Really? Really, Gun poster? A movie starring 50 Cent and Val Kilmer called Gun already sounds bad enough, but this poster is ridiculous. Bad movie name. Bad publicity photo. Bad marketing tagline. I’m not saying it’s the worst movie poster of all time. It’s not as bad as Takers, or Legion. But it’s definitely the least appealing. Who would ever want to see this movie based on this poster? Even 50 Cent fans are like, “you are crazy in the medical way for this one, 50.” At first glance I’m just assuming a high schooler with MS Paint made this. Otherwise what was the process in the design?

Movie Poster Executive 1: We’re gonna get 50 Cent and Val Kilmer, wearing puffy vests and berets watchcaps, each holding a gun across their chest.
Movie Poster Executive 2: Don’t you think that might be a little TOO on the nose?
Movie Poster Executive 1: I don’t know what that common expression means, because I’m an idiot, but I think what you’re trying to say is they should have two guns, one in each hand.
Movie Poster Executive 2: That’s not what I meant, but more importantly, are you at all worried that having them hold two guns, for a total of four guns, would conflict with the movie’s tagline, which is “One Gun. Many Lives Lost”?
Movie Poster Executive 1: I’m glad you asked. Nope.
Movie Poster Executive 2: Oh, Val Kilmer just called, he’s busy.
Movie Poster Executive 1: No problem, we’ll use 50 Cent by himself, but definitely get the puffy vest and the beret watchcap, watchcaps are the most exciting caps, and of course, on your suggestion, two guns. Make them different sizes! And pass the cocaine.
Movie Poster Executive 2: My professionalism demands that I point out that two guns is still twice as many guns as mentioned in the impossibly uncatchy tagline.
Movie Poster Executive 1: Did I ask you to argue with me, Gary, or did I ask you to pass the cocaine? I don’t have all the past three-and-a-half minutes to work on this.

Is anyone else getting a busy signal when they call their local Fandango? Weird. I guess I’ll just go spend the night in line with the rest of America. (Via RapRadar via Vulture. Click through to enlarge.)

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  1. “One ____, many lives lost”

  2. I get it it’s called Gun and they’re showing off his Guns, so clever marketing people

  3. Not to be contrary, but I don’t think that’s a beret…I think he’s just wearing a regular knit hat kind of gay.

    • and you’d be the expert on “wearing a hat kind of gay,” would you, Mr. Hausfrau? Maybe he’s wearing it kind of with a lot of attitude.

      • It goes without saying 50 is throwing some serious fierce (you just can’t teach smizing like that) but my real problem (obviously) is you straighties co-opting gay headwear culture. If you want a beret wear a beret; don’t gay up your toque.

        Unless they are trying to hint at something? maybe appealing to my demographic through the subtle use of hats?

        I will not fall for that again.

        I said No! get outta here.

    • You are right. Corrected.

    • that must be what Rufus Wainwright was talking about

  4. God I wish I could doctor photos to compliment this poster with another where he’s holding a plunger and a fish or something…

  5. Oh, I though that was Val Kilmer’s nickname.

    Gun, starring Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Val “One Gun, Many Lives Lost” Kilmer.

  6. Clearly, what they are trying to say could be better said. What they are saying could be left unsaid too.

  7. mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on Apr 20th, 2010 +33

    I, for one, appreciate when movie titles and posters are straightforward and honest about the contents of the actual movie. I went to see The Room due to my interest in interior design, but boy was I in for a surprise.

  8. MExec1: also, tell Curtis to look as hard-core as possible. Then, at the last moment, before you take the picture, someone ought to say something funny to see if he can keep a straight face. Oh, and also please make sure that someone transfers any head/face sweat he may have directly to his arms.

  9. Seems to me that there are two guns, poster.

  10. Action Hero:

  11. Calling an action film “Gun”? And I tough “Shoot ‘em up” was lazy. Even porn titles are more creative than that. What’s next Mike Myers starting in “Fart”?

  12. Hello, Fandango? Two tickets to the gun show, please.

  13. It’s my professional opinion that this is the WMPOAT:

    Seriously, can Hollywood not get 4 people into the same room together for one picture? Don’t they know isn’t the only place to find retouchers?

  14. Also, it really bothers me for some reason that the movie title is singular, the tagline is singular, but he’s holding TWO GUNS! Mathletes!

  15. I haven’t seen so many triggers since me and boys got back from Manchuria, okay?

  16. It used to be called “Food” and Val Kilmer was on the poster, but that didn’t test well. Because he’s put on some weight, you see.

  17. Hand-knit cap tilted to the side= BAD-ASS.

  18. The trick of this poster is that only one gun loses many lives, but which gun???

  19. This wouldn’t really bother me so much if that tagline wasn’t there. It prompts too many questions! Most importantly, which gun took all those lives?

  20. At least in this version of the poster, the Black Guy isn’t in the suitcase. :-(

  21. “Relax, videogum. I had just one gun at the photo shoot, but across the hall they had a bobbing for guns booth. One is the movie gun, and the other is for funzies.” ~ 50 Cent

  22. guns don’t kill people, one gun kills many people

    wait what

  23. Hey have you guys noticed that it says one gun but in fact in the poster itself there is more than one gun? It’s not like Gabe already pointed this out or anything in the original blog post so it is “awesome” and rad that the monsters want to point this out again in the comments multiple times

    • Indeed Mr. Winwood, dou….. I mean touche. Touche indeed

    • In my defense, I was so excited to get in the first twenty posts for once that I kinda didn’t finish reading first.

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        • I never downvoted nobody ’til now. Hmph.

        • Dear Steve Winwood,

          Please stop being such a meanie jerkface.

          That One

        • Somewhere along the way I decided I wasn’t going to downvote you, and that in general, my days of Down voting people and/or being negative was done. but you and your couple of devoted Failwoods have seen fit to troll my comments most of the day, downvoting me incessantly and in sequence, comment by comment. Well Fuck you, because seriously, It’s on like Donkey Kong Now. Once the Lost post is up tomorrow, I DOUBLE DOG DARE your dumb ass to say something smart, Because I promise you hellfire and not a drop of Urine to squelch said flames.

          • Yeesh, calm down now, techno ds3m ghost. Try drinking less coffee, take a stress pill and go sit by a lake and watch the ducks

          • I like ducks.

          • I don’t drink stimulants
            I smoke one on occasion, allegedly.

          • Dude, seriously I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m Winwood’s biggest fan, but I don’t think anyone is downvoting you systematically just because you are in a commenting “feud” with the ‘Wood that no one besides you and him care about. I’m new to the site but i think the spirit of the comments are all in fun.
            Anyways, if it makes you that upset I can find another commenter to be obsessed with. Like Steve Winwood’s suave cousin Stephan Windoodé, who likes to constructively compliment people’s opinions and is always on topic.

        • Trolling???!! Look who is speaking, TrolleyMcTrollerson. Hahaha! Trolling! Your name should be Troll Trollwood. There. Much better.

        • That’s rich coming from the guy who is making videogum all about attacking other commentators in the name of his individualistic schtick. Why don’t you go start your own blog where you can be a fucktard to everyone for no reason at all and contribute nothing substantive to the argument and pat yourself on the back all day cause you’re so effing cool?

  24. I know what you’re thinking. “Did he fire twelve shots or only ten?”

  25. Why is one gun smaller then the other? Like, he’s trying to look all cool right? It would look better with two equally sized guns.

  26. 50 Cent: Now with white guy hands

  27. My favorite part is how God is trying to steal the little man out of his pocket while he’s distracted.

  28. one gun
    many lives…

    is this a modern retelling of the Martin Keamy story? i’m excited about this.

  29. This makes up for any movie poster ever:

  30. if this doesn’t work I give up.

  31. this was shot (ha, SHOT!) where i live my life, grand rapids, mi. 50 and val frickin’ LOVE making movies here. we’re sorta ambivalent about the whole thing.

  32. But there’s two guns?
    Also, the poster for “Wedding Bros” blow this out of the water (out of the barrel?).

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