If you don’t want the Mulders and Scullys of the government coming around asking too many questions, you better get your taxes done right.

Remember, the deadline for filing your taxes is 3AM tomorrow. Good luck!

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  1. Should I leave for the Caymans now, or wait until the “return” (“Go Directly to Jail Card”) comes through?

    Maybe they’ll put Dog on my tail. Wag the Dog 2: The Search for Tax Evasers

  2. I filed my taxes last night while I was wasted.

    The TAX was spectacular

  3. I supposed to be getting money back…do I take that FROM a child?

  4. “For God so loved the world that he gave them this video”
    -Gabe 3:16

  5. My tax return was eaten up by my thieving bank for overdraft fees- can I take from the bank’s children?

  6. “Find the boat, you’ll find the cousin.”

    we’ve got the tagline, now we just need to make the movie.

  7. If you mess with the taxes you get wet with IRS

  8. This is fantastic; I just sent this video to all my friends, so expect like 4 more views any minute now.

  9. When I went to get my taxes done this year, I was pleasantly suprised that I was able to write off my beanie babies.

  10. The one thing that I’m left with after watching this is that I really want a globe bar now.

  11. Can I write time spent on here off as a deduction? I figure it’s been 9000 hours, give or take a few

  12. I think Gabe might be gay. Which is cool but I never noticed it before. I don’t mean to out anybody here and this maybe even be a little insulting if he isn’t but I am seeing it. Or am I the only guy on here that didn’t know that.? I am confused.

  13. This is the video the IRS doesn’t want you to see.

  14. Kenny Powers, Gabe is too busy knocking his taxes out of the park to even have a sexual preference, Gabe is money sexual.

  15. Only your first three dirigibles are tax-deductible.

  16. hey max, is that really how you say groceries in the new york city? because i am trippin’ out.

  17. also, is it wrong that the first thing i thought of when dirigibles came up was harry potter? anyone?

  18. I get a double write off, because my dirigible IS my house.

  19. I’m fairly certain I committed tax fraud this year.

    I’m assuming that the IRS blocks all sites except their own and foxnews.com. I hope I’m not wrong.

  20. this is my first viewing of a gabe & max video. ’tis sweet like bear meat.

  21. This video still makes more sense than how you’re supposed to do your taxes.

  22. My favorite part? That video linked me to this…
    Gabe love forever.

  23. i’m sorry, but every time i see gabe, i feel like this:

  24. Gabe is our generations…(something clever)

    sorry, I’m reveling in Gabe’s adorableness!

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