For those of you who do not live in Los Angeles or New York, but would still like to see Birdemic: Shock and Terror (and why wouldn’t you? It’s awful!) a series of screenings is now planned for 25 cities across the country. Just remember: you get what James Nguyen paid for.

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  1. Move over, Avatar, time for some flying boobs

  2. I will have my coathanger ready!

  3. I have my hands full with the Room coming up here at the Music Box. And if there’s no Gabe fronting a panel, I’m probably good on the crappy cgi birds too.

  4. Pictured: Excited seagulls pick-pocket a hapless stranger so they can go see Birdemic.
    Look out, lady! Those birds be CAW-razy!

  5. May 15th — MILWAUKEE, WI — The Oriental Theater
    No way this is a real place where they are showing a movie by a Vietnamese director

  6. And if you’re lucky, some drunk douchebag will vomit on the floor behind you during the entire film!

  7. new clip from the trailer for Birdemic 2-Birdier and Uncut

  8. I missed the only northern California one. I guess I’ll have to wait patiently for Netflix.

  9. Is this the first time Videogum has been quoted in a trailer? If so, Gabe, that’s one for the grandkids.

  10. I really wish I could get into B (or Z, as the case may be) movies. I could probably have had a lot of fun with this. Am I just a wet blanket?

  11. APRIL 23rd & 24th: Denver, CO, Midnight Movie Madness at the Esquire.

    Who’s game, Denver monsters? Show yourselves!

    • Woop! Really? Are you going? Can we share popcorn?

      • I will definitely be there! My friends (hah! friends! IRL! hah!) and I were already planning on going!

        And yes, we can share! My popcorn is your popcorn, back and forth, forever (in jail apparently–gross, disgruntled hipster no. 69.)

        Also, where are you, incredimarc? He’s the only other Denver monster I’ve ever heard of.

  12. I hear it took the fx team a decade to perfect the computer-animated eagle breasts to Nguyen’s exacting standards.

  13. I haven’t seen footage so compelling since Tarkovsky fired up the Konvas while going down Western Avenue, okay?

  14. Woah, this waaay too short of notice for me to wrap my head around seeing it this weekend but I will soldier on.

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  16. Hey Seattle Monsters! June 25th and 26th!

  17. If this was a free showing I might go, but paying money to see it would only be encouraging this type of behavior.

  18. mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on Apr 13th, 2010 +2

    SPOILER ALERT! This is the ending of the movie:

  19. umm… i am IN this video.

  20. oh my god something cool is coming to houston!

  21. May is looking good for Nashville’s Belcourt Theater –

  22. Locked up 4 tix for the SF show. Then watched the trailer 4 times. So so excited…

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