True story: I sleep with a baseball bat next to my bed, because I hate robbers and ghosts. But I am seriously considering getting one of these instead. Just try and get my stuff, BIRDS and/or YARN! (Via Arbroath.)

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  1. It has begun.

  2. apparently this cat did not get the memo. NO standing until 2012!!!!!

  3. Cats will never stop being the best thing the internet has to offer.

  4. I bet this cat can’t read a book!

  5. I knew the next time a four legged animal evolved and began walking upright the internet would be all over it first. Good Luck, Felis Erectus!

  6. You mean you hate Boner Ghosts

  7. It took a lot of training, but I finally was able to get my cat to stop sitting around doing nothing all the time and start standing around doing nothing all the time.

  8. I think I’m just going to stick with my lazer cats for protection, thank you very much.

  9. Not to be outdone, Kat Stacks said she’s been standing on 2 feet for years and that this cat is a bitch. Also, Bow-wow is cool and tried to fix shit with her.

  10. I guess I’ll have to actually buy all the Leprechaun movies now

  11. Oh please, this French cat would pussy (ha!) out of a real fight before you could say “le meow”. Our U.S. American cats would win any freedom fight.

  12. I just want to put a little pair of pants and a bowtie on that cat. Possibly a little tiny bowler hat, too.

  13. Hi Mom, I met this new guy. On the one hand he decorates his apartment with Grand Theft Auto posters; on the other, his cat stands on two fucking feet!

  14. People that think a Grand Theft Auto poster is appropriate art for the living room either don’t deserve a cat that can stand on 2 feet or do deserve another bong load.

  15. They can stand now?? What’s next….proper grammar? Lolhumanz?

  16. Why is there no keyboard in front of this cat?

  17. This cat video would have been really impressive if I hadn’t seen the pic of the snowboarding lemur…

  18. I interrupted my easy listening station for 52 seconds of a cat looking out a window and I liked it.

  19. The day cats develop opposable thumbs we’re all in serious trouble.

  20. George Orwell foresaw this: “Four legs good, two legs bad.”

  21. aaaaargh! I just hit my monthly broadband cap!! Which means dialup speed for me!! Which means no Youtube! And what happens the moment I hit it? There is a video of a cat standing up. What happens in this video? Someone paint me a picture. Is it as beautiful as I imagine?

  22. He’s attending to cat business. Whatever cat business may en(tail),

    • I picture him wearing a tie, carrying a briefcase, and then throwing coffee in his secretary’s face since she only gave him one sugar

  23. I like that the name of this video has to clarify that it is original. This means there are copy cats out there….

    • (raises hand) “I Get It!”

    • Upvote just for the Rejected Avatar. First time I saw it was at the Spike and Mike Festival ’01. By 2003 I owned the specially ordered dvd from Hertzveldt’s website. Money well spent.
      I am a consumer whore!
      (I was also outraged when Poptarts started an ad campaign ripping off Rejected- assholes)
      “Ooh, Herzveldt’s going for that ‘anti-marketing- dollar. That’s a huge market.”

  24. The craziest part is if the radioactive material decays then the Geiger counter will release the poisonous gas but the cat will be both alive and dead until fckjulien1000 uploads the next video omg omg omg

  25. awww, it thinks it’s people.


  27. I wish I had more upvotes to give to all of this.

  28. the saddest is when he raises his little paw just an inch (as if to reach outside and grab those birds) and then lowers it in defeat.
    He is confronted with a harsh reality, that despite his best efforts to act like a human, he will never truly be one. He will never know the pleasure of a bike ride in the park. He will never know the warmth of true love. He won’t know any of these things. Not until he can open that window.

  29. yeah… I’m pretty sure that’s just Warwick Davis in a costume…

  30. fake and gay

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