Whoa, today is the day?! Why didn’t anyone tell me that today is the day?! I had to wait for Alicia Keys to tell me.

Wait, what?

If you visit the website, IAAS.com, it says that “Alicia Keys is looking for her head blogger.” Oh no! What happened to her head blogger?! Apparently, she is starting her own lifestyles website, because if there is one group of women that Gwyneth Paltrow has definitely helped and struck a real chord with it is CELEBRITY WOMEN IN SEARCH OF A WEB-BASED VANITY PROJECT. You can apply to work for Alicia Keys (yeah right, I’m sure your desk will be right outside her office) on her blog to empower already empowered women more with more power (yeah!) here. I really hope you get it. It would seriously be so awesome if one of you got it. If for no other reason than you could tell us what the hell it is.

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  1. It would be like Gabe’s job, but probably less need to abuse alcohol to get through the day!

  2. Ellen DeGeneres used to be Alicia Keys’ head blogger.

  3. I can’t stand Alicia Keys. That one song – with the “no one, nooo wwwaaaan, noooooo wwwwwaaaan” refrain – is like nails on a chalk board. YUCK! I used to work with these women who would play some terrible radio station that played that song three times a day. I hated them.

    • I was convinced for a long time that everyone “liked” that song ironically, because it is so awful. She doesn’t sing a single note on key. And she is shrieking, really.

      This is coming from someone who genuinely enjoyed Britney Spears’ last 2 albums, so I probably do not know what I am talking about.

  4. …That’s better

  5. Experience using web development tools and software such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft on Demand, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, WordPress, LiveJournal, and Digital Media Platforms.

    look at Alicia Keys with her 2010 technology, will this site be MS-Dos compatible?

    • SAY WHAT? i can use mirosoft word…i’m going to make it my life’s mission to become Alicia Keys’ head blogger.

      now i’m off to google to figure out what exactly that means

  6. You have to end all blog posts for Alicia Keys with “I am a superwoman.”

    • It’s how I end alot of stuff. Like, usually when I leave the supermarket I yell: “I am a superman.” When I’m finishing a conference call: “I am a superman!” Heading out of church? “i am a superman.” In the case of church, I tend to keep my voice pretty low. I think you all get the point.

      I AM A SUPERMAN!!!!!!!

    • This guy knows what you’re talking about:

  7. Are there assistant blogger positions available too? I don’t think I’ve got the chops to be the head blogger yet.

  8. This video definitely needs more pelicans.

  9. Why can’t she do it herself?

  10. Why is there not a Real Housewives of the Rich and Famous?

  11. Shouldn’t this be filed under Videogum Everywhere?

  12. Kate Gosselin still has a little bit of time to spend with her kids that needs to be filled.

  13. I want to see an ICP vanity lifestyle blog.

  14. Did any of you guys catch that Tiger Woods ad Gabe posted earlier? That really creeped me out. I’m stuck in Belgium and that really creeped me out.

  15. I was going to apply for this, but I’m already Ke$ha’s Head Blogger (Vice Head) and I think that is a conflict of interest??

  16. This seems like the ultimate Taking One for the Team … I mean, it would require Joe Mande to take a full-time position, but still. Ultimate. (I am a superwoman.)

  17. I think the vhs tape cut off prematurely. The line was supposed to be “I am a super woman. I will destroy you.”

  18. They just called me about the job. Turns out you have to travel with Alicia Keys on tour and blog her in the head every day.


    I spy a taking one for the team?

  20. I think it’s a steer.
    1. Gabe ridicules the position to stall the competition.
    2. Gabe clips on a tie.
    3. Gabe is all like, “yes Alicia, I totes agree. Empowerment, unity, something, beauty, spirit”.
    4. Aliciakeyesgum.

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