AMC has announced that season 4 of Mad Men will begin airing in July. Waiter, a round of high fives for me and my WHITE MALE friends.

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  1. Thank God VGum is back online! I almost had to interact with people face to face!!!

  2. This blog has been archived or suspended. – I guess Season 4 really is one for the History books ..because of archiving, no

  3. Finally, a season that Tom Cruise can watch.

  4. I’m black, and I love this show…does this mean I’m going to black people Hell*?


  5. I hope they spend more time on the biz side and less time on the marital infidelity side. I love the Glengarry asshole biz aspect of the show and hate the soap opera who is cheating on which lady aspect. Also love the Edward Hopper esque artsy look of the show too

    • I think that’s what made the first season so great. Viewers were taken into this business world that they were unfamiliar with, but as the seasons progressed it devolved a bit into Desperate Housewives territory. I’m really looking forward to where they go with Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

  6. LLMMT (Ladies Love Mad Men Too)!!

  7. Waiter, a round of fainting couches for me and my WHITE HOUSEWIFE friends.

  8. “If you advertise, they will come.” -MM4 Tagline

  9. I just hope none of your white male friends are GAY.

  10. If Connie doesn’t get his fucking Hilton on the moon this season I’m done watching.

  11. Hooray! It seems wide open for almost any storyline now that Don and Bets are separated. I’m hoping there’s less soap opera stuff and more business stuff. Can’t wait to see what happens with the new company.

    I really liked Kinsey and Ken, though. So i hope we get to see what happens with them, too

  12. I’ve been watching second and third seasons and I’m getting really giddy for this!

    It seems like they’ll delve into Vietnam this season, I wonder if we’ll see some Asian people for the first time in series’ history.

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