A lot of younger people (and here I am defining “younger people” as anyone under the age of 50) will see or encounter older people (and here I am defining “older people” as anyone over the age of 70) and have a momentary glimpse of their own mortality. This is reasonable, but it’s usually a selfish and vain reaction. With rare exceptions, this glimpse manifests itself as “I don’t ever want to become that sad old person over there who is so old.” Because for young people, an old person’s defining characteristic is their age. Except that old people are just people, with all of their varying attitudes. Some are sad, and some are not sad. Smart young people become smart old people, and awful young people become awful old people, and funny young people become funny old people, and on and on down the list. What I’m saying is that society has drawn an unspoken line in the age-sand, and once you cross that line you are invisible to people on the other side. But you are still there. And sometimes you have to cross that line for a couple of minutes and BUST SOME SERIOUS MOVES UP IN EVERYONE’S FACE to let them know that YOU ARE ALIVE and YOU ARE AMAZING. Then it’s back to your side of the line, where hopefully there is a comfortable chair, or a hospital bed to lie in.

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  1. Careful! Don’t break a hip, Gabe!

  2. I eagerly await the David Lachapelle documentary on ‘gramping.’

  3. This guy has the best Hip-Op moves.

  4. Grampa got it poppin’! Keep stuntin’, Grampa.

  5. Same goes for us youths.

  6. How long before Six Flags sues this guy?

  7. Old-ja Boy – Crank That (Model T)

  8. The hunt for the best music to play this video to has begun. Early contender: Under Pressure.

  9. My phone keeps saying it can’t play this video. I just woke up and I’m hungover and I’m almost certain I picked a fight with my boyfriend last night over nothing and I NEED to watch this video! I also need someone to bring me a sprite.

  10. This video does temporarily make me happy from entertainment, but then I quickly realize that this Old Man was WORKING! He had an apron on and some sort of hat. Maybe he was at a concession stand or something. How sad… Old people have to work late into life because America, and are haunted by dreams long ago discarded in the waste land of life (in this case being a profession dancer). With that said, HE IS FEEEEEEEELIN IT!

  11. Dancing Grandpa > Rappin’ Granny?


  12. When this guy gets back to his coffin tonight, he’s gonna find fifteen missed calls and a message from Betty White’s publicist on his instructograph.

  13. You guys! He is totally walking like an Egyptian! I finally have a reason to post this adorable image!

    Like I needed a reason anyways, right?

  14. I think this might be a promo for “Sunset Daze,” the new tv show starting this Wed. It is described as a mix between Golden Girls and Jersey Shore. I think Gabe might have a new favorite show on his hands.

    • HOW BAD DOES THAT LOOK? I don’t think it’s possible to be any more condescending to old people. Besides that it’s weird to have a retirement home populated with only really healthy old people.

  15. I love that the tags for this article are “Dancing, Death”. LOVE.

  16. I kind of hate the people gawking in the background because 1) they’re distracting me from the geriatric skillz and 2) go about your business sirs and madams, you know very well that you’ll be able to watch this on the youtubes when you get home

  17. Today’s gonna be a good day. :)

    I smiled ear to ear when he turned his hat to the side. I was like, “Awe yeeaauuhhH, it’s ON!”

  18. You know, in 50 years all old people are gonna dance like that. He’s just ahead of his time.

    • Whats sad/good is that I already dance like that. I put a side by side of a video of myself dancing with that video and it was the same routine… We must have picked up the same instructional VHS.

  19. Someone needs to hook this guy up with your Grandmother: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEZ24pLIIyk

  20. They are seriously running out of ideas for Step Up. Coincidentally, I would actually watch this sequel

  21. The vest part is definitely 0:55 to 1:05; he drops it down, waggles it out, does the old man shocker move (whole hand), proves he didn’t lose his watch up in there, then shows off the bling! I think he’s in bed 662-2. Ima go get down w homie before I leave this piece!

  22. Obviously he is Patrick Swayze’s replacement for the new Dirty Dancing movie:
    DIrty Dancing 3: Operation Dance and the slogan can be: Spending his final days at the home Johnny Castle decided to rekindle his old love for dancing.

  23. I have the perfect roommate for this guy:

  24. This is obviously a time traveller come to warn his present self of future mistakes. He just felt like some old timey dancing (according to future people) in transit.

  25. This is your grandpa and he is CRAMAZING. He said his favorite TV show was “America’s Burst Dance Cream” and then he asked me where he was and then he did this. Your grandpa is just super.

  26. This video was Too $hort. Get it? Perhaps you get it.

  27. I was waiting for the ABOUT TO START BREAKDANCING move.

  28. I’m going to hide a comment right here. This comment may not grow up to be anything, not like the brother comments and sister comments that grew all around it. It would stay a 0 comment, an un-read comment, an un-scoffed at comment and an un-applauded comment. It would be a comment that time forgot, but the comment would not mind. It was happy here. It would always be happy here. Say goodnight, happy hidden comment. A sleep eternal.

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