Or, at the very least, he died doing something else, but he was buried doing what he loved.

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  1. ugh, this reminds me of my father. gross.

  2. I’ve already arranged to be hunched over a laptop with Videogum on the screen, so.

  3. That was probably better than ‘Wild Hogs 2′ would’ve been.

  4. I demand to be shown at my funeral in front of my laptop, writing comments on trampoline accident blogs.

  5. Ghost Rider

  6. I’ve always maintained that when I die, I want to be cremated and placed in a brown paper package with a stamp on it like this:

  7. Also, the real highlight of this funeral is when they put that thing in gear and launched him over three school buses, through fire, and had him land in his grave.

  8. I just want to be buried with my beanie babies. I’ll need them in the afterlife.

  9. I have only ever seen this type of thing on crime shows, when the deranged killer posed his victims’ dead bodies in, like, cheerleading stances or come-hither boudoir photography vignettes. But now: This dead Mexican motorcyclist has opened the door to an exciting new era in mortuary science. Indeed, he has put the “fun” back in funeral!

  10. Did anyone else panic and think an angel took Bret Michaels from us today?

  11. The funeral procession then wove dangerously through traffic at high speeds and then gathered to hang out in a Taco Bell parking lot for most of the night.

  12. I would’ve requested they have me popping a wheelie. NO WAIT! A stoppie.

  13. When Ron Jeremy goes…Oh never mind.

  14. If this is the newest fad in home taxidermy art, you can count me in!

  15. Heaven just got a little more badass.

  16. before you click on the video, he looks like Guru.

  17. oh dammit we used the last epinephrine pen on Uma Thurman!
    jesus christ its not my fault your bubblegummer friends cant handle their shit.

  18. At least he wasn’t placed in a fucking pyramid.

  19. “She’s pretty.” – Steve Winwood

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