In light of the recent accusations against Steven Seagal of hiring executive sex slaves off of Craigslist, the Jefferson Parish sheriff’s department has suspended participation in his A&E show, Steven Seagal: Lawman. Not to worry, you can still see Steven Seagal say all of the police words here. He knows almost all of them!

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  1. One sex scandal and you’re off tv? Can someone please alert CBS to a Mr. Charlie Sheen?

    • A&E is a classy network with such fine programming as Gene Simmons Family Jewels , unlike CBS where they just do cocaine off strippers all the time

    • That man has admitted to doing cocaine with his wife, then getting into a fight and beating her, while their kids were in the house, on Christmas morning. He is the grossest worst, and nothing will stop him from “dominating” sitcomland. NOTHING.

  2. “Dirty Old Man”

  3. I have not watched Steven Seagal: Lawman, but I can only assume that his role is a lot like Matt Damon’s in The Departed. He probably has to find ways to still hire executive sex slaves while leading the men and women in his own unit to suspect Leonardo DiCaprio as the real culprit.

  4. “Any attempts for him to catch the bad guy, solve the case and redeem his standing in our department will be considered unwelcomed and illegal….not to mention a total cliche. Seriously, Steven, I’ve seen ‘One Good Cop’ just don’t even try it.” ~ Jefferson Parish Police Chief

  5. Phew. Good thinking Jefferson Parish PD. Airing a tv show about your police department that features a possible sex offender on the force might be bad PR for you. Unlike airing a tv show about your police department that features a has been action star on the force. Disaster averted.

  6. “I can’t believe that deputizing that aging mystic weirdo came back to bite us in the ass.” – Sheriff Tard McFart

  7. despite this incident, the jefferson parish police department is still 100x nicer than the nopd.


  9. Craigslist? Really, Stephen Seagal? I’m no expert, but is that the best place to get quality sex slaves?

    Oh, well…He could probably revive his career by hosting a kidz game show in Canada, right?

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