Bear in mind, his banana microphone was a healthy, ripened yellow when he started shooting:

This kid is going places! He has got a decent voice, excellent dance moves, a sense of humor about himself (maybe), a pretty awesome Mickey Mouse t-shirt that I am for real a little jealous of, and he can roll with the punches (“also ignore the way of the screen” — Sun Tzu’s tombstone). Not that you will be able to follow his career, as you will be IN JAIL.

These are the people I was telling you about at Mah Jongg last week, Warden. (Thanks for the tip, Becca.)

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  1. He sure knows how to work that banana!

    Now, please excuse me. I am late for jail.

  2. I wish his mom had replied “No, YOU’RE ruining the video.”

  3. Upon uploading this video, Cody’s mom knew that she had secured her place as the only family member to be voted ‘most popular’ in high school.

    • …And forgot that walking about in one’s underwear while your son holds a phallic object for the whole earth to see performs the function tantamount to a Freudian eyesore. My brain!

  4. This kid in 10 years: “Nah, that’s not me; must just be someone who looked similar when we were younger.”

    Mom in video: “That was Timmy Dumont, singing Bad Romance.”

    This kid in 10 years: “Dammit.”

  5. Can we please talk about what happens at the 20 second mark. And by “we,” I mean “Child Protective Services” and by “talk about what happens a the 20 second mark,” I mean “arrest everyone.”

  6. That kid can snap better than I can whistle The Andy Griffith Show theme song.

  7. Ginger Kid: The Early Years

  8. What is this? Why is everyone in their underwear?! These people definitely need some pajama jeans for their exposed bodies!

  9. I give it

    836 snaps!

  10. I almost didn’t watch the whole video, but I did and I am SO GLAD. I love this kid. I wish I was 20 years younger so I could be his best friend when he gets to high school. So fabulous!

    I’m basically thinking of myself as Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham, but for gay kids. Without the sex. But WITH THE TOENAIL PAINTING. I can’t even explain how much this has brightened my day. Just be yourself, Tommy Dumont. You can dance if you want to.

  11. Gaga’s outfits are just getting ridiculous at this point.

  12. Ten years ago, small and rotund white kids were making videos of themselves pretending to wield a lightsaber (you know, videos of substance). Now they’re idolizing Lady Gaga? What, as a society, have we become?

  13. “ALSO IGNORE THE WAY OF THE SCREEN.” …there is no ignoring the way of this screen. I mean, really.

  14. in about 12 years, holla at me, chubby gaga

  15. “Mom! Why can’t you let me be great?” – Timmy Dumont

  16. This two are destined to win cutest couple at this year’s Motherboy.

  17. Kid can snap! I was not that good of a snapper at that age, not even now.

  18. This video makes me SO thankful I grew up in the 1800′s, when the only way my mother could have captured me singing “The Drunken Sailor” in my petticoats would have been if I held very, very still in front of the daguerreotype machine for 36 hours.

  19. This kid probably gets all the chicks. All of them.

  20. this video will either become his proudest moment or biggest embarrassment.

    he can flip a coin to determine which.

  21. Once parents could only embarrass their kids showing home videos to a limited number of people. Now there’s Youtube. I still think it’s funny, but thinking back to the weird kid I was, I’m happy the youtube/the internet wasn’t around then.

  22. That kid stole all of my signature dance moves.

  23. Still better than Ke$ha.

  24. his jiggling is hypnotic.

  25. We’re going to need some bigger “World’s Best Dad” underwear

  26. Wow, he NAILS it at the end! Stop laughing, mom!

    • I know!! I watched the whole thing hoping for the floor routine at the end, and Timmy did not disappoint.

      (srsly, there is some great move memorization here.)

      • He seriously stepped up his game around 3:53 for the finale. I was blown away. I’m seeing a 2012 collab between Jimmy and the Chinese kid singing Whitney Houston. It’s coming. Mark my words…

  27. I can’t wait until the kitchen cover of Telephone. Mom comes out from behind the camera to play Beyonce and together they poison the Pantless Man.

  28. the fierceness is stroing with this one

  29. I know that this site is a hub for witty remarks and brilliant pop culture references, but on a seriousgum note; does anyone feel really bad for that kid? Like he doesn’t realize how tough his life is gonna be from here on in? And he is so enthusiastic about his Lady Ga Ga impersonation that he doesn’t understand the unbearable amount of bullying that comes with it? I mean, holy shit when I was that age I remember kids being harassed for FAR less. Like when i was in fourth grade this completely normal boy wore a completely normal t-shirt which happened to have a pink coloured logo on it, and im sure it turned out be the worst day of his life. I don’t know, have things changed? Are kids nice now? I don’t really know any kids, so im not sure whats going on in the kid universe. Is the whole “kids can be so cruel” thing over because of 9/11 or something?

  30. OMG….Dude look at that older guy in his underwear…cover that up please!!!!


  32. Myspace can shut down its open casting call for this season of Glee. I don’t know how they will fit him into the storyline but I know they can do it.

  33. Needs more truffle shuffle.

  34. “Needs more truffle shuffle”! Ha ha!
    I don’t think you could really comment on the kid’s talent… he was so out of breath you really can’t tell.

  35. Just another viral advertising campaign for Mickey Mouse.

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