Sure, he hates mayonnaise, and you love mayonnaise, but otherwise you are perfect for each other.

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  1. The lorry shoulda gone to the fish’n'chippy, innit?

  2. I hate mayo and love birds and Brits, hello future husband

  3. Those birds tried so hard to save the world from having to witness that. I applaud them all.

  4. Don’t you need some kind of Mayo in order to make a crucial Monte Cristo?

  5. Sure he’s my boyfriend now but I know the one I’m really meant to be with is my boyfriend’s parakeet.

  6. This guy is totally the British skoalrebel.

    • I’m pretty fuckin’ pissed right now after what I found out. I found out this fuckin’ Obama is gonna fuckin’ ban flavored mayonnaise. What the fuck is up with that? That’s fuckin’ gay. He needs to be fuckin’ inpeached for it. I ain’t gon lie, I love that whiskey-flavored mayo. Obama is the worst president we’ve ever had.


  7. I’ve definately seen that guy jerkin’ it on chatroulette but no mayonnaise.

  8. He could never be my boyfriend! He is so mean to his bird!

  9. I especially hate when people eat mayonnaise directly out of the jar, like if I’m in the house with you and we’re sitting up here sharing this motherfucking mayonnaise, why the fuck do just think you can put your mouth all up on it and just eat the shit? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?

  10. when Jesus sees this dudes video blog he’ll be like “cool, good work. thanks for staying so busy”

  11. This is so amazing! Guys, when I was in a car accident several years ago, as the car was spinning across the highway, I saw flashes of having a happy and beautiful life with a pale, gap-toothed, weak-mustachioed man who loved mayo-free sandwiches and owned an avian fight club. I didn’t know who this man was at the time, but I already knew I loved him.

    Videogum, you have changed my life. I’m off to find my Cristo, but before I go–Gabe–may I request a list of all the Videogum members? I have something I want to show my fellow Monsters.

  12. It’s ironic that he’s wearing “Jesus is Coming” shirt and he says he doesn’t like mayonnaise.

    Sorry, that was GROSS!

  13. I think it’s time to put some sort of barrier to entry on you tube posts.

  14. mate, just stick some marmite on that bread and its SAFE AS FUCK!

  15. In England they’re called birds, not bitches.

  16. Should have had some Hipster Whip instead.

  17. My favorite Youtube comments on this video? How thoughtful of you to ask:

  18. I love mayo as much as this guy

  19. That moustache makes him look like he has been suxxing buttz.

    Why am I doing, this where the hell is that guy?

  20. All that and we didn’t even get to hear his thoughts on mustard

  21. I have a twitter account and I can’t think of anything useful to take up 140 characters. This guys popping out Mayo vlogs like hot cakes.

  22. For crying out loud dude, shut up so I can hear what your stupid birds are trying to tell me about their dislike of mayonnaise.

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