The second season of Party Down begins tonight on Starz. Which is great news for the 10 people who actually subscribe to Starz. But for the rest of us, there is still good news, which is that you can watch the first episode online RIGHT NOW! It’s our party, we deserve to enjoy it. (Get it? You SHOULD get it!)

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    • That’s too bad.

      There are so many other TV shows out there, Steve Winwood. I’m sure you’ll find some that are more to your taste.

      • That’s true, Katydid if that is your real name. I enjoy The Soup, Daily Show, Mad Men and Breaking Bad right now. I am looking forward to renting the next season of Eastbound and Down. And of course The Wire, Deadwood and Arrested Development are still popular in syndication*.

        *syndication = my dvd player LOL?

        Party Down was not good I’m sorry to say, friends.

        • Katydid is sadly not my real name. But please feel free to use it.

          Though another option would be if you called me Valerie, but you would always have to sing it and end your message with “I’m the same boy I used to be” to allay my fears that you might have changed. Don’t change Steve Winwood!! We love you the way you are!

          Lastly, there are a group of Monsters that watch The Soup on friday nights in the VG chatroom. You should stop by tonight. Tell them, Katydid sent you and you’re in.

    • He’s just acting glib. That’s the bad-ass kid from Boys Meet World, Boys Meet World!

    • Why can’t you guys let Steve Winwood be great, Thanksgiving would be boring were it not for the cantankerous uncle

  2. YESSSSS!!! So exited. Although I am not so sure it is going to be as good without Jane Lynch.

  3. Pretty excited for this, I loved last season.

  4. It’s also available on Netflix Watch Instantly, and they’ll probably put the new episodes up each week like they did for Spartacus (which I ignored completely, is it any good?) but the most important thing I found when looking it up was that they have the classic Zach Galifianakis laff riot* Out Cold available to stream online! Guess I know what I’m doing right now!**

    *the opposite of that
    **making a sandwich and taking the dog for a walk because it’s nice out

  5. absolutely cannot stand casey`s hair.

  6. I feel like if I watch this show, it will just make me miss Veronica Mars. I’m sure its LOLful and all, but the pain is still fresh.

    (Logan 4eva)

  7. I can’t wait to spend my Friday night watching this and that episode of the Challenge: Fresh Meat 2 that I DVRed but haven’t had a chance to watch yet!! That’s what weekends are for, right?

    It’s ok to be jealous.

  8. YES!!! Party Down is so good AND I discovered it because Gabe posted something fangirl-y about Bill Haverchuck from Freaks and Geeks, which led me to wonder “Hey, What’s Up With Martin Starr”. This is what Martin Starr is up too! And it’s great!

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