When asked if he actually believes that the government shouldn’t have ANY role in health care, one tea bagger went on a spittle-fueled rant about how the only good communist is a dead communist? And then threatened to wrap everyone up in an American flag and throw them in the river? Look, there are bad apples in every bushel, but can we admit that the tea baggers’ bushel is one of the worst bushels?

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  1. This individual could have taken a page (ok, a few pages) from John Galt: “We should leave no calling for the idle trade.” He left bushels for trade.

    • john galt is a fictional character, not a philosopher. if you want to talk about john galt, at least credit his ideas to ayn rand. and if you want to talk about ayn rand, sheeeeeesh.

  2. So that’s where Macho Man Randy Savage went…SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM AND DEATH TO COMMUNISTS!

    • You know I’m not usually into wrestling but I might have to tune in to see Randy “Teabagger” Savage duke it out with Hulk “Coffe Partier” Hogan.

  3. “Stay alive or else you’ll be dead”
    - Confucius

  4. I got a little scared that he might pull a “The Ring” and crawl out of my laptop there for a second. (Shiver)
    P.S. I prefer to call them tea baggees, because they seem much more likely to get pass-out drunk at a party.

  5. America!

  6. Communist Cock-a-Roach has GOT to already be a band’s name, right? Doesn’t it HAVE to be?

  7. you guys gotta admit he had some good points

    • I think the second you start talking about wrapping someone in an American flag and tossing them in a river your “good points” kind of get tossed in the river themselves. What I’m trying to say is no, he did not have any good points, he had PTSD and a fucked up childhood in Nicaragua and is chilling in a hornets nest of hate where his whole “Are you a FUCKING COMMIE?” bit is enthusiastically encouraged. His worldview is so far removed from any kind of common sense perspective that I honestly can’t even equate the most logical things he said with actual logic. I personally am in support of health care reform, although my caveat is the particular bill that was passed is not necessarily something I’m down with (its like getting supermarket brand ice cream when you really want Ben and Jerry’s, if you’d pardon my analogy). But that doesn’t mean I’m unwilling to hear someone’s different perspective, provided they’re not spitting while they talk and threatening to murder me. That’s when I shut off the ears, if you catch my drift.

  8. I wonder what its like to be that guy all day long. I mean, when he wakes up…he is him! It takes guts. He Braveheart, man.

  9. This would have been more damning (OK, obviously he’s 100% unhinged, but still) if it didn’t come from a dude who seems like he actually may have suffered under the contras. His anger can’t be compared apples to apples to some US-born paranoiac. Best line: “You’re not a communist? Then stay alive!” OK!

    • … and the US bankrolled the contras.

      i don’t really want to start some minute debate about the various anti-communist crusades waged in various developing 3rd world countries, but i will say that most the the wars were supported by the US, and people suffered greatly, and a lot of the time their self determination was severely undermined and destroyed due to our paranoia about socialism. ugh. the cold war wasn’t cold in a lot of places.

      • And trained by the marines. This is all kinds of depressing, is what it is.

      • And encouraged to plant cocaine by the CIA. No tinfoil-o.

        • and the money came from iran! since we were selling them weapons to use against iraq! and the best part is that the US government BAKED THE AYATOLLAH A CAKE in the shape of a key to symbolize the unlocking of US/Iranian relations since the iranians didn’t drink champagne. seriously. some army wife baked him a friendship cake over this.

          geopolitics are the worst.

          • Okay, I’d just like to comment a little on Iran Contra. Despite what you might think about the obvious longterm implications, the policy of selling arms to Iran was, I would argue, beneficial to U.S. foreign policy goals in the Middle East. The reason we sold weapons to Iran was really because we had an interest in maintaining the status quo in the region, it had nothing to do with contras in Nicaragua or “making money.” There are plenty of other ways to make money than breaking an alliance in the Middle East for $100 million in profits. The reason we gave the money to the Contras was just to hide it. If Iraq had won the war, it would have controlled Iran’s oil fields, giving Iraq a huge share in the oil market and allowing Saddam to compete with the Saudis and Kuwait to control oil prices. Additionally, it would have emboldened Saddam, who obviously was not the kind of person we wanted having a lot of influence in Middle East affairs. Iraq was basically pandering to become the new Egypt, a country who would lead other Arab states against Israel, etc. So in the longterm, maintaining the status quo between Iraq and Iran was a good thing. Obviously though, my analysis says nothing of the moral boundaries crossed in playing both sides of an incredibly bloody war, but let’s be honest, foreign policy is about getting what is best for the U.S., and in my opinion, that should stay the focus. And just to say, I’m no fan of Reagan whatsoever, but this may have (surprisingly) been his most effective foreign policy.

          • oh man, are you going to make me dust off my textbooks from my foreign policy in the middle east class? whereas i will agree in theory that our foreign policy intentions are usually to get the best outcome for the US (in theory. fact of the matter is, usually when we go a-muddling in other countries we’ve ended up with severe blowback- the whole cutting off our noses to spite our faces issue) my biggest rebuttal is that our initial support in the war went to iraq- mainly because we were still pretty pissed about the whole radical revolution/hostage situation that went down in iran in 79. which, HA, was a reaction to our assassination of mossadeq in the 50s under operation ajax- the first major time the CIA deposed a democratically elected official in a foreign country due to their desires to nationalize their oil industry and kick out british companies. the “success” of ajax was what caused the CIA to grow some mighty big balls for the next quarter of a century and basically travel around the world all willy-nilly killing off as many democratically elected socialist officials as they possibly could- the congo, argentina, guatemala, chile. so everything you’re saying about how terrified we were of iraq at the beginning of the war is kind of crap- we played both sides. and actually all the weapon sales DID have to do with making money specifically for the contras- congress passed some laws in the late 70s early 80s that explicitly banned selling arms to paramilitary forces (well, not so much banned, but said that any sales had to go through congressional approval, which was never going to happen due to the political climate at the time) so the arm sales to iran were largely designed to drum up some hidden funds that could be diverted directly to the contras without having to go through congress. fact of the matter is, the US supported iraq far, far more in the war- even attacked iranian oil fields on behalf of iraq, and did the whole selling of massive buttloads of chemical weapons to saddam. and that worked our real awesome for everyone, right? i just don’t think there is any point in seriously justifying these actions because ultimately it was a massive clusterfuck and set the wonderful stage for several horrible things that have happened since. basically our foreign policies have always relied on short term goals that set the stage for long term losses. i just get severely irked when people try to justify this level of epic bullshit with lines like “preserving the status quo”.

        • Sometimes I forget how nuts it actually was growing up in the 80s.

  10. List of good communists according to this guy:

    Karl Marx
    Richard Marx
    Social Security
    Betty White…. oh Betty White isn’t dead? nevemind

  11. Someone needs to take a breather and peep the giraffe

  12. Every time I see things like this, I think of the ‘Tea Party Rappers’ like Polatik and Hi-Caliber, or that guy who sings gospel at their events and then tries to sell CD’s. It occurs to me that those guys must watch videos like this too, and think “Yep, there’s my target audience. For my raps. This crazy screaming guy is who i make music for. He makes it all worthwhile.”

    That creeps me out a lot.

  13. All jokes aside, this guy is an awesome orator. He is also terrifying.

  14. The fact that the cameraman says he’s not a communist (“then stay alive” = Lots Of Love), but then still gets accused of being one so that the nutjob can continue raging, says everything you need to know about what fuels these protesters.

    That is, in the face of all available evidence to the contrary, many of these people *need* to believe the absolute worst case scenario is about to happen in this country. Death panels, endless bailouts, amnesty for illegal immigrants to swell Democratic voter rolls, gov’t takeover of every private industry, &c. All of it paranoid delusion, but bought hook, line, and sinker by so many people.

    • And they’re all going to feel so silly when the fuckin aliens show up and wipe out ALL OF US. Let’s look at the BIG PICTURE, people!

  15. He reminds me of the ‘talking’ guard dogs in UP.

  16. My husband was playing videogames while I was watching this. After the clip had concluded he paused, turned to me and queried “Luuucccy, are you a Communist?”. Just wanted to give you guys a heads-up about how awesome my life is.

  17. So I developed this awful rash this week… I was able to see a doctor in 30 minutes: nice friendly guy, wrote me out a prescription and hey presto, free-meds! Thank you very much for the steroid cream and antibiotics, ‘the tax payer’!


  18. that teabagger needs to go to a fucking hospital

  19. What is up with all the Communism ranting of late? I mean, I know the 80′s are coming back in style and all, but geez. Couldn’t you just get a Flock o Seagulls cut instead?

  20. Saying “I’m a veteran” in an interview should automatically oblige the person to say which war they…veteranated (?).

    Grenadan Invasion Veteran < World War II veteran*

    * Except for Dick Whitman, the cad and bounder.

  21. Nice Al Pacino impersonation at 2:23.

    Actually, now that I think about it, the whole thing is a pretty good Al Pacino impersonation.

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