Some people are suggesting that the Seth Rogen/Michel Gondry Green Hornet movie might be a colossal disaster. That movie isn’t coming out for months and months! It certainly seems possible, I guess. Lots of things are possible if you think about it. In other news: it is a beautiful day outside and life is for the living.

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  1. First Year One and now The Green Hornet?

    Who will save the man-children?

  2. No worries. They’re adding POST PRODUCTION 3D. That fixes everything.

  3. Yeah, but Joss Whedon is directing The Avengers. Everything’s going to be okay.

  4. Rogen makes Piero de’ Medici look like Chuck Yeager with a strong tailwind, okay?

  5. It’s not too late to make the characters “more fuckable”.

  6. Its a wonder how this film even got a “green” light!

    I’m adorable

  7. oh, for the days when michel was directing foo fighters videos.

  8. I pre-nominate The Green Hornet for the Hunt!

    • Can we nominate movies for the hunt on this thread? I nominate Requiem for a Dream

      • mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on Apr 14th, 2010 +4

        “Horrible. Requiem For A Dream is probably the most pulpy, overwrought, melodramatic drug movie ever filmed.” – Steve Winwood
        Actually, I agree with you.

        • I’m actually going to watch it tonight because I think Jennifer Connely is pretty but I remember hating this in the theater when I saw it a hundred years ago. Who knows? Maybe I will start my own blog and do my own hunt for the worst movies.

  9. Wait Wait, don’t tell me –
    This article was written by this guy?

  10. I enjoyed Kick Ass, it was more violent than I was expecting but it was funny at least. I hate all the comic book movies: Iron Man, the new batman movies, the hulk movies, spider-man etc. All terrible movies.

    • Haha, come on, Steve Winwood. I know you love downvotes, but surely you can do better than this piece of lazy grouch bait.

      • I’m serious, man. I liked Kick Ass but thought Iron man, bat man and spider man were all really boring and terrible. Seriously. And I dont care if I get downvotes, upvotes, sideways votes in to sideways reality Los Angles in LOST or any of that stuff. I’m just sharing.

          • I want to up-vote this forever and ever. Whenever I read Steve Winwood’s comments I always think….and I care why? Make if funny if he were to give any information beyond “I hate this” “I hate that” maybe I would care…probably not because everyone knows that my opinions are in fact the best and always the absolute truth.

        • I’m pretty sure you don’t mean all of that. By the way I think of you more of the personification of the downvote, like some kind of Downvote Monster that haunts the Videogum Island, and thats why I love you. Sometimes I hear a cloud of audible groans (the monsters as they downvote you) and then you appear. I’m not sure what you are, but you sure as hell appear human to me…sometimes.

    • shut up. the hulk and hellboy movies are awesome! in their own shitty way.

      • no hellboy was terrible, I couldnt finish it and mailed it back to the netflix. More like NEXTflix as far as I’m concerned

      • and the first spider-man.

        • the first spider man was terrible. in one shot, tobey mcgquire is a real person in a costume, then it cuts to a floppy cgi jpeg of a spiderman image, weightlessly floating around some pixels of buildings and stuff. and that stupid green goblin costume william defoe was in looked like a mighty morphin power rangers character. it was so so sooooo stupid. No thanks send it back

          • I like to think that every few days, when he checks his mail, Steve Winwood gets a movie from Netflicks and thinks, “Why do I keep getting these things?!?! Ugh. ‘Notorious’? More like ‘Notoriously bad.’ ‘Fitzcarraldo’? ‘Shitscarraldo’ is more like it. I’m going to have to speak to the postmaster about this.”

          • No I loved Notorious and Fitzcaraldo. Try again, “Mans” if that is your name

          • You are a mystery from beyond the Winds of Time.

    • I knew it! Steve Winwood is actually my Mom.

    • I totally disagreed with your first comment, Steve Winwood, and I’m about 50-50 on everything else you just said in here. But I upvoted everything you said and probably will from now on because you are like a hilarious, lovable baby. No Notsewfast-o.

    • Do you have an opinion on the X-men movies? I mean, we all know that the third one was a piece of shit (and I didn’t even see the Wolverine one), but X2 is one of my actual favorite movies, like of ever, so I am interested to find out what a comic-book-movie-hating connoisseur such as yourself thinks of it.

      • I seriously loved and enjoyed X-Men One and X-Men Two very much. They really captured the way those characters “sounded” in my mind when I ready the print edition comical booklets in the distant past. As far as an adaptation in to film from a printed work, only the Hobbit movies share the same level of personal accuracy for me. And I agree with you that the X-Men Three was pretty bad. Like, in the finale, when they are fighting, Jean Grey who is omnipotent just stands around and waits till all the bad mutants are finished off before taking action. Before that, Magneto throwing flaming cars at the x-men seemed to have a strong effect but why didnt he do that earlier? So unrealistic, frankly.

  11. Wow, I never saw this coming (I totally saw this coming).

  12. But Christoph Waltz!
    Oh well, I guess he’s canceled out by Cameron Diaz anyway.

  13. “A whore net is what I use to capture your girlfriend.”

  14. I wonder if they made a self-aware homage to those shitty Joel Schumacher Bat-flicks and the studio wanted something more like the Nolan Bat-flicks.

  15. It says Sony thinks the film is a disaster. I hope this is a case of the big studio being full of know nothing assholes.

  16. It hardly makes you Nostrodamus to predicting that a Super Hero movie is going to be “a disaster” when it’s based off of a DC Comics hero from the ’30s (who apparently is the great-nephew of the Lone-Ranger, by canon), and who has their asian assistant Kato drive them around in a car called “Black Beauty”, and whose super power apears to be nothing more than an early version of pepper spray.

    I’m not saying I agree, but you have to admit, the cards are not in anyone’s favor here.

  17. On the list of people whose opinions on movies I take at face value, I’d say Sony executives are right near the bottom next to fans of Twilight and my aunt who hates any movie that isn’t “feel good.”

  18. I’m just back from a flash-sideways alternate universe where the Joel Schumacher Batman movies, the 90s remakes of The Mod Squad and The Avengers are all critically acclaimed. Green Hornet will be just fine…

  19. I forgot the Artist’s name, but its from Radar.

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