A young man named Lin Yu Chun, competing on a Chinese reality show called Super Star Avenue, performed a rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” that was really quite impressive. Now, I am not sure what the market is like these days for chubby non-English-speaking male Chinese nationals with an eerie ability to channel the former glories of recovering American black female crack addicts, while wearing bowties, but I am sure that this kid is definitely one of the top 3 Industry Leaders! Of course, it is still hard to tell if he is the new Susan Boyle or the new Filipino Horse Lady, but one thing is for sure: he is definitely someone doing a curious singing thing on the Internet!

Yup. (Via JustJared.)

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  1. I really want to make a crack about Whitney Houston’s past drug history, but I won’t.

    • (making) crack(s) is whack

    • Living in Atlanta, I’ve heard some great stories about Whitney Houston. One time she brought a little tiny dog into an auto shop, which was running around the waiting area yipping. When her car was ready and she was about to leave, she refused to admit that the dog was hers. The people at the garage were trying to get her to take it with her, and she started cursing and shrieking and yelling, “That ain’t my dog!” The dog’s license tag proved that it was her dog, so they took it and put it in her car. She drove away pissed off and still bitching about it but with the dog.


  3. That’s it, I have finally seen everything the world has to offer. Good bye.

  4. I always knew William Hung had it in him.

  5. All joking aside: That was beautiful.

  6. I thought I was being really innovative with my Lego haircut… but I’ve been outdone AGAIN:

    No Blago.

    • I wish I could give your comment two upvotes: one for the joke before the perfectly complementary image, and one for the little zing! following it.

  7. I experienced a lot of different emotions.

  8. You don’t take on that song unless you have the chops. That kid has them, but they are just hidden beneath 30lbs of wonton soup and 40lbs of pork fried pork.

  9. If ‘Glee’ were more like this, I’d probably enjoy it.

  10. Music is a universal language, and I just had a Good Will Hunting hug from this stellar performer, in the privacy of my office cubicle.

  11. I see the national ability to copy all sorts of manufactured goods has now extended to artistic performances. (Yes warden, I am now ready to enter my cell in race jail).

  12. I’ve played this video game. All the other girl (girl?) needs to do to defeat him is a roundhouse kick-Hadouken fireball combo.

    (That is, incidentally, also how to defeat Whitney Houston in real life.)

  13. I’m impressed, though I wonder how much of the artistry of the song came from coyping Houston’s style. Regardless, that kid can sing!

  14. I’ve got chills! I’m this Chinese Randy Jackson!

    and this Chinese Simon Cowell:

    I’m even this Chinese Paula Abdul!

    He just nailed it!

  15. That’s how I imagine myself sounding when I try singing this song. I am clearly delusional.

    Damn, not only could he hit those high notes, he could hold them!

  16. I loved Chinese Randy Jackson at 2:27

  17. this kid is destined for internet fame, maybe with a little pseudo-real-interviewed-on-the-bonnie-hunt-show fame mixed in.

  18. It’s just nice to see something decent on Chinese television other than Hitachi’s Super Fun Time Anime Rape Force.

    • Wouldn’t that be Japanese you racist? Just kidding about the racism part, anyone who likes rodents in pirate hats can’t be a racist

      • I would point out that there’s nothing racist about suggesting a Japanese rape cartoon be shown on Chinese television, but then we’d just be arguing about Japanese rape cartoons, and I’ve done enough of that today.

        *haughtily adjusts pirate hat*

  19. I wish I could upvote this blog post x infinity

  20. “Flawless Victory”
    -Shang Tsung

  21. Uh, that would be Dolly Parton you bunch of IDIOTS! Love you.

    • The Chinese television show properly credited it! Our boy up there was singing it in the style of Whitney Houston, and that’s all right!

    • Raisins, That as going to be my rant as well, but clearly this was the Whitney version (you can tell from his face)….Though Dolly be making some serious bank! Woot! Royalties!

      • I refuse to succumb to “that was Whitney’s Version”. BS! If someone covers a song it’s the person who wrote the song’s version, not the other person who covered the songs version BS. Oh, wait, I don’t care. Is this Stereogum? Where am I?

  22. I was really hoping his opponent would have been a heat seeking turtle shell.

  23. It would be right nice if Dolly Parton (who wrote the song) invited Chun to come sing at DOLLYWOOD for the summer!

  24. needs more scrolling letters

  25. First you hack the Dalai Lama’s e-mail account; now you steal the Six Flags guy’s outfit? Knock it off, China!

  26. i159.photobucket.com/…/ Johnz24/fatty-1.gif

  27. Guess I got that wrong. Can’t downvote myself.

  28. when this guy squints he looks Chinese

  29. I wonder what it means that I had goosebumps the entire time he was singing? Probably that he’s my boyfriend.

  30. The final boss of the show? He has to battle the real Whitney, who is coincidentally dressed in one of those fat, rubber sumo suits. It’s as if he has to battle himself to reach his destiny. Anyone else get how deep this post is?

  31. Yep, definitely the next Susan Boyle.

  32. This is totally unrelated but Da Cake Eatur liked a link on my facebook. Weird.

  33. I just googled the Filipino Horse Lady and I don’t think I’ve ever had such a sense of national pride.

    I threw up in my mouth a little.

  34. After the summer olympics I only trust a chinese child as far as I can through him

  35. First off, my parents watch this crap ALL THE TIME. Every time I visit home, I end up wanting to jam chopsticks up my nostrils to prevent the inevitable aneurysm. The worst thing about this video is the only thing I understood from it is xiǎo (small) and pang (fat). In other words, the only Mandarin I still understand involve my harsh insults from my parents (i.e. my porkly adolescent stature). I’m pretty sure if the Whitney Houston kid was described as a “chicken shit, big ear’d, twinkie [yellow on the outside, white on the inside] who needs to stop living the devil life”, I would have understood that too.

  36. his haircut is SO silly, it’s overpowering.

  37. Everybody Yu Chun tonight.

  38. I’m SUPER bummed that they didn’t show his opponent’s rebuttal performance afterwards. Sure, he killed it, he sung her into submission, but that girl at least deserves the opportunity to give it her all and stand up for herself.

  39. The scary part is that, now Whitney’s voice is shot, she might actually hire him to sing while she mimes at her shows… listen to this with your eyes closed and tell me I’m not onto something here…

  40. I find it ridiculous that I am currently in China and cannot see this video because of censorship. Boooo!!!

  41. Bruce Leeroy Orbison strikes again!

  42. is this real life?


  44. That gave me chills down my back bone- was absolutly beautiful

  45. Well… this young man surely can sing. But one thing needs to be clarified, this is a show from Taiwan. So technically, it’s a Taiwanese reality show.

  46. Lin Yu Chun is the next Robin Thicke for me……Welcome Mr. Chun you have stole my heart with that beautiful voice………MUAH….I wish you success with your future in music…..you’ve got it!!!

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