The final dance scene from Dirty Dancing performed by Patrick Swayze (R.I.P.) and Iron Man? That’s right. What are you going to do about it, old man?

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  1. It’s weird how stars are never the height you think they are. I pictured Iron Man being a lot taller.

  2. This Week In Goop- Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow waltz

  3. Iron Man’s all, “Hmmm, Patrick Swayze or Scarlett Johansen. Decisions, decisions…”

    JUST KIDDING! He’s not thinking that. ScarJo in a heartbeat, without question, obvs

  4. A genuine neeeeerd must have made this video:

  5. Can someone please digitally insert Mickey Rourke into She’s Like The Wind?


  6. thanks internet, for bending my mind right before i go to lunch.

  7. I’ll be impressed when I see Iron Man carry a watermelon.

  8. Off topic: Where’s Werttrew?

  9. Ugh, after my Pick Up Artist marathon all I can think of when I see this post is Simeon’s horrible HORRIBLE opening line “Guys, what movie is this from: Nobody. Puts. Baby. In. The. Corner.”

    If someone came up to me and asked me that question I might hit them.

    Ben_Gif, never ever use that line ever, please?

  10. That one’s better than Iron Man punching Hugh Grant (via I Can’t Remember Which Monster Tweeted It)

  11. This makes more sense than the dance number in Spiderman 3

  12. It looks like Jennifer Grey has gone a little too far with the plastic surgery.

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