A billboard company has generously donated thousands of billboards (that’s so many!) to displaying Conan O’Brien’s Twitter feed in real time. Which means that our nation’s billboards, along with everything else in existence, continue to be funnier than Jay Leno.

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  1. We’re gonna need a bigger billboard

  2. Awe, that’s so awesome!

  3. I love how the article explains that “According to their website, they are doing it with ‘noble hope of putting a little Conan back in all of our lives.’”

    Is there a company that would care to donate their product to the noble hope of taking a little Leno out of all our lives?

  4. That last one looks completely shopped, is this really for realz??

  5. Thanks Olsen Twins! You pulled it off! Clever girls

  6. They should invest in a billboard to display Max Weinberg’s BACKSTABBING in real time as well.

    • Wow, I hadn’t heard. I just looked it up (God Im such a librarian) so for any one else who hasn’t heard:

      “Movieline.com broke a story alleging that Conan O’Brien’s long-time band leader Max Weinberg has been jockeying behind-the-scenes to replace the departing Kevin Eubanks on Jay Leno’s current rebooted version of “The Tonight Show”. Seems Weinberg was so “deep, deep, deep, deep, deeply satisfied” being a part of the “Tonight” legacy he’s willing to jump ship from Coco just to see his name back in the history books along side Doc Severinsen’s.”

  7. Millions to help a millionaire promote on a mullion.

  8. i think this is pretty neat-o but i feel like there will be a higher volume of car accidents near these billboards seeing as how people will be trying to read them. for our safety they should display jay leno’s twitter feed.

  9. recession + technology x deep-seeded hatred for Jay Leno = Conan Tweet bilboards

    • I can’t believe this is what finally takes me out of the long era of lurking. It’s deep-seated, not seeded. But I’m doing this to be helpful, not mean! I learned this years after I should have, and I want you to discover the correct expression in a loving environment, not with mean mocking or laughter.

      • I thought, for a really long time (a lot longer than I will ever admit), that it was “for all intensive purposes.”

        Sharing: it feels good.

        • Aw! Welcome to the wonderful world of eggcorns, pals!

          • sometimes the explainer guy just needs some explaining of his own.

            I actually hesitated when typing it to think about seeded vs. seated and looks like i went for the wrong one. I could go on about how deep seats are really comfortable, and when a plant or legume is deeply seeded in the soil, it has firmer roots…but i wont. I’ll just accept my failures and move on….something Jay Leno should’ve done a year ago.

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    • “Am I the only one who thinks that Conan’s tweets are painfully unfunny?”

      The odds against it are damn near astronomical, but wouldn’t it be crazy if you really *were* the only one? That’d be some fucked up Twilight Zone-type shit right there.

      You’d be running all wild-eyed through the streets, grabbing random strangers by their lapels and shaking them, screaming “He’s not funny! Those tweets are lame! ‘Hey guys: I just interviewed a squirrel, hurr, hurr.’ Explain to me how that’s funny! The emperor has no clothes! He is naked! Naaaakkkeddd!!” And they’d just stare back at you with blank eyes, flatly intoning “What-do-you-mean-not-funny. Conan-is-very-funny. Conan’s-tweets-are-very-funny. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.”

      And then a siren would sound and a giant TV screen would rise up out of the earth and Conan’s grim visage would appear, thirty yards high, and his voice would thunder across the city “Citizens! A dissenter walks among you! One who is as he should not be. Capture him! Capture the interloper!” And everyone would slowly turn and start shuffling toward you. And you’d flee madly through the streets, knocking over trash cans and the occasional gray-suited pedestrian.

      And then you’d round a corner and nearly run headlong into a pair of hovering killbots with pincer-like hooks for hands who float menacingly toward you shrieking “DISSENT-OR!! DISSENT-OR!!” And so you dash away and round a corner but there are two more killbots waiting for you there. And now the crowd on foot has caught up to you and they back you into a blind alley where you run smack into a brick wall. And as you drop to the ground the people and the robots move in closer and closer and their hands and claws reach out to grab you by the throat…

      And then you wake up and it’s completely dark and you grope blindly in all directions, crying out “Where am I? What’s happening??” And a soft, feminine voice whispers “It’s OK, sir. We’re just about to begin.” And then you hear a roll of sinister-sounding drums and a cacophony of horns and a god-like voice bellows out “And now, here he is… COOONAAAN O’BRIIIIIIIENN!!” And the curtain flies up and suddenly everything is a blaze of white light.

    • Probably not, but was it that important to share? Or were you just feeling like the Internet’s negativity tank was low?

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