In this feature, we periodically check in to see what is up with Topher Grace.
Since we last checked in on actor and all-around celebrity, Topher Grace, a lot has happened. For one thing, the Apple iPad was released! (There have also been resurgences of bloody violence in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and an escalation of partisan politics here in our own country in the wake of Obama’s health care reform victory, but the Apple iPad, you guys!) Does anyone have one? I do not have one. I have not even seen one yet. They seem like they are neat enough, although I am not sure what you would do with one. I like reading books the old fashioned way. And it is very rare that I find myself without the ability to read/write emails or surf the Internet. And if I were in such a situation, something tells me the problem is not lack of expensive gadgets. Of course, one way in which the iPad does fascinate me is the ways in which it might help to redefine the manner in which human beings interact with information. What will it ultimately mean? Not just for mankind, but for Topher Grace updates?! Only time will tell.

What is up with him, though? After the jump, we have all the latest Topher Grace news that you have come to expect, in its traditional format. I repeat: this post is NOT specially formatted for the Apple iPad, although it should work just fine. I think. I have no idea.

It has been two weeks since we last checked in with T-Got, which is just a lifetime in Hollywood. Careers are built and destroyed in that amount of time. But one man stands like a rock against these buffeting storms: Christopher John Grace. Not just standing strong, but HANGING OUT STRONG. Talking Makeup informs us that Topher attended the VIctoria Secret Celebrates The 2010 Swim Season party, whatever THAT is (although I think I GET IT) at Brent Bolthouse’s new “hot spot,” Trousdale. Sounds fun!

On Thursday March 25th, 2010, Paris Hilton, Leonardo Dicaprio, Nicole Richie and other A-List Celebrities joined Victoria’s Secret Supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel in celebrating the 2010 Swim Season with a pink carpet event at Trousdale, Brent Bolthouse’s new LA hot spot. Over specialty cocktails, such as ‘Splash’, guests enjoyed music from DJ Ruckus plus special guests Joel & Benji Madden who made a cameo on the turn tables!

Joel AND Benji Madden on the ones and twos? Yowza! Some people really do live the good life. Here is just a partial list of attendees:

Victoria’s Secret Supermodels Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel and celebrities including Leonardo Dicaprio, Jeremy Piven, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Benji Madden, Joel Madden, Topher Grace, Russell Brand, Stacy Keibler, Stuart Townsend, Josh Lucas, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara, Lukas Haas, Kat Von D.


Meanwhile, X17 Online has some candid photographs of Topher Grace with a beard! That is not the way we are used to seeing him!

Looking good! The site refers to this as “rocking the Butler,” the idea being that Topher is borrowing Gerard Butler’s look. But while I will admit that Gerard Butler had a beard first, I don’t think he has done much to claim title to it, and I would propose that this look be referred to as “living with Grace.”

High Five!


But perhaps the most exciting news comes from this theater blog, which reports that Topher is going to be in a play!

Topher Grace — of “That ’70s Show” fame — and Gordon Kaywin will star in X Repertory Theatre’s limited engagement of Christopher Durang’s Durang Durang. Produced by Aaron Ganz, previews will begin April 29 with an official opening scheduled for April 30. Performances will continue through May 23.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, I highly encourage you to buy tickets here. Support your boy!

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication.

There you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. Send your Topher tips to See you next time!

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  1. If you view this website on an iPad, Topher’s beard plays an MP3 of “Since U Been Gone!”

  2. This works on so many levels since not only is he giving us a thumbs up,but in our weekly celebration of him we two are giving him metaphorical thumbs up

  3. Blaze a blaze, Durang Durang Durang-rang
    Purple haze, Durang Durang Durang-rang
    Topher callin’, speak the slang now
    Gabe say wha? VG says wha what?

    • Is it sad that I only know of this reference because of Girl Talk?

      • YES. Buy ‘Arular’. Then I want you to steal a car, I want you to get in it and drive west. Play the tape full blast. When the tape ends, get out and get into a fight, then get back into the car, come to town and meet me at the Videogum Club.

  4. As a new commenter on this site, I am compelled to say that I am equally baffled and delighted by this.

  5. Second pic= apparently he just heard about the forth season of mad men.

  6. “living with Grace”!?! I like it! Far better than my current (although similar) look, which up to now I had considered “being too lazy to care about my appearance”.

  7. I don’t understand what the big deal is with this guy

    • Oh, Steve Winwood. Always stirring up trouble-gum.

    • I think it’s that he’s not a big deal, he’s a regular Joe working for the man with higher aspirations, only he happens to have been in several successful films and a hit tv show
      plus look into those eyes and tell me you feel nothing man

    • There is no big deal. Gabe’s seeming adoration is like a traffic jam when you’re already late.

      It’s kind of like when Improv Everywhere pretends to be huge fans of a band and organizes a mission to give them their best night ever, but it’s actually just a blog post that happens every week, requires far less work and the effort goes completely unnoticed by the target.

    • Oh Steve, why can’t you let Topher Grace be great?

    • This is Steve Winwood’s world and we are just downvoting him in it.

      • Okay let me address this: I’m not trying to be a troll or get downvotes, I legitimately just don’t get it. What is the big deal with this actor? These posts and the LOST posts are the only posts on Videogum I dont like and should be archived on WeakSaucegum

        • Man, it’s like you don’t even TRY to groupthink.

          • why should I?

          • Listen Steve we all love videogum alot (Duh Aficionado Story of the Year.) when you attack it we all take it a little personal. WUWTG and Lost recaps are always going to be a part of the site its ok to not like these things but keep the rude outbursts (like WeakSaucegum) to yourself the second you learn this is the second you will stop getting worst comment of the week.

          • Actually, I think freedom of speech is more important than some up- or downvotes, even when everybody’s just joking. So no, you shouldn’t.

          • I wasn”t trying to suppress Steve Winwood’s freedom of speech just inform him as to why he is always getting downvoted

          • Well you couldn’t if you wanted to. I guess Gabe could, since he’s free to do with the site as he pleases, but all we can do is downvote or not come here anymore. I appreciate that Steve doesn’t let the downvotes keep him from saying what’s on his mind. And I admire someone who’s willing to say what’s not popular, because that’s often harder than it seems.

        • My explanation was as apt as any you’ll find. The entire thing is like rain on your wedding day. When it comes down to it, this site is full of very smart and funny hypocrites. They are good people who don’t realize that they are engaging in groupthink. I believe that you and I are similar. I was getting downvotes well before anyone cared about downvotes. Just keep being yourself, and this group will begin to appreciate what you bring to the table.

          I am so drunk right now. Please forgive any typing errors. If you have a problem with my point, then try to express your position with a well thought out rebuttal. Downvotes are not a valid counterpoint.

          • Upvoted for kindness and honesty.

            I don’t know if I’d call it groupthink (although I find it hilarious when Steve Winwood does) but I’ve been visiting this site for a few months now and it can get pretty in-jokey and feedback-loopy around here. I don’t mind when an old joke is referenced but only when it’s given enough of a spin to make it funny again, and only a few monsters are really good at that (Skinny Tie is a good example of someone who does it well) (also, Gabe, of course). Otherwise, it just seems like Family Guy style recognition-humour, where it’s like, “ha ha, I am in on the joke, ergo it is funny.” That’s why I like Steve Winwood, because he’s the anti-all-that.

            It is important to preserve balance in all things, Grasshopper(s). All God’s children can dance. Feed the damn guinea pig or it will die. Etc.

            Also, how can you not find Steve Winwood funny? Either he really is unaware of the inherent humour in picking some random celebrity and focusing on the minutiae of his life with microscopic, undeserved intensity (which is funny) or he IS aware of the inherent hilarity and just doesn’t think it’s very funny, yet still feels the need to comment on it (which is probably the case, and is even funnier). It’s like ringing everyone in the phone book in alphabetical order to complain about your arthritis or why do they screw the lids on marmalade jars so tight, it’s fucking impossible to get them open! Marmalade corporations are the devil!

            I don’t think Steve Winwood is trying to be a troll, but I like to imagine him with the tiniest of self-knowing smirks on his face as he types.

            Also (bringing this doctoral thesis in for a landing now) my intention is not to criticize anyone here or what anyone else finds funny. Obviously, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t enjoy the little universe of nonsense you monsters have created to frolic in. There’s room for everyone, I think. Unique snowflakes, ebony and ivory, apples and oranges, the birds and the bees. Etc. LIFE LESSONS!

          • What happens when it’s popular opinion that the Videogum community is rooted in groupthink? Does the universe explode? Probably.

        • What’s Up with Brangelina? Why is that any more of a legitimate query than what’s up with Topher Grace? I’ve always taken it as a comment on the random obsession with certain celebrities (oh my gosh, there are SO MANY these days) more than a fan-post #onceyouexplainajokeit’snolongerfunnybutiguessoccasionallyitmustbedonegum.

          Also, I don’t watch Lost or Gossip Girl but the posts are pretty funny so I read them nonetheless.

        • I don’t care if you aren’t into this so-called “groupthink”. But can you come up with something more interesting to say about every post you don’t like than “I don’t like this” or “I don’t get this”?

    • Another upvote for Steve!

      Honestly, I don’t think I’ve read a single post of yours that hasn’t made me grin like an easily-amused and/or heavily-drugged idiot staring up at a disco ball.

    • Hey it’s Woozefa’s job to hate Topher Grace! At least be original when you choose your targets.

    • In the words of the lovely Lindsay Robertson…

      “I think this is the final sign that I need to get my single-serving site up and running. Because, for the love of god, THAT’S THE FUCKING JOKE.”

      • I get so mad when people recapitulate the joke I made, in substantially obvious fashion, and then THEY get all the upvotes. And of course, if you point this out, you’re just a fucking asshole troll.
        Good Quote and Good Call Pizza

  8. Guess our invitation to the Victoria’s Secret Celebrates The 2010 Swim Season party “got lost in the mail.” Damn it, Kat Stacks, I know you are feuding with Big Hollywood, but JUST ONCE I’d like to take you someplace nice, where people will appreciate your wit and ability to fashion garments out of tinfoil.

  9. There’s magic all up in this beard.

  10. That’s probably the first high-five I’ve ever seen that contained no hint of irony whatsoever. And that is awesome.

  11. When is Topher going to be on the Marriage Ref?

  12. But I want to hear the latest in Buttz Suxxing?

  13. I can’t wait to receive this month’s issue of Beard Enthusiast. I think I know who’s on the cover.

  14. Hmm. Testing. One two three. Did the italics stop after three? If yes, there was a typo in the above post. If no, it is the Internets who are wrong.

  15. That beard is going to tickle a lot of butts. (I heart TG)

  16. That guy is going in for that high 5 with T with such weak elbow action.

  17. Reasons Why Topher and I are Practically Best Friends, Basically

    1.) We both have beards
    2.) We both enjoy brunch

    …and sometimes that’s just all you need.

  18. Are we really calling Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie A-List celebrities? Really? Then I don’t think I’m starting my alphabet at the right letter.

  19. Pretty soon it’ll be Gerard who’s stealing The Toph’s look.

  20. Durang’s Durang Durang?…………is this real life?

  21. I’m going to drink one of those specialty cocktails tonight, such as “Splash.”

  22. I know this may be a joke, but I love TJG!! And I’m genuinely reading this blog because I want to know What’s Up with my main man Topher on a regular basis!

    This is true genius! MLITG!!!

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