Sometimes, your boyfriend will do his “dog impression” when he’s telling a story that doesn’t involve dogs at all, for example a story about waiting in line at Dimmeys & Forges, and you’ll ask him, you’ll say: “Michael, was there a rabid dog in Dimmeys & Forges?” And he’ll say, “What, no, I’m just telling a story.” And you’ll say, “Oh, Michael.” (Via WarmingGlow.)

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  1. Jesus, James Cameron. Pick something and stick with it already.

  2. Actually, that’s my dad.

  3. I like how she politely scoots out of the way to let him do his thing.

  4. You should see him tell his buddies sex stories at the pub.

  5. My boyfriend frequently wakes up after a scary dream about dogs doing this. It usually scares the shit out of me, but I put on a brave face and calm him each time, because his mind can be a scary place to be sometimes and all he needs is a loving touch and a soothing voice to bring him back to Earth.

  6. 28 seconds later: The film that inspired a phenomenon.

  7. Him and the dog were just playing a rousing game of knifey spoony

  8. Well he could have said: “I looked across the street and I thought to myself… uh oh, I’ve got company” but frankly, I prefer the impression.

  9. In Australia, lorries are called chazwozzers.

  10. Now if all the Old Dogs snarled like that, it would be in The Hunt for the Best Movie Of All Time.

  11. While he is my boyfriend, he’s been spending a lot of time with the Thai horse lady.
    And I am a bit concerned.

  12. Australian for area man.

  13. He hasn’t been the same since the dingo ate our baby.

  14. All this talk has me hungry for some aussietizers.

  15. ….and I just made it out of the relationship with my ex-boyfriend in time.

  16. Yikes, he’s got that rabid dog impression ready to go at the drop of a hat. Even Frank Caliendo takes a second to focus before launching into a rabid George W Bush impression.

  17. You’re the dog now, man.

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