Oh man, you guys. My head is in a serious yogurt cup right now. I think that means last night’s party was a success? Actually, I think it means the party was TOO successful. I’m sorry it was such a good party, everyone. My bad. Oh, hey, speaking of bad, in the event that you haven’t seen this video yet, this morning seems as apt a time as any to post it. It’s a song by Kiely Williams (Kiely?) called “Spectacular” and it is all about getting date raped. NEEAAAAAT! That is definitely a great idea for a song, and Kiely Williams is definitely showing the world that she is a great singer. I think we can all relate to how sometimes you go out and have a good time at night but the next morning you wake up and you are like OOF. And it turns out that it is because you were raped. But you don’t even care. Classic.


Kiely Williams has already “explained” (not “apologized”) this song and video by saying that she is a performer, and that this is just a performance piece. GOOD PERFORMANCE PIECE, KILEY! Good performing! Now if you will excuse me, I have to go turn off whatever it is that is making this room spin. (Many people sent this as a tip this week. Thank you all.)

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  1. wait, is it still considered date rape if youre a prostitute?

  2. Most 911 calls concerning rape go like this, “please help me. i was just raped. and the sex was spectacular.”

    • I think she is saying “Spectaculess.” She is a wordsmythe.

    • “The sex really was spectacular… I think. I mean, I was black-out drunk so and I just remember flashes of it and it seems pretty great in those flashes. One thing that is for sure is my back is blown out, I mean it kills. So there’s that.

  3. Well, maybe I’m a little jealous that you all had a good time and feel you should be feeling a little head-in-a-yogurt-cup. That said, i’m sure it was spectacular.

  4. You can tell someone was just raped because the morning after, they continually do what is known in criminology as ‘the rape dance’

  5. This video has really raised my awareness of pasty gray man-asses.

  6. This whole video had me half way between Boppin along with the trollop and Cryin.
    608 indeed.
    (BTW: Thanks for the Yogurt Cup Link! New Monstahs be all WHATS A YOGURT CUP?? and old monstahs be all OHMYGOD I REMEMBER THAT IT WAS SO CUTE!)

  7. she thinks she’s the only person who’s ever fucked.

  8. It should be noted for the record (werttrew, I expect you to take copious notes on this point!) that Keily, whose name was spelled incorrectly to hilarious effect in this post (please don’t fix it. You ain’t care, Gabe!), is a former Cheetah Girl (big ups to Disney) and member of the turn of the century R&B trio 3LW – who were sued by a member they expelled (who went on to play Lil’ Kim in the Biggie biopic, Notorious) for forced PROSTITUTION.
    Sorry for all the parentheticals. I didn’t want you guys to miss any part of this Very Important Issue.
    Also, I’m sorry I know any of this.

  9. Fun Fact! Kiley Williams was a member of the now defunct Disney super group the Cheetah Girls! Date Rape! Walt Disney!

  10. Too bad Teen Korner came too late to save Kiely. She should know that empowered young women deserve to be treated with respect by cool dudes that know forceful sex is not a measure of masculinity.

  11. I’m left wondering how the sex was.

  12. Jeez I’m gonna get crushed I’m sure, but it’s not automatically rape just because alcohol is involved, is it? Are all 1-night stands now perceived to be date rape? I’m going to have to start filling out a bunch of those Citizen’s Self-Arrest forms…

    • Technically yes, since you can’t legally give consent when you’re drunk. /legalgum

    • Also, you can’t get your money back for purchases you make when drunk, despite no “meeting of the minds” otherwise required for entering into a contract. Forgive me for playing devil’s advocate. I certainly don’t sincerely advocate date rape.

      • Actually, intoxication can be grounds for invalidating a contract, in some states at least. A “meeting of the minds” is not really what’s required – instead, it’s an outward manifestation of mutual assent. A reasonable person wouldn’t believe that a drunk person was actually assenting to a contract. As far as rape goes, most state rape statutes will include a provision stating that rape is engaging in sexual intercourse with a person who is incapable of consent by reason of incapacitation, etc.

        And yes, I just broke out my 1L casebooks to respond to a videogum post. Yay!?

        • For the record I AM upvoting you. Also, I wish I didn’t sell my 1L casebooks for $6 now.

        • you, sir, are a DELIGHT.

        • Okay I was just thinking some more about date rape while I was in the shower… So if engaging in intercourse with a person who is incapable of consent by reason of intoxication is rape, then when both parties are drunk, and a party cannot legally consent when intoxicated, both parties have been raped, legally speaking.

          I also wonder if you’re involved in an exclusive romantic/sexual relationship, and if you are, I wonder if you or your partner would be willing to forgive sexual transgressions of the other party on the grounds that you or he or she had been drunk at the time, and unable to consent to having sex. Because in my experience, people don’t buy that excuse.

          Also, I’m going to start disputing all my credit card bar tabs. If I seriously ran up a $100 bar tab, I MUST have been too drunk to have assented to contracting with the bar for drink after drink. You’ve given me a lot to think about sinkfloridasick.

          • If the exclusive relationship is marriage, then in a lot of states it wouldn’t be rape, since a lot of states say that you can’t legally rape your spouse. If it’s just your girlfriend/boyfriend, though, it’s probably still technically rape-rape, it’s just very rarely going to be reported.

            I’m gonna have to think about that bar tab thing, since i have been in that boat plenty of times before (I am in law school, after all – we’re all drunks).

          • I’m sorry, but why are we acting like there is some sort of grey area here? If someone is not able to say, “Yes, I would like to have the sex,” then don’t have the sex. It is really that simple. What sort of mind set does it take to want to have sex with someone who “probably” wants to have sex?

            Now, with regard to this song, the lyrics indicate that the woman was “blacked out” the point that she doesn’t know what happend. This is not a song about two people with a buzz hooking up. It is a song (unintentionally, I hope) about rape. It strikes me as a rapists fantasy of what is happening–the woman is completely wasted to the point of being unable to understand what is happening, but she is going to love it anyway. It is as though these lyrics came straight from the mind of someone in prison.

            Rape is a real thing that happens. It is evil. By focusing on “Oh, well how drunk was she?” or “Well, why did she go to the party?” it both belittles the hundreds (thousands [Dear God this World is Terrible]) of sexual assaults that happen in this country where no intoxicating substance is involved, and furthermore, it ignores the fact that even if a woman is drunk at a party that she does not therefore automatically want to have sex. It doesn’t matter what she drank or where she is or what she is wearing. Period.

            Can people have sex after they’ve been drinking? Sure. But if the other person has had so much that you think, “Perhaps this is a consent grey area,” why would you want to have sex? Your balls won’t fall off–I promise.

            It strikes me that sometimes men have a sense that they are entitled to have sex with any woman who doesn’t beat on their chest and scream “no.” It isn’t like that, friends.

            If feel like we are regressing–that our attitudes in this are moving back to a time when it was okay to have sex with passed out people. Isn’t there a scene where that happens in “Animal House?” Songs like this one and that Jamie Foxx song are taking us back there.

          • In response to Mans, below:

            To be fair to ModestAlfred, I don’t think he/she was saying that it is ok to have sex with a person who is passed out drunk. Obviously that would be rape-rape. I think the gray area presents itself where both people have been drinking, but they’re nowhere near passed out. What if you take a girl on a date and she has a couple of glasses of wine? She may seem perfectly capable of consenting to sex, but you really can’t get into her mindset.

            Another gray area: where both people have been drinking, and neither is really capable of giving consent, is that rape? Who do you charge with the rape? Is it fair to automatically charge the male with rape? Or vice-versa? At common law, an alleged rape victim had to prove that she displayed the maximum amount of resistance to the male’s sexual advances. This was a really high burden aimed at preventing women from accusing a man of rape where she simply came to regret the sexual encounter. While that’s not the law anymore, there is still an innate suspicion of rape victims (for good or for bad).

            And that concludes this session of superseriousgum.

          • A. There are alot of lawyers here.

            B. Mr. Red Skull’s first comment regarding this video was “it’s not automatically rape just because alcohol is involved, is it?”–so I was attempting to clarify that this song that we are all commenting on is not about just sex after drinking, but assaulting someone passed out. I did not mean to imply that he supported criminal activity.

            C. This issue has been in the news recently (and by news I mean internet) and it has been on my mind. It seems to me that when we discuss rape and sexual assault in this country there is a tendency to rush to the gray areas and say “Gee, it is a tough issue, isn’t it.” However, I don’t believe that the circumstances in the vast majority of these crimes are obsucre or fuzzy. I think this focuses the discussion on women’s behavior (“What was she drinking?” “What was she wearing?” “Did she say ‘no’ enough?”) and not on the men that are resonsible for the crime.

            D. Further, while there are false accusations of rape, I seriously doubt that there are that many in comparison to the number of rapes that occur each year. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think that is an overstated fear. As a man, I don’t like being lumped in with the creeps and criminals any more than the next guy, and I don’t want to be accused of a crime that I didn’t commit. But I am able to acknowledge that false accusations are not really the issue here. It seems to me to be another way to turn the issue of crimes against women into a burden for men. “Women get raped.” “Yeah, but what if I get falsely accused of rape?” “Oh, good point. Never mind.”

            E. I am sorry. I am really not trying to ruin Friday, and I am certainly not trying to suggest that anyone here is a bad person. I don’t think that.

        • Ha ha ha you idealist, you. Maybe that’s true in theory but that’s not how it works in reality. femiladyismgum.

          • This is too late and no one is gonna read it and I can’t even reply directly to Mans, but I just NEEDED to say I’m in love with everything you wrote and want to propose to those two comments. Thank you, good night.

          • I would just like to second omelette du fromage because upvoting Mans isn’t enough to express my gratitude for his comments. Thank you for saying everything I can think of that needed to be said in this thread, and for putting it so eloquently. I was getting a little nervous and uncomfortable for a while but then I saw those posts and I can now go to bed knowing there is hope for the world.
            Marriage proposal also flickered through my mind.

    • It’s good for people to ask these questions so other people know to avoid sex with them. Because if you ever honestly doubt that the person you’re having sex with is not only getting off but wants to be there, you’re not doing it right.

    • Be sure to mention whether or not the sex was spectaculaaaah

  13. I think my eyes were just raped. And wasn’t spectacular.

  14. PTDD: Post Traumatic Dance Disorder

  15. Well that was a very literal song.

  16. This is disgusting and not helping the hangover I have from drinking alone in my apartment because I could not go to the Videogum birthday party.

  17. Law & Order: SVU should’ve never hired the writers from Glee.

  18. Feminism is off somewhere, whimpering in a corner. Also, when did the remaining member of Milli Vanilli decide to become a date rapist?

  19. can we talk about how this video looks like it was made for $5 and a can of grape soda? if you’re gonna have a terrible song about a terrible thing, at least make it look, um, spectacular. right?

  20. Hey, sorry I don’t mean to barge into your life, I’m new to the neighborhood, and uh… well by court order. And trust me man, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the court order, by court order, I… am required to tell you that I uh… I uh…. raped… this singer chick… Well… ok not really a singer, she was more like… a stripper…. who you know… was tryin’ to be a singer… aaannnyyywwaaaayyyssss haha… I thought I’d say hi, I’m your neighbor, and I am a SPECTACULARLY talented rapist. I would say haha… you know…. “If you ever need a good rapin’… call haha…. but uh… obviously thats not how it works…

    Anyway yeah, didn’t mean to be a bother have a good one!

    • Two things I learned about last night from this song:
      1. Kiely was in a complete drunken blackout and remembers nothing about the sex that took place.
      2. The sex was spectacular.

      Hardly a ringing endorsement, if you ask me.

  21. Am I the only one who loves the response videos to this?

    “Cheetah Girls is giving the pussy away”


  22. We hope he used a condom, as well, Keellee. You should have zero babies (but probably some herpes).

  23. I saw this video yesterday. I was like, “among MANY other things that were not awesome (awesome) about that, that was the least catchy chorus ever.”

    Sure enough, I was singing it in the car this morning.

    I wish is was called Sex-tacular though.

  24. I have to admit that I’ve watched this video more than once or twice or three times since about two days ago. What can I say, it’s spectacular? (It’s not spectacular. I shouldn’t say that.)

  25. I just put this video into a blender with some raw eggs, Tabasco sauce and a warm MGD, hit pulse and one minute later had a surefire hangover killer.

  26. ok, best line ever, “you can call me a slut, but…”. in my head i am adding the extra t. slut butt!

  27. Now, maybe this was explained in Kiely Studies 101 and I missed it (or maybe I’m missing something very obvious in the “song”? I *am* a million years old) but I really can’t wrap my head around how she could have blacked out so thoroughly — she apparently remembers nothing about the night or the guy — but somehow she remembers that “the sex was spectacular”? How do you know that Kiely?!? How do you KNOW THAT???

    Seems like a pretty major discrepancy, even for Kiely.

  28. Okay, maybe it was date rape. But was it rape-rape? Somebody needs to ask an expert.

  29. It’s a scientific phenomenon Cassie, if the sex is really reallly good, when you’re passed out in a bed and raped by a dreadlocked individual. Then you’ll wake up with a song in your heart.

  30. $1.79 for beef spare ribs. Not bad.

  31. Yikes – not even puppies could make this song okay.

  32. I can’t wait for the YouTube videos starring young girls & boys singing this song! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzHjRKSB4qQ

  33. When I signed in to make this comment there were ’69′ comments already. OHHHH YEAH you know what I’m saying. Sexual intercourse, people!

    Anyway, Feminism you have really been socking it to us hard this last decade or so. Keep up the good work, don’t stop rockin’. Kthnxbye.

    PS PALIN 2012

  34. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • It depends. If they’re pretty white suburban girls putting themselves through college on an episode of Law&Order: SVU, yes. If they’re black or Native American, not only can they not be raped, they can be tortured, killed and fed to pigs without anyone batting an eye for a good decade. The more you know…

    • Only Brandon McCarthy can really get away with them.

  35. It’s actually kind of a relief that this song is so horrible. If it were catchy, some people might have some sort of moral dilemma, like they do with Eminem and the Stones.

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