Someone has created a website where you can upload any song and add more cowbell. Have you ever noticed how the Internet is both the fastest and the slowest?

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  1. whoa, a “more cowbell” website? schwing!

  2. I’ve started a rival site where you can set any song to a cartoon of a dancing banana

  3. I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is Cipro.

  4. The site then automatically embeds the cowbellified mp3 into

  5. It is good to see Geocities back up and running. I’ll have to let my grandmother know.

  6. Wow, SNL was really ahead of the times!

  7. I think the title of this post is its own answer.

  8. According to the site, it is too busy to render my cowbelling. I like the idea that after reading this, all Monsters went there and attempted to add cowbell to Portishead’s “Machine Gun”. I sure know I did.

  9. Well, it is a .dj website. Maybe some dude in Djibouti just came across a VHS copy of SNL: The Best of Will Ferrell.

  10. yeah! Mine just posted. It’s Paul F. Tompkins’ track “Goth Girl.”

  11. Post your creations. Hot Freaks by Guided By Voices. Cowbell makes this song 85% better….

  12. no more cowbell, please.

  13. I added more cowbell to Don’t Fear the Reaper and the site crashed!

    Eagles of Death Metal, now with 100% more Walkens!
    Life needs 100% more Walkens…

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