Personally, I was a bit skeptical going into this week’s episode. I mean, yes, OK, we all love Tina Fey, I know that now. Thank you, Oprah! She is very funny AND she’s a woman! But, it was hard to know what to expect. Obviously, she would do a Sarah Palin impersonation, but beyond that who knew. Although she was head writer before handing the reins over to Seth Meyers, it isn’t like she left Saturday Night Live with a wealth of beloved recurring characters. Her airtime, similar to Seth’s now, was limited to being a Weekend Update anchor. And Liz Lemon is mostly a (very) exaggerated version of herself. I just didn’t know what to expect LOL. Which might be why I enjoyed this episode so much. I’m not sure what I would have thought if I had gone into it wanting to see Comedy History, but as a late-season Saturday Night Live episode, this one can be proud to enter syndication on Comedy Central or E!

First of all, though, let’s just get the Sarah Palin impersonation out of the way.

OK, that is out of the way now. Don’t get me wrong, it was fine. And they used a conceit that was way more complicated than they had to, which is nice. But it almost felt like homework. And so we plow ahead:

Tina carried the torch of her “Single Lady in a Modern World” brand of baby-hungry comedy forward with Duncan Hines’ Brownie Husband:

Women be snackin’!

Another thing I will say for Tina Fey, similar to when Zach Galifianakis hosted, is that this show is so much better when the host actually has a sense of humor and knows what the hell they are doing. Like, there were some sketches that fell flatter than others but they were still better than the best Jude Law sketch. I am thinking of the Masters sketch and the Lolene sketch.

Probably the best sketch of the evening was the school dance sketch:

Although, for personal reasons, I enjoyed Ruff, Rugged, and Roker even more:

Nailed him.

Cutest moment of the evening goes to the winking shout-out that Justin Bieber gave Tina Fey at the end of his second musical performance. Very cute. Have fun in jail, Tina Fey!

But before she is imprisoned for inappropriate child love, one last tour of her old Weekend Update desk:

Time’s up! OK, Warden, she is all yours. Just let the guards know that she is the one with fudge all over her face.

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  1. brownie husband was easily my favorite. it was like liz lemon meets a very tame tim and eric bit, and it was super great.

    • I don’t know why, but the idea of scattered brownie bits in the bed at the end of the Brownie Husband skit made me cringed. All I could think about was the idea that chocolate never comes out! The sheets were ruined! Yeah whatever, I’m totally a Monica Geller…

  2. Wait. THAT’S Justin Bieber? Then who was that kid who tripped me in food court this weekend?

    Just some young, cocksure ruffian?

  3. School dance sketch query: who played the girl, Tina Fey’s daughter?

  4. Justin Bieber is like an ugly shoe parade.

  5. My review of Bieb’s second performance, when he added Tina’s name into the lyrics.

  6. Was it just me or was Justin Bieber wearing the same jacket as Tina Fey impersonating Sarah Palin during his performance? Maybe there was more behind the Jason sketch and “winking shout-out” than just shits and giggles?


  8. THE best joke of the night was the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” swipe in the Sarah Palin Network skit. We all know who Tina Fey’s with.

  9. Four women in space! Thank you, Tina.

  10. The Palin Network stuff is awesome. You can tell that was one where the writers had at least 200 good jokes for names of potential shows and spent hours and hours just laughing their assess off.

  11. This helped make up for the lack of new 30 Rock the past two-ish weeks.

  12. For some reason, I laughed and laffed (both ways!) when Sudeikis yells at Forte in the Lolene skit (approx. 2:07). Sudeikis does the best shouting.

    Also, did anyone else get “Jones New York’d” by any of the posted videos above? The worst. Its first indignity is to make you CHOOSE the JNY clip through which you will suffer only to then get tips on terrible fashion! No thanks, Jones New York. I am really not trying to elicit a “Wow” from Freddie Prinze Jr. I want Sudeikis to shout “DON’T YOU EVER COME BACK!” to Lloyd Boston.

  13. Pretty good episode, two things are kind of confusing to me (only two things?):

    - There were a lot of stabs at Bieber. Which is fine, but why would you invite someone if you know they don’t fit in your show and their target audience is asleep while it airs?
    - How come I slept on the news that there is goig to be an Asian-American Jersey Shore? Why did I not know that? That should have been the headline on every show on TV, there should have been a special episode of “The Situation Room”, etc. Next level shit, indeed!

  14. Not enough Kristen Wiig/Jenny Slate.
    Too much awkward Bieber love.

  15. The embedded players from NBC work perfectly! It is so awesome how technology has advanced and we can watch videos on the internet so freely without any glitches or interference!

  16. The Lolene sketch may have fell short for the studio audience but I was dying. When she has that big cup and slowly puts it down to give her money away. That’s comic gold.

    • That was easily my favorite part. It reminded me of Zachy G. defending Heather Graham in The Hangover “HOW DARE YOU, SHE’S A NICE LADY!”

      Tina sure played a lot of prostitutes this time ’round, huh? Was the monologue good? I’m too lazy to do one search for the video online. I just ate what Hulu chopped up for me. Steve Martin was there? I’m not too worried about it.

    • I toats agree. Lolene is the wonderful stuff they get to do in the watershed. Often miss but sometimes gold. The school dance was like that too. I was just a bit tired of Kristen Wiig trotting out another 1 dimensional character.

      And I know ya’ll be lovin Wiigs around here like Wendy Williams, but seriously. Shit is tired. At least IMO.

  17. I changed my coworker’s desktop wallpaper to the Bieb this morning. He was so excited, he fainted.

  18. You guys, is there any possible way to get pass those horrendously terrible HOW TO WEAR IT ads!? ARGH!! It is not even 11am and I am TYPING SO HARD I’VE BROKEN SEVERAL OF MY MACBOOK AIRS.

  19. I may get downvoted for disagreeing with Gabe here but I found the episode pretty lackluster. I love Tina Fey (a lot) but like you mentioned, she was rarely in sketches when she was on the show and there is a reason for that. I dunno I just feel like they kind of phoned all her characters in. Other than Sarah Palin she played a lonely teacher, a mom and a hooker-twice? Overall, I was pretty disappointed with the episode.

    • I’m with you. I thought that, besides the school dance sketch, this episode was pretty terrible. I actually found myself watching THE ROCKER instead, which is terrible of me and terrible of SNL.

      That said, I had high expectations.

    • Sad to say, yeah it was pretty lackluster. Also, WTF was with all the sex-choking jokes? Okay, maybe it was just 2, but it was still disturbing. Did they hire writers off of 4chan to close the season?

    • I find that the differences between a good episode of snl and a bad episode of snl are very subtle.
      Whenever someone expresses a liking for an episode I can see why.
      Whenever someone expresses a disliking for an episode I can see why.

  20. Gabe, your old Al Roker avatar is SO much clearer now. I had no idea

    • All I could think about while watching that sketch yesterday was Gabe’s old Roker Joker avatar. Which may or may not say something about me as a person.

  21. im out of milk and seriously considered putting wine in my cereal this morning

  22. i want a brownie wife with a caramel inside.. one can dream..

  23. One of the funniest parts had to be the Bieb(I call him the Bieb cuz we’re bffs)’s back-up dancers. I think it was the second song, what were they doing? If I knew how to make a gif I totally would.

  24. Well actually I hate Tina Fey, but I’m a total Biebiac so I was torn.

  25. Ugh! No love for the Ashlyn St. Cloud sketch, but most of you like that tired Kristen Wiig crap. That Aunt Linda sketch was unwatchable.

  26. So when the Catholic Church does it it’s wrong, but when a WOMAN does it suddenly it’s funny?

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