On last night’s episode of The Jimmy Fallon Show, former SNL Weekend Update hosts Jimmy and Tina Fey squared off against more recent Weekend Update hosts Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers in a game of charades. We all win!

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  2. Jimmy Fallon was great last night! I’m totally going to see date night alone this weekend! *winner*

  3. oh how i yearn for the days of Seth & Amy

  4. My work computer does not have sound. I thought charades was one thing I would be able to enjoy silently but I was mistaken!

  5. Needs more Norm Macdonald.

  6. I like how Fallon wanted it to be Harry Potter every time he got “Book and movie”

  7. Actually the best part of Fallon last night was the Glee parody. Now, I hate me some Glee but it was totally worth it to watch Nick Offerman (the best) running around constantly in the background with a look of total confusion on his face.

    Also, The Biebs trying to show up ?uestlove on the drums was classic. I’m surprised he was able to make it to the VGum party after he got so CRUSHED.

  8. That didn’t really happen did it? I didn’t miss a Justin Bieber ?uestlove drumoff did I?

  9. It’s pronounced Cha – raah – ds.

  10. amy’s doing a lotta baby havin’ in a short burst of time.
    this ain’t no baby havin’ race, amy!

    impressive work nonetheless.

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