Dinner for Schmucks trailer, you guys:

We are at the precipice of an enormous crossroads. On the one hand, this movie features Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Zach Galifianakis, and Kristen Schaal, among others. So, you know, yay! On the other hand, it was written by Andy Borowitz and features Jeff Dunham. So, you know, boo! (Also, it looks like it should be called Dinner of Bookshelves! Get it? Because of how many times they are just straight up EATING IT!) But overall this looks pretty funny. And it looks way more interesting than the original French comedy, Le Diner des Cons, upon which it is based. Have you guys seen that thing? It is basically a one act play in a Paris apartment that is obviously just a poorly-designed set soundstage. FUN FACT: in France, cows say “meuh” and when people laugh it’s “heehaw-heehaw-heehaw.”

*Hopefully we got that out of our system. Nothing but great headlines for the rest of the day, I’m sure.
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  1. I was going to be “funny” and ask where the puppets were. Then there was a puppet.

  2. In France, they call movies Lourreaux

  3. I plan to have fun at dinner (for schmucks). Like, when I go see it.

  4. Casting Tairy Greene might just put this one over the top.

  5. I’m sorry, but I’m sticking with Le dîner des cons. Did you know that in French they call original versions of movies *le meilleur* ?

  6. Oh, Jeff Dunham. You know your career’s going gangbusters when you have to be on screen with your hand up a tranny muppet just so people recognize who the hell you even are. What a loser!

    *files application for unemployment benefits*

  7. So in order to get a promotion and drink whiskey at work with Ron Livingston, Paul Rudd’s character has to find a couple of mentally ill doodz to bring to a fancy dinner at a mansion? This plot is too much for me. Pass. Someone help these guys bypass their firewall at work b/c they are obviously just BORED. Dinner for Bored Assholes.

  8. Coincidentally, that is also the Plot for the Videogum Birthday Party

  9. In France, lorries don’t shave their legs.

  10. I didn’t recognize Jeff Dunham right away, even WITH him holding a puppet!. It must have been the mustache. Or the little sleep I got

  11. am I the only idiot who’s saying to himself…. Jason Sudekis?

  12. that funky jam playing throughout the trailer lets me know that this will be fun and funny.

    I’ll stick to the one act play in the Parisian apartment, thanks.

  13. “I don’t think so Tim”
    - Al from Home Improvement, also Steve Carrell apparently.

    • was hoping no one else caught that, so I could make a similarly witty comment. Richard Karn is currently playing and replaying this “reference” for his unimpressed, bearded kids.

      They reacted similarly when he boasted how “hep” and “neat” it was when J. Peterman replaced him on the Fued.

  14. Any movie where Zach Galifianakis is wearing a faux turtleneck is okay to me!

  15. Maybe the twist is that Jeff Dunham is said schmuck?

    • Twist? He’s definitely one of the schmucks. Like I’m pretty sure the guy who is married to a ventriloquist’s dummy is not one of the higher-ups at whatever company where Paul Rudd works.

        • …except, there’s a 90% chance that the “shmucks” end up saving the day or end up being better people in their souls or end up teaching everyone a very important lesson. In which case, we’re supposed to walk away from the movie thinking: “maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on Jeff Dunham.” No thank you, movie. No thank you.

          • So there’s a 10% chance that the schmucks are utter losers and worse in every way. That would be the more interesting way to do it if just for the surprise factor.

            The schmucks are idiots, embarrassing, and as it turns out, manipulative bastards too. Thank goodness we’re not them. *roll credits*

      • i thought Unicorn Power meant that the whole movie is a farce and is the “Dinner” and that Jeff Dunham is the “Schmuck” of the movie. right?

    • My only consolation is that Jeff Dunham probably doesn’t know we’re laughing at him, not with him.

  16. “I dont’t know about this one. This has the fat guy from The Hangover, that dude from the show about the office and that guy who was in the movie with the dude from How I Met Your Mother, but I’m not sure its going to be good… what, by the director of Meet the Fockers? Sold!” – America

    • I would have been guilty of calling her “Mel from Flight of the Conchords.” -One toe in the mainstream, I guess

  17. I like to think they tricked Jeff Dunham tby sending him a casting brief saying “Really talented, charming ventriloquist” and what we see in the trailer there is him trying his hardest.

  18. The Jermaine Clement tag is a cruel, cruel tease.

  19. this looks funny

  20. All it took was quite literally one second of Jeff Dunham to ruin this movie trailer. As they say in France Jeff Dunham is “el idiota” which is Spanish so it’s weird that they say it in France, but they do.

  21. This looks funny, especially the parts where ugly people behave differently than me and my normal peers do.

  22. Between the case of the loves Paul Rudd gives me and the case of the major sads Jeff Dunham gives me, I’m just a ball of confused emotions right now.

  23. fuckin miracles all up in this bitch

  24. EEEk. Steve Carell went all One Hour Photo in this one. I can’t even look at him. Scariest hair tint of 2010, for sure.

  25. Looks like SOMEbody graduated from Prof. Sandra Bullock’s Hair Color Humor course at the Comedy Academy with a 4.INFINITY GPA!

  26. Steve Carrell is pretty much just playing Michael Scott with orange hair and a penchant for Christian-themed taxidermy. And I love Paul Rudd, but he’s picking terrible roles for himself lately. Can Tim BE any more boring? — Bandler Ching

  27. I really like Le Diner des Cons but French is my thing so whatever.

  28. Check out the prominent placement of that new iPod nano, now with video!

  29. …I wondered why I was getting major deja vu from that trailer. I thought that maybe seeing all those people mashed into one movie trailer was just messing with my head but then I remembered a suppressed memory of watching Le Diner des Cons in a college french class. Worlds are colliding.

  30. haha, we watched Le dîner de cons in my French class just two weeks ago, and kept all discussing how and if an American version would at all work, ultimately deciding that no, it wouldn’t. Guess Hollywood showed us! But I can safely say without sarcasm that I will definitely be seeing this and probably laugh a lot (David Walliams! Zach Galifianakis!).

    Though that said, Gabe, the original is hilarious.

  31. what is zach galifianakus wearing, you know the orange thing he wears when he first meets paul rudd in the movie

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