On the eve of their 200th episode, the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, talk with Boing Boing about it and stuff. Personally, I don’t watch the show that much anymore, but I do like interviews with Matt Stone and Trey Parker, because they seem pretty interesting and relatively honest. Just letting you know where I’m at with this whole thing.

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  1. Didn’t The Simpsons already do a 200th episode?

    • This week on the SImpsons, Bart takes all the pits out of maraschino cherries and replaces them with rotten mayo

  2. beardface

  3. Consistently the best cartoon on TV.

  4. Ya’ll wanna get high?

  5. Landmark episode where all the guest characters that have gotten fucked over come back and get revenge on the main characters.

    Seinfeld’s like, “we’ve got company. WHAT’S THE DEAL with company…?”

  6. I hate when I click on an interesting and distracting news item, and it turns out to be a video.

    When are we going to start transcriptgum, for those of us who are unfairly judged for our devotion to videos of trampoline accidents?

  7. I think this is going to be the episode with Coppercab on it…

  8. You think that’s bad, Parker and Stone are actually manatees that push word balloons toward a joke chute

    • See, the reason this is funny and works as a comment and joke, is because South Park actually did an episode wherein they mocked Family Guy’s writing and creative team with precisely this joke. Sorta them, tweaking Seth MacFarlane, in a funny way. And with Steve Winwood using it to mock South Park, well, it’s good parody, and good fun.*

      *All of that said I still downvoted you Winwood. Because Science.

      • This is a great use of Videogum’s comment feature to explain Steve Winwood’s previous comment. You see, what’s going on here is that Steve Winwood has made a bit of a name for himself in the Videogum community for making seemingly-negative comments that are subsequently downvoted by other commenters. In reality, though, this negativity and the accompanying downvotes are all part of the jokey camaraderie and joie de vivre of the Videogum community. Thus, in his comment, DS3M’s Ghost is sarcastically explaining the humor behind Steve Winwood’s original comment, which as you can see has already been downvoted, concluding with an appeal to the authority of science itself as justification for downvoting the comment despite its apparent humor. It’s funny because even if Steve Winwood is genuinely funny in his comments, the Videogum community feels obligated to downvote him because of his persona within that same community. Great job.

  9. South Park has actually been consistently good this season. The last episode about Facebook felt like an episode they would have done in their heyday. I feel the same about the Medical Marijuana and Catcher In The Rye episodes. The Tiger Woods one was a bit weak, but at least it had a good punchline. I was with Gabe on not being as into the show these days (which is sad because there was a time where it was one of my favorite shows), but I’m glad that they seem to have their act together just as their coming up to a huge milestone in their history. Its a big deal for ANY TV show to get to 200 episodes, let alone a cartoon.

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