It is being reported that when Conan O’Brien returns to late night television it will be on TBS, preceding Lopez Tonight. Very funny?

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  1. Go Conan!

    …explain what TBS is to a non-American monster?

    • TBS is a US cable channel that runs Tyler Perry originals and reruns of The Steve Harvey Show. Its like if in his prime Michael Jordan announced he was going to do something crazy, like play minor league baseball.

      • If Conan returns to a major network because of some crazy adventures featuring the Looney Tunes and their adversaries the Monstars I am SO in.

      • That makes total sense to a non US-er. Thanks. ;)

      • You obviously have no understanding of the television/film industry. Conan deciding to go to TBS may very well turn out to be the best decision any late night talk show host has made in a long time. He doesn’t need the support of a major network (of the major 4, NBC consistently places last in ratings anyway) he has a cult following that is fiercely loyal. Although his audience may not be the largest in late night, moving to tbs means it doesn’t need to be. If TBS places 4th nationally in ratings that is a great success. Besides which at TBS Conan is able to have partial ownership of the show, guaranteeing he won’t be pushed out like at NBC, is reported to have signed a deal that at least rivaled his pay at NBC, will only have to do four shows a week (he gets Friday off), and it also doesn’t hurt that he took a $30 million exit deal from NBC. Not to mention that America has been so starved for Conan’s comedy (because NBC idiotically included a clause in Conan’s exit deal that he couldn’t appear on TV or the Internet until November) that his “Legally Banned From Being Funny On Television” tour was sold out from coast to coast despite his not being allowed to promote it.

    • TBS is Turner Broadcasting Station – They Do Atlanta Braves games, some other baseball, and they have ads that claim that TBS is Very Funny. Mostly because they run old Seinfeld eps.

      And Baby, MJ played baseball because David Stern had to step in and Tell him to take a year or two off – His Gambling issues were becoming a major story/non-story (this was before TMZ and all that celeb hype media exposure – BBall players were gods – revered but left alone, and allowed to do wild stuff, like go to vegas and blow through 300K in gambling losses)

    • I didn’t know there are other non-American monsters!

  2. So he’s Pushing Back George Lopez to 11 CST and taking the 10 CST spot?
    Didn’t you learn this lesson the hard way, Cone Bone?
    (I kid, I Love Conando and I only enjoy on occasion G-Lo… But y’know, Irony, and Brown(ish) people pride, and all of that)


  4. It could be worse. He could be moving to the Palin Network.

  5. He’s pushing back another guy? Don’t make me start an “I’m with LoLo” campaign…

    (I would never start an “I’m with LoLo” campaign)

    • George Lopez actually released a statement saying that he’s very pleased with the announcement: “I can’t think of anything better than doing my show with Conan as my lead-in. It’s the beginning of a new era in late-night comedy.” So, no need to make those t-shirts just yet…

  6. First Jay Leno, now George Lopez! Will somebody please think of the hateful faux-everymen!

  7. At this rate, the next time Conan gets a show he will be replacing Glenn Beck.

    • I’m not sure he has the rights to his old characters.So he would have to change them up at least a little….The Masturbating Tea-bagger? Ann Coulter the Insult comic dog?

  8. I don’t want to sound like a Negative Norman, but what are they going to do when the Atlanta Braves have a rain delay and run late?

  9. For the monster record, TBS no longer shows Braves games. It shows one national game a week on Sunday afternoons.

    • When I was a young boy, TBS was just a loop of “Planet of the Apes,” “Matlock” and the Braves. Sometimes, I couldn’t tell the difference.

      • When I was young it was all either Keanu Reeves or John Cusack movies. And Ocean’s 11.

      • Remember what they were bizarre and started everything at 5 after the hour? Like Saved By The Bell reruns were at like 4:35? Maybe this was TNT and not TBS, but either way, somebody over at Turner was very confused about what time television shows should probably start.

        • It’s actually a smart programming strategy to get people from flipping channels at the bottom/top of the hour. Now they do “seamless” transitions by showing the credits of the previous show in the lower third during the beginning of the next show. MediaStudiesGum! (Sorry, I have to use my master’s degree in media for something… seriously though, anyone know of a paying job that I can be overqualified for?)

          • “I went to grad school.” – Funkles.

          • I figured that was why – since obviously people aren’t like “Oh, it is time to tune to TBS for this very exciting show I took the time to plan to watch ahead of the start of the hour,” but it was still annoying. Like when I wanted to watch SBTB, I had to watch 5 minutes of “Mama’s Family” back in the day, which left me upset and confused.

        • Yeah, but that strategy was totally killed by early DVR, which did not detect when shows went over, so you would tivo a classic episode of WINGS only to find the last five mins were missing. And you would be like BUT WHAT HAPPENS TO BRIAN?!?! (There was a Brian, right?)

    • Oh goodness. I need to call my Grandpa. This must be a difficult transition for him.

  10. This feels wrong.

  11. I’m just ready for him to be back on TV. I miss his show(s)!

  12. You also forget, TBS also proudly airs 15 year old shows of Dick Clark’s Bloopers at 3:15am. How else would I catch those delightful The Hughleys and Home Improvement bloopers? Very Funny!

  13. TBS very funny has now lost all irony. Conan 1, videogum monsters 0.

  14. when i think TBS, i think amazing comedy!
    and by amazing comedy, i mean being continuously water boarded for hours on end.

    send a postcard once in a while, conan….that is if they have a postal service wherever this TBS place is.

  15. TEAM GE-LO

  16. I think Conan is probably pretty jaded about how he was treated by major networks. He’ll be able to push the boundaries more on cable. It’ll better suit him because he just didn’t really fit in on the majors.

  17. To their credit, TBS could offer the perfect lead-in.

  18. Tyler Perry’s Conan O’Brien Presented by Tyler Perry

  19. I think this is a mixed bag. I’m glad Conan is getting back into my idiot box, but I just think TBS is a lame cable network. You can’t say they don’t take risks, so maybe this is the next great thing to happen to TV, we’ll obviously have to wait and see.

    I’m still waiting for the other Max Weinberg shoe to drop…

  20. “TBS Very Funny” may have to be replaced with “TBS Very Funny…. no really… we are actually very funny now”

  21. I’ve been a lurker for a while, so forgive me if I post a link in an unhelpful way. Apparently this was Lopez’s idea. All the insomniac young males that watch TBS made this happen.

  22. I hope Conan maintains TBS’ outdoor party vibe.

    It’s so in my face.

  23. TBS quickly put together this video promo for the show:

  24. George Lopez seems like an OK person (because of course I’m in a perfect position to make that judgment?), but having Conan lead into Lopez is like ordering caviar for an appetizer, followed by a main course of KFC Double Downs. It’s anti-synergy.

  25. Okay, wait, but read the end of this story on it:

    Now Conan will be competing with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for ratings.

    And is anyone else kinda touched by the fact that the three of them are friends?

  26. …Her?

  27. Why is he staying Los Angeles?

    • Probably because he and his staff spent a lot of time, energy and money moving there for “The Tonight Show,” and didn’t want to go to the trouble of yet another cross-country move one year later (pardon my answer if you were n fact directly addressing Los Angeles).

  28. Come on, let’s be honest. Coco pushed his way in and GLo was forced to move back. What’s GLo gonna say? “Hell no, I don’t agree. I’m going to the CW.”

  29. Finally I can watch a “Yes Dear” marathon followed by Conan! Better break up with the boyfriend now because my nights are booked!

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