It would be weird if people DIDN’T have to put up umbrellas to protect themselves from people throwing eggs.

The above footage is of a Ukrainian parliamentary session after the government ratified a treaty with Russia to extend the Russian navy presence in the Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula until the year 2042. Punches were thrown between lawmakers, and at one point someone set off a smoke bomb in the building. But literally the best part about this whole thing is that I found out about it on 50 Cent’s website. You know 50, he is just a voracious consumer of steroids international news.

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  1. It’s a good job these guys got rid of the 5,000 nuclear warheads they inherited from the Soviet Union.

  2. Een Yookrayne, eggs filibuster YOU!

  3. Little known fact: 50 cent was hit in the face with 6 eggs and lived to tell about it.

  4. Can I use this comment section to make some requests?

    I would like to see a Videogum blog post about that crazy guy who reviewed Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones on the youtube. There was a brief while where one of his was censored but it is back up now.

    Also a Videogum blog post on that Pete Cambell actor of Mad Men fame living without a toilet. That is surely Videogum territory and could yield some e-chuckles.

  5. 50 cent or as he’s known in the Ukraine, ‘pjatdecjat kopiyok’*

    *yes I looked that up.

  6. Get a balanced and robust view on the world and its people, or die tryin’

  7. This is the awesomest Gallagher show ever.

  8. Also, nice to see someone’s still using ColecoVision technology.

  9. So are Gabe and 50, or as Gabe calls him Curtis, best friends now?

  10. I know there is a George Clinton joke in here somewhere, but I can’t suss it out. I can only hope that better monsters will succeed where I have so shamefully failed.

    • I am certainly no better monster, but I will take a crack (teehee!) at it. Hey Ukranians, if you don’t clean up that eggy mess, your Parliament will smell Funkadelic

  11. That is what democracy is supposed to look like.

    Let’s burn teabags in the streets?

  12. Pretty smart of them to use the theme music from Nintendo’s original Castlevania. Every time a piece of legislation is defeated you are reminded of the time you killed Dracula.

    • This might just be me, but does that tall guy in the background not doing anything to help the situation kind of look like Jason Segel?

      Forgetting Sarah Marshall? More like Forgetting Рада, яйця, бійка!

    • Also, sorry I accidentally replied to you spiff huxtable! I would feel foolish, but in comparison to these egg and umbrella games, I am only mildly embarrassed.

  13. Well this all may seem a bit uncivilized, but I asure you it is not. Just look at the tarps that match the Ukrainian flag.

  14. I guess someone didn’t hear about 2012. It’s a moot point! 2042 isn’t even going to exist!

  15. Boy did THEY have egg on their face.

  16. Are we sure this isn’t a TV game show?
    I mean at 0:50, they clearly halt to play some form of Pong and then the eggs-itement resumes!

  17. These Ukrainian political geniuses have figured out how to get people to tune in to otherwise boring lawmaking sessions instead of “The Real Farmwives of Дніпропетровськ” during sweeps! U.S. Congress, plz take note.

  18. “See? It’s like I always say, ‘The only good communist is an egged communist.’ What’s that you say? The Ukraine has been a democracy for almost 20 years, thus making the allegation that some one is a communist almost totally irrelevant? Eh, still commies in my book.” — Some Teabagger.

  19. What’s with the NES footage? It’s like a parody nightmare that’s real!

  20. Your move Taiwan Parliament…

  21. I dig their steez!

  22. Well, I’m looking at Parliament records and if I’m translating right there was at the time “a whole lot of [vote] riggin’ goin’ down.”

    First governor of New York knows what I’m talking about:

  23. We have a board meeting at work coming up in a few weeks. Maybe I’ll strategically place cartons of eggs and umbrellas throughout the room. Who knows what might happen!

  24. I will probably not get another chance soon to post this, so here goes:

    Like a real politico!

  25. Are we sure this isn’t the Ukrainian version of an originally Japanese gameshow? A gameshow which clearly involves trying to give a speech while eggs are thrown at you and your audience is ultimate-fighting while playing a boring form of tetris and setting up a game of elementary school favorite “parachute.” I would watch more if I knew the rules

  26. I spent like an hour last night just watching lawmakers all over the world fight on youtube. it’s better than hockey fights.

    russians: can’t fight

    bolivians: can

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