here is that the child is asleep due to the length of the baseball game.

    The truth is that she had just been interviewed by Larry King for 20 minutes, which would put anybody to sleep.

  12. In the gif of this Larry is just punching the kid over and over

  13. Eternal Leader Larry clutches one of his awestruck followers, while a worshipful crowd cheers behind him.

  14. “Not even this dying child can keep me from the joy of finally seeing Hole live!”

  15. Upon touching him, their souls were switched. The young boy, not yet aware of what had just happened, continued to cheer; Larry, exhausted from a day spent drinking Gin and eating Wherther’s candies, took a nap.


  17. Larry King finishes his annual energy feed, allowing for another year of irrelevance.

  18. Larry King faith-healings sometimes “accidentally” go “wrong”.

  19. I don’t know who this Twilight spin-off is supposed to appeal to.

  20. “Go Brooklyn!”

  21. Bachelorhood, hello!

  22. “By Grabthar’s hammer, by the suns of Warvan, you shall be avenged!”

  23. We made a touchdown!

  24. “She said yes!!!!”
    “Hey everybody I’m getting married!”

  25. “Larry King celebrates nearly catching a ricochet foul ball off the head of a young by-stander.”

  26. …at the old, old, old, old, old, old ballgame!

    -Because Larry King is considered old in many circles

  27. “I see near dead people” – the kid

  28. “Baseball!”

  29. A young Emperor Palpatine practices his skills.

  30. “Hey, wake up! We’re on the kiss cam!”

  31. “The roofies worked!”

    • LOL at this currently having negative eleven votes compared to the post above it, even though it’s almost the same joke but with a extra pinch of “too far, bro.”

  32. The knife is invisi-bule…

  33. “I feel 70!”

  34. Ade due damballa. Give me the power, I beg of you.

  35. Agamemnon tries to help his team win:

  36. “I have a stain on my shirt!”

  37. “Kid right next to me, you’re on the air….hello? NEXT CALLER, PLEASE!”

  38. “The sacrifice, she is complete! Four more years! Four more years!”

  39. “The overpowering scent of impending death and decay was too much for little Billy to handle”

  40. A celebration of how little he spilled on that striped blouse. Normally his clothes are Dodger Dog-themed Pollocks.

  41. That’s what happens every time a kid gets too close to Larry King. That old man smell is a killer.

  42. All of America’s great pastimes in one picture: baseball, Larry King, and child molestation.

  43. Larry King, pictured with the latest victim of his Fatty Arbuckle-Douglas Fairbanks bass fishing anecdote.

  44. Apparently Mannywood has senior housing.

  45. It’s nice that Larry King’s clothes tell him exactly where the suspenders are supposed to go. Seems that he forgot them that day. Something something pants fell down kid’s dead.


  47. Larry King got a little too into the newest Twilight film.

  48. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  49. Desperate to obtain visual proof about Pamela’s under-wearing ways, King was mortified to find out he had kidnapped the wrong kid.

  50. It wasn’t all Kodak moments for King and wife number 11 as TMZ reveals King was also spotted drugging and taking the girls sister to Dodgers games behind her back.

  51. Larry king, pictured left, attends a historic Brooklyn Dodgers game on April 15, 1947 when second baseman Jackie Robinson becomes the first african american to play professional baseball.

  52. “THE DODGERS = GREAT SUCCESS (Borat Voice)”

  53. Bingo! Wait, where am I?

  54. “Knowing that there was no chance of calling for help in the roaring crowd, the kidnapped boy recalled a bear survival tip he learned in Boy Scouts. Swallowing his panic, he began to play dead, hoping the distracted Larry King would lose interest and move on to more enticing prey.”

  55. “Move over, Jeff Dunham! Ventriloquist comedy just got more subversive!”

  56. “Look into the reflector, Podling.”– Larry King

  57. Rihanna is dating Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp.

    that’s not a caption. just clarifying things.

    -your resident Videogum sports geek/Dodgers fan

  58. “I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one”

  59. “You can spell this scandal S-E-X” – Larry King

  60. “You know, it seems to me they give these ball players now-a-days very peculiar names…”

  61. Not to be outdone by another bald Jewish guy named Larry, King 1 upped Mr. David by bringing undocumented child labor, as opposed to a prostitute, to a Dodger game just to use the carpool lane.

  62. larry king: still 50% less undead than tommy lasorda.

  63. “CURSES! I have stained not only my good name but also my delightfully appropriate dress shirt from Men’s Warehouse! Where are my suspenders?!”

  64. Mr. King arrived troublesomely tardy to his Make a Wish Foundation obligation.

  65. This is the final shot in an alternate universe’s “Angels in the Outfield”

  66. Larry gives a weak fist pump, delighted he has successfully outlived another younger, more vibrant soul.

  67. Mr. King, like his wife, entertains his son’s interest in baseball with human contact and screams. (I am so sorry)

  68. “Crowd cheers on as Larry King performs back to back exorcisms”


  70. An entire nation rises to its feet. Children, overcome with emotion, pass out from sheer excitement.
    Even stoic Larry King clenches his fist in the air, barely able to contain his exhilaration.

    What once was GIFs was now a reality.

    Gabe has selected Amelia as next week’s WMOAT.


  72. Little known fact about Dodgers Stadium – when a Los Angeles baseballer hits a grand slam everyone in attendance gets a pair of suspenders and 50% off their next divorce.

  73. If I had my security Larry King with me, I’d fall right to sleep, too.

  74. After all of these years, Larry finally shares what it really looked like when Abraham took Isaac to the mountain for sacrifice. Guess his memory about how it ended is a little rusty.

  75. Tell me rude boy boy is you big enough?

  76. “Family update, folks: Holding my baby son, Chance King makes me realize how much more I love him than my other children. ”

    This has been USA Today’s News and Views with Larry King.

  77. And I declare you SAVED in the name of the Dodgers! Cocomoco, TX you’re on the air.

  78. “This thread…..It is terrible” -everyone reading

  79. Old man look at my life, I’m a lot like you were. . .

  80. have a dick for dinner

  81. After a successful exorcism the demon known as Larry King is pictured leaving the body of a victim.

  82. I like that this thread was basically only two themes: Larry King as an evil demon soul stealer, and Larry King as a child rapist. Great job, everyone.

  83. this isn’t so much a caption, but is it just me or has Larry King become a tanned Asian turtle?

  84. “Never, never, never, never, never!”

  85. My Larry King beat up your honor student.

    My Larry King doesn’t give a FUCK!

  86. Free Mouthwash Day at Dodgers Stadium

  87. PLUS


    —Sincerely, arthistorygum

  88. “Somebody get this kid another beer!”

  89. “Madame, I can make you the future ex-Mrs. Larry King!”

  90. skeletor?

  91. “Hey cool cat…I’ve got my dead kid AND my hat!”

  92. Larry King just narrowly misses the chance to save a poor child from yet another high-stakes Cherry Battle.

  93. “Swing away Merrill. Merrill… swing away.”

  94. *Adolf Hitler, surely?

  95. You can pretend this isn’t a date all you want, kid.

  96. Rage, rage against the dying of the light!

  97. “hey, where did my foam finger go?”

  98. 3D PHISH!!!!! It’s like I’m in an aquarium!!!!

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