Sorry, other nerds. You just got taken to Nerd School. By the Nerd Doctor. If nerds were actually Highlanders for real, all the other nerds would be freaking out right now. “If there can be only one, I have a pretty decent idea how that’s going to turn out.”

I sincerely hope that XBOXER1080 gets on WCG Ultimate Nerd and wins the whole show. I agree that he deserves the prize money because it would really help him if he ever found himself in a pinch such as insurance. (Thanks for the tip, Michael.)

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  1. I’ve played enough Starfox to know that a final boss can be defeated by shooting whichever part is flashing yellow/red. My guess is that his weak spot is under his bangs.

  2. “Looks can always be deceiving – As You can always expect come from behind victories when you least expect them”
    Is this kid for real?

  3. Guys, this is my boyfriend. Be Nice!

    • Granted, I did laugh in his face when he first asked me out. But you know, he sort of has an obsessive personality, so I eventual gave in. I really am happy now. He’s going to be so famous!

  4. Also… that’s your boyfriend.

  5. “You can always expect come from behind victories when you least expect them.”

  6. “Always expect me to come out on top.”
    “As you can always expect come from behind victories when you least expect them.”

  7. ALL YOUR pre-written essays that you cannot read fluently in front of a webcam ARE NOW BELONG TO US

  8. Gah i feel out-nerded! i guess im not going to be ultimate gamer after all. :(

  9. I typed “Justin Bailey” but nothing happened.

  10. What does his shirt say? I know there is a Monster out there that understands everything about this guy.

  11. Aww he’s like a mini-Toby Radloff, so I can’t hate him for that.

  12. It’s good to see the kid who narrated the Adventures of Sonic and Tails* is still doing his thing.

    I hope you win ALL the Chaos Emeralds, kid! (“Probably. Maybe they weren’t the Chaos Emeralds after all!”)

    *Full title: This is the Adventures of Sonic and Tails! Adventure. We already said that!

  13. “You can always expect come from behind victories when you least expect them” is my new pickup line, forever. I’m going to try it on my wife as soon as I get home.

  14. I see a future in hot sauce for this kid.

  15. is it ten years or twelve years? whichever, i guess it’s “over” that.

    ten years probably.

  16. I am so hot right now

  17. My reactions to this were:
    1) Amusement
    2) Confusion
    3) Pity
    4) Sadness

  18. I’m just glad people like this don’t actually, in real life, have the “powers” that they “have” in video games. Ugh, people who are experts because they play video games. Here comes the entire generation of boys who joined the military because they were experts at Halo.

  19. Damn it, Gabe! How did you get a hold of my audition tape?! This is more embarrassing than fitness testing day in gym class.

  20. Dwight Schrute

  21. Another audition tape to homage for Take One for the Team?

  22. For your final challenge gamers:

    Good luck.

  23. Upset of the Year: This kid has a football on his dresser.

  24. That last line reminded me of an inside joke I’ve had with my little brother for about 20 years. (My experience trumps yours, NERD BOSS.) Too long to go into, just Google “Ace Ebb”. You won’t be disappointed.

  25. I think this Ultimate Gamer Audition Tape is better:

  26. Forget Conan After Dark But Before Lopez, he would be a perfect fit for this show.

  27. my brethren. this is how i feel inside every day.

  28. Dude is a little too psyched about come from behind victories.

  29. it just gets way too sad in the end. now my whole day is ruined

  30. Why must you mock a man in search of his golden prize?

  31. “Gaming with the same three or four people can quickly run its course, if you know what I mean.”

    There’s no way he’s talking about anything other than gaming, if you know what I mean.

  32. awww the ending was sad. He should’ve ended it earlier, if you know what I mean.

  33. he uses “such as” a lot. he needs to go on a date with our old pal,


  35. “Looks can be deeeceeving,” but not in this case, I can totally tell he would beat me at any video game by his looks.

  36. At 2:56 “…after dealing with multiple virgins, I mean VERSIONS!..”

  37. If he just spent five minutes of his 10-12 years (which one? 10, 11, or 12?) of gaming experience learning how to open and use Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, I wouldn’t have to feel bad about laughing at monsters making fun of him.
    Also shouldn’t auditions for a show about ultimate gaming include gaming?

  38. “[The prize money] would come in very handy when I’m in a tight pinch such as when I start a life of murdering prostitutes.”

  39. [IMG][/IMG]

  40. I hate that nerd accent. ENOUGH!

  41. He sounds like the narrator for an episode When Animals Attack! on Fox. Also, why does it sound like there is an old-timey projector rolling in the background?

  42. You can only say 10 – 12 years once. You can’t refer to a span of your life so vaguely more than once!

  43. But… who’s holding the camera!? Is it his mind powers, or did he rope in a parent?

  44. Stop. You had me at Darth Cranium. You had me at… Darth Cranium.

  45. Dude i think i can beat you easily i take u on on any game :p

  46. I know how to beat him.
    Put the controller in the second slot.

    I couldn’t see the video since the user removed it.
    After the Starfox comment, I had to add a reference.

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