Hugh Jackman is about to let the actor in him take over in a whole new way: by playing a character with genitals on his chin. From (via FilmDrunk):

HUGH Jackman will be taking on his most challenging role yet, playing a man with genitalia attached to his face in a very risque comedy opposite Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet. Jackman plays a man whose testicles are located under his chin and Winslet plays a woman who goes out on a date with his character.

I guess the movie is going to be a series of sketch comedy bits, and this is just one of the sketches. You can do that? That’s a movie? I didn’t know you can do that. In any case, it will be interesting to see how Mr. Jackman approaches the role. Like, will he pee his pants WHILE peeing from his face as well, or will he only pee from his face? Or maybe he will just pee his pants, as his classical training suggests, and leave the facial genitalia as a metaphor for Darfur, or whatever. Only time and drinking a lot of Lipton Ice Tea will tell.

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  1. ummm…..

  2. Based on the autobiographical love story/drama “I Am A Dickhead” by Nicholas Sparks. (Find it in the feminine products aisle of your local grocery.)

  3. Executives at Lipton were very upset when they learned what became of their product placement deal in which they requested Jackman’s character be named ‘Teabag’

  4. This gives a whole new meaning to the term Hacky Sack Movies.

  5. Dear Lord, who wrote that script, Improv Everywhere?

  6. “You’ve got something on your face.” – Kate Winslet
    “Oh, this is awkward.” – Hugh Jackman

    • Classic first date conundrum: Do you tell them they have mustard on their left ball?

      “You’ve got a little somethin…let me get it for you…oh…oh that’s okay…it happens to every guy…really.”

  7. I’m convinced this is all a figment of my imagination due to the three Tylenol PM I took.

  8. Hey Claire want to see a guy with Elephantitis of the nuts on his face?

  9. oh, now I get the joke I’ve been hearing all these years:

    what do you call nuts on a wall? walnuts
    what do you call nuts on a chest? chestnuts
    what do you call nuts on a chin? jackman!

  10. Whoopi Goldberg wuz robbed!

  11. something something something Hugh Jackman used to having balls on his face something something.

  12. They don’t make movies without test marketing first, to make sure theres an audience for them do they? Because i’m mad that it exists. I am Glenn Beck being forced to read a non-Dr. Seuss book angry about this movies existence.

  13. Remember back in 2009 when he gracefully sashayed across the Oscars stage, belting out show tunes like a pro?

    This is still less gay.

  14. will he be wearing some kind of protective cup? so as not to spill hot beverages or ice cream in that “sensitive area”. isn’t that a sensitive area? i can’t wrap my mind around this one.

  15. Is this what people want?

  16. When he plays sports, will he wear a chin strap or a jock strap? I’m confused.

  17. The allusion to face-peeing leaves me with one question: do you pee out of your testicles, Gabe? Is that something that’s going to happen to me when I get older? My body is undergoing so many changes that I don’t understand right now. Jolly Ranchers!

  18. Hugh crazy for this one.

  19. I’m so sick of this constant discrimination and racist humor. We don’t make fun of Earthlings for having genitals in their groin.

    Ooh look at me. My urination unit is only separated from my solid waste unit be a few disgusting inches. Oooh, we reproduce with the same organ we use to discharge waste, and we pretend to like it that way. Stupid dickgroins.

  20. Well the Oscar’s finally in the bag for Hugh.

  21. if human physiology was taken from the groin region and applied to the face region so that he had chin balls, it would stand that his tongue would most likely be his weenis.

    that stated, he would then in fact be constantly giving himself a blowjob.

    i imagine that would get in the way of his love life a little bit.

  22. I just have to post my favorite quote from this story. The movie “will feature a whopping 17 directors and 15 actors, and be in the vein of such classics as The Kentucky Fried Movie.” I can’t wait!!

  23. This will be a retarded version of the Kentucky Fried Movie.

  24. And Kate Winslet’s lips are still lips, right?

  25. That’s going straight into the LOLk. I’m looking at a really solid LOL investment portfolio now, thanks to this.

  26. yikes. was this premise written by Ace Ventura?

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