Oh no! Chan Ho Park, the new pitcher for the New York Yankees, is sick, you guys!

:( :( :(

I made you a card, Chan Ho Park!

For your health!

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  1. I think my main goal in life is to have Gabe make me a get well soon card.

  2. I love the guy who is just laughing when he says, “I’ve got a lot of diarrhea”. It hink he should be laughing at all major illness reports.

  3. You try downloading blogs all day with a case of the squirts!

  4. LOL
    Those Crazy Asians (Fer Real though, friend of mine told me that in Japan, it is not at all unusual to update people on your stomach/poop situations.
    PROOF –

  5. Its hard to believe this is only the third time the vaunted “diarrhea” tag has been used.


  6. Real talk.

  7. The only thing worse than a lot of diarrhea is a lot of diarrhea while wearing white baseball pants.

  8. my childhood best friend was korean, and her parents ran an asian video store/stationary store/makeup store. anyyyyyway i used to have a park chan ho stationary set with matching pencil.

  9. I just need everyone here to know that i laughed very loudly in an inappropriate situation because of this card. Expecto Diarrheus? Come on. COME ON.

  10. Always Be Confessing bowel problems.

  11. When you’re slidin’ into first
    And your pants are ’bout to burst
    Diarrhea cha-cha-cha
    Diarrhea cha-cha-cha

    • When you’re sliding into two
      And your pants are filled with goo
      That’s diarrhea, diarrhea

      When you’re sliding into third
      And you feel a greasy turd
      That’s diarrhea, diarrhea

      When you’re sliding into home
      And your pants are filled with foam
      That’s diarrhea, diarrhea

    • My irl name is Dyer and that tune was manipulated into versions highlighting my grossness for most of my elementary school years. Even in humorous context, I feel like everyone’s laughing at me.


  12. He probably got diarrhea from Nick Swisher’s faux-hawk. You know, because most of that team is just douche bags.

  13. Oh, at first I thought that Chan Wook Park was playing for the Yankees. That just didn’t make sense.

  14. That’s my middle reliever?

  15. I wonder if Derek Jeter politely pulled him off to the side, and explained that poo-poo and doody are hilarious in this country.

  16. When the New York Yankees need middle relief from bloating, stomach pains, and diarrhea, they choose Chan Ho Park!

  17. There’s no diarrhea in baseball.
    -Tom Hanks

  18. I run home from class and I get this?

    Yeah, I laughed. A lot.

  19. In hell reporters will spend eternity asking people to describe their diarrea.

  20. Expecto Diarrheus, indeed.

  21. In Japan, they call diarrhea “lorries”.

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