People’s first loves are important. It’s an exciting and memorable time in a young person’s life as they experience new emotions for the very first time and enter into a purely adult relationship with another human being. People’s first loves are also FUCKING BORING. No one cares about your first love! Let me put it this way: it is boring and painful to hear someone talk about their first love when they are someone that you know really well and care about and in whom you have a genuine emotional stake in their happiness. So you can only imagine how boring and painful it is to watch a make-believe first love between two badly drawn fictional characters. HINT: very boring and very painful.

Down to You is basically the (500) Days of Summer of 2000. Which is an apt comparison. Because you know what else was terrible? (500) DAYS OF SUMMER!

Down To You is about two 19-year-olds in a boring, shitty relationship. The end.

Seriously, that is what this movie is about. It claims to be about “first love,” but really it’s just about two white kids in college who meet each other in the student lounge, start having sex in a dorm room, eventually break up, and eventually–YEAH, RIGHT–get back together. I guess they have some adventures along the way? I know that they get into a HILARIOUS drunk driving accident.

HAHAHHAHA. Sometimes in a relationship the funniest things can set you off! Oh, and don’t forget about the pregnancy test. Classic. LOL FIRST LOVE! But mostly it is just them in a dorm room. COOL MOVIE.

This is the opening scene of the movie:

Woof. You know how it is when you go to a coffee shop and can’t help but smile at all the couples in love because it reminds you of how you were in love in college one time? Also, if you could see the baggy-crotched dockers and wrinkled button downs that Freddie Prinze Jr. wears throughout this movie, he should not be talking about anyone’s shoes. And it is all downhill from there. Here is when Freddie Prinze Jr. and Julia Stiles first meet. This is literally the SECOND scene of the movie:

Yikes! What magnetic chemistry! I was worried while watching this last night that my TV would MELT from the HEAT (SARCASM). I’m not sure if I have ever seen two people in a movie together who looked less comfortable with each other. I guess there was the rape scene in Irreversible. But even then, only ONE OF THE PEOPLE seemed miserable. I will give this movie some credit, though, it was a pretty realistic depiction of a college romance between two 19-year-olds. Which is to say that it was awkward, and boring, and the timing was all off, and no one seemed to know what they were doing, and you never really understood why they liked each other, and when they broke up you were kind of glad.

Also, is there a less interesting age than 19? I was actually just talking to someone about Gossip Girl last week and why I am basically definitely for sure going to stop watching after this season: because the reason I started watching in the first place was because it was a show about high school students. That is interesting and relatable in a way. But I don’t actually care what happens to them after they graduate. Who wants to watch a show about a bunch of rich 19-year-olds who don’t work or go to school? What? And this movie is the same: I don’t care about your college relationship. Because I know what is going to happen at the end.

Of course, in the movie version they get back together, which is somehow even lamer? Like, it would be lame to make a movie about a college relationship that inevitably ends, but at least it would be REAL. Now what are we even talking about? A fairy tale? WELL THEN PLEASE WAKE ME UP, I DON’T WANT TO DIE IN HERE. Speaking of dying, at one point Freddie Prinze Jr. tries to kill himself because he misses Julia Stiles so much by DRINKING SHAMPOO.

Down to You is filled with these kinds of nonsense plot devices and details. Like, two of Freddie Prinze Jr.’s college friends are porn stars? Right. COLLEGE! One of them is so good at being a porn star that he becomes really rich and famous? YES. It just seems like if you are going to try and make a movie about young first love, at the very least, make it about young first love ON PLANET EARTH. And if you are going to put a cotton candy machine in the background, FILL IT WITH COTTON CANDY.

The movie wants to be quirky and fun and fantastical, with the narrative soliloquies being one example, but how quirky and fun and fantastical is it REALLY for Freddie Prinze Jr. to imagine himself on an episode of The Man Show?

And what is THIS SHIT?

But even when it is not trying to be clever, and is just sticking to the most rudimentary of romantic cliches, even then it makes no sense. Take for example this classic moment:

Wow? Wow what? I know you are not saying wow about her JC Penny outfit. I know you are not saying wow because of her resemblance to a 47-year-old lesbian heading down to city hall to take part in the public city planning committee meeting to determine whether or not a Whole Foods will be approved for a land grant and zoning clearances. WOW.

Even the faces in this movie make no sense.

Now, in case you were wondering from what the movie takes its title, it is from this:

And to answer your follow up question, no, I have no idea what that is. It’s a book? That she made him? About their relationship? But she might have just painted a cover to a fake book and left all the pages blank? I don’t know why it’s called Down to You other than that the movie is called Down to You? Forget it, Jake, it’s GARBAGE TOWN.

The most surprising thing about Down to You is the all-star supporting cast. No joke. Look at these guys. Never forget these guys.

Rosario Dawson:

Selma Blair:

Zak Orth:

and a very young (too young?) Ashton Kutcher:

You all are responsible for this, actors, no matter how much you think people don’t remember. WE REMEMBER NOW!

To summarize, if I had to put into words how bad Down to You is, I would say “it is this bad.”

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  1. Dear Videogum Staff: I once again nominate the 2009 film Amelia, the biopic about aviatrix Amelia Earhart starring Hilary Swank and Richard Gere, for The Worst Movie of All Time. This is a truly awful film.
    The following gif serves well as a metaphor for my viewing experience of this film.

    The film begins and its horribleness is soon readily apparent. But I am stuck in the theater with a date!! What can I do??
    I seek to mentally flee the film. I close my eyes and run, run to a happy place to escape the terribleness of the film, but I couldn’t run fast enough, fast enough. I COULDN’T RUN FAST ENOUGH.
    So BAM, the film knocks me into a puddle of suck. Richard Gere is a disaster, Hilary Swank is wearing fake teeth and a bad wig! The plot makes no sense!
    I valiantly struggle to my feet, woozy, ready to flee again and from the other direction the dastardly film returns to knock me BAM into a puddle of suck again! Argh, director Mira Nair! Why must you be such a bad director?? HAVE YOU NO MERCY??? No you don’t. No you do not.

    I shall be here next week and every week with a similar message till this film’s inclusion is secure. Good day and thank you for your time.

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    • Whenever there’s a new Hunt for the Worst Movie of All Time, I now just scroll down to read these Amelia rants first, than read the post. And this one did not disappoint! Well done, werttrew, well done!

    • In solidarity, I will make my OWN pledge for Amelia. If this movie is not reviewed, I will name my FIRST BORN CHILD AMELIA. Seeing as I comment on Videogum, you have forever to get it done.

      • Yours is a noble vow, but a pledge I cannot except. This battle is not yours to fight! This movie is a burdern I must bear alone, one I must bear myself all the way to the fires of Mount Doom.

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        • Speaking of LOTR: ROTK, I watched the last hour or so on TV the other day and was thinking to myself that this movie has already aged poorly. Is this blasphemy or are you people with me here?

          I read the books as a child and again as a teen, I am not a super nerd fanboi but I do really hold this material close to my heart. When the third last film came out I was a freshman in college (18 at the time so I was not the least interesting age) and I’d like to think that my tastes haven’t changed a whole lot since then. I don;t think I’ve watched it for a couple years but there was a time when I considered it the greatest film of all time. I mean, it won like every non-acting award EVAR…. but I was seriously cringing while watching it.

          I understand if you NEVER enjoyed it but any other fans feel like this?

          • A friend forced me to read all the hobbit books when I was 26, took me about three months to drag myself through all 15000 or so pages ( is it more?) and I really didnt like it at all, but the movies were great and I honestly got a little emotional when the blonde girl decides to go fight. When she is about to kill the ring wraith guy and he says “the magic spell says no man can kill me” and she says “I am not a man!” and takes off her helmet and then cuts off his head. That was terrific. I teared up. True story, bro.

          • I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING! Like, everything you just said. First off, the sets and computer stuff seem super obviously, fake. It’s the way Avatar will be looked at in a few years, I guarantee it. Also, those movie killed all their careers, except Gandalf and the guy on Lost.

          • LOTR movies are still better than Avatar and the Star Wars prequels, combined!

          • What about viggo, Spaceprophet? He did A History of Violence, Eastern Promises, and The Road after LOTR

          • It did not age well. And I remember the three fifty billion endings did not bother me the first time and I thought everyone who complained about them was a lazy non-book-reader, but yeah… three fifty billion endings, guys. Pick one.

          • Spaceprophet –> Viggo has done very well outta that movie. Has has the New Zealand tourist industry!

          • Me too Steve Winwood. Me too. GRRL PWR.

            Also: I want a Fellowship of the ring t-shirt that says: All Shall Love Me And Despair!

      • Wait, so Godzilla Got Busy is not gettin’ busy?? Now I wonder what other lies have you told me. Are you even a Godzilla??

    • I saw this post LITERALLY as it was posted by Gabe. It was all fresh, and virginal, comment free. I knew Werttrew would nail it up with a bang up Amelia submission, though, and I resisted the OVERWHELMING Urge to write something ridiculous about Julia Stiles Pug-Ugly Fug Face, and usurp the top spot. I am very glad I did not.

    • Just about every week a woman I work with asks me if I’ve seen this. When I say I haven’t, she goes on about how much she loves the movie and how she loved how free spirited Amelia was and so on. And every time she suggests this movie to me, I can’t help but think of your constant campaign for this movie to end up on the WMOAT list.

    • I love you, Amelia-hater

    • I hope Gabe never reviews Amelia so we can see how many GIFs of children falling into puddles of water you can conjure up.

      Also, remember when NPR was promoting the tits out of Amelia? It always made me want to see Amelie for some reason.

    • I just like the idea of werttrew pre-writing this comment in Microsoft Word, placing it on the clipboard, and constantly refreshing Videogum so that ‘Submitting Amelia’ would secure the hallowed ‘first comment’ position in this post. This is dedication, people.

    • werttrew, didn’t you get married in 2009? I mean, you saw Amelia with a date, so… either you married her even after that experience (Stockholm syndrome?), or your wife is now reading this and thinking “WHAT date???”

  2. A rare example of a film whose porn parody was not only more entertaining, but more well written and acted.

  3. I remember when this movie came out on VHS (VHS!), but I never rented it (renting movies!) because I could tell from the cover that it looked terrible. When is Freddie Prinze Jr. not the worst?

    • not Summer’s Catch that’s for sure

    • I really like The House of Yes. So, then? (Not the worst because Tori Spelling is also in that movie. And yes, I still like it, I just don’t tell people in real life.)

      • House of Yes is awesome! Say it loud!

        • I agree in the awesomeness. I just like to avoid the conversation that goes like this:
          Random dude: “So…what is your favorite comedy?”
          Me: “The House of Yes.”
          RD: “I have never heard of that. Who is in it?”
          Me: “Parker Posey.”
          RD: “Who? Don’t know her. Who else is in it?”
          Me: Option A is to stare blankly at the dude trying to hit on me that doesn’t know Parker Posey and excuse myself or Option B: “Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Tori Spelling.
          If I choose Option B, RD usually goes for Option A.

          • Who do you know that doesn’t know Parker Posey? She was in that latest Superman *vomit* I hope you smacking him in the face with your VHS of Party Girl
            …that you carry around with you always.

            …in case you ever find a vcr.

          • Mr. Hausfrau, this is to you, though I can’t reply to you- Straight guys in Atlanta.

  4. I always thought Julia Stiles was incredibly weird looking, like an alien

  5. Wait! This movie starring Freddie Prinze, Jr is about white people?!?

  6. I am very sad that no space was given to acknowledge The Fucking Fonz being Freddie Prinze, Jr.’s dad and them having a cooking reality show where they break into people’s houses and cook dinner. I guess there is just too much in this movie that is the worst. See also: her name is Imogen.

    I hate this movie.

    • Oh my God and that scene where the fancy people make Freddie Prinze Jr sample wine and they’re all, “LOVE AND ILLUSION, WHICH IS WHICH?” and then he picks illusion because DUH even if he DID pick “love”, they could just say he still picked “illusion” and then he has to work on their stupid movie just because he doesn’t understand the stupid fucking game his stupid fucking friends made up?!

      Oh and what about when he makes friends with a spider? Or when Julia Stiles flat-out BUTCHERS “Let’s Stay Together”?!

    • I was going to add the same thing! The FONZ! IN YOUR HOUSE! COOKING YOUR FOODZ!

      Another point: they use cake to symbolize sex. If they buy cake, they’re getting laid, because that’s just what people do, right?

      I saw this movie on tv when I was home sick a few weeks ago. I think it made me sicker.

      • I am so scared to comment in this place, but I nominated this piece of shit, so I feel at home. I love you guys, and I hate my real friends. wertrew, why aren’t you my teacher?

  7. I’m pretty sure 19 year old college students do not buy eggplants.

  8. I wasn’t aware that Freddie Prinze Jr was the inspiration for Gwyneth’s bat-wing workout

  9. Wait a sec, howabout burying the lede that Gabe is going to stop watching GOSSIP GIRL!?!??!?!?

  10. Hey! I love (500) Days of Summer! Take that back!

  11. For my first ever nomination, I nominate:

  12. First eggplant. We’ve all been through it. It can make you do some pretty crazy things. We first met in this supermarket we used to hang out at. It sure looked great that night.

    • You know this movie is bad when everyone just wants to talk about the eggplant cameo! Give that eggplant the Oscar!

    • Yet, as the days went by, the eggplant and I drifted apart. We didn’t spend time together like we used to, communication was almost non-existent. It all led to a confrontation on our three week anniversary over dinner. I called the eggplant out for doing nothing all day, just sitting around, deteriorating right before my eyes just like our relationship. I asked, begged for the eggplant to come back to me, but its silence said it all. A few weeks later, I saw the eggplant, laying in a garbage can, living in filth with a banana peel and a copy of the film “Down To You”. Although it hurt seeing the eggplant with another, I’ll always cherish the time we spent together.

    • I would watch him bemusedly toss an eggplant all day rather than watch him hacky sack and recite painfully on-the-nose poetry, as he did in She’s All That.

  13. I sat here and sat here trying to think of something to type besides GOD I JUST HATE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH.

    But I couldn’t think of anything.

    • I’m having the same reaction. I in fact forgot that I had ever seen this movie until I read this, and now it’s ALL coming back to me. And, one again, I find myself complete fixated on the whole cake=sex thing that I think they thought was quirky and fun? But really, who can eat that much cake? Imagine the pressure of having to consume an ENTIRE cake EVERY TIME you get laid. Every time. And then the cake becomes a substitute for emotional intimacy and so there’s a lot of cake and then no cake and through it all NO ONE GETS FAT.

      How fixated am I on the cake? I read this like 4 hours ago, and have been quietly stewing, and had to return to comment because I just need someone to HEAR me.

  14. Julia Stiles is a pancake face.

  15. Well, I for one am glad that Freddie Prinze Jr’s reign of terror as a movie star is over. Thankfully, all actors headlining movies nowadays are full of talent and charisma.

    *looks at ticket stub for Clash of The Titans on desk*

    Son of a bitch :(

    • CotT was pretty bad, wasn’t it? I saw that and How To Train Your Dragon this weekend.
      Paid $15 for Clash. 3-D glasses. High-end theater. Terrible.
      Saw How To with a gift pass. No 3-D. low-end theater. Amazing.

      I wish I could reverse the settings of how I saw those films. I would have gladly paid $15 to see How To… in 3-D in a classy theater. Clash tho? NOT WORTH IT.

      *Note: I’m not happy paying $15 for seeing a film in general. For $15 I want a copy of the film when I leave the theater.

    • okay that movie sucked, but io was hot.

  16. i would like to nominate from hell, starring johnny depp as a drug addled investigating jack the ripper, and heather graham as a prostitute investigating whether or not she’s going to get eviscerated. i’m fairly proud and/or ashamed that i did not walk out of the theater while viewing this astoundingly bad masterpiece.

    • Heather Graham is the worst…but she works it. I can’t figure out how she is still in things.

      • she doesnt work that much really. shes like 10 seconds away from being stunt casting on a tnt drama. heather graham as the new sex crimes attorney and former spy! will she be able to outlive her past? can she save those russian teenagers? did you see how we were able to get this once famous person on our basic cable show?

        • I saw her in a Britcom a few (several?) years ago….playing the hottest girl in the room-type again. … I can’t remember the name of it… i like the show but what like, wtf is that bitch doing there?

          • Are you thinking about Peep Show? That was actually Rachel Blanchard who also did the Alicia Silverstone role from Clueless when it went on to be a TV show. She was also Sally on Flight on the Conchords, playing the girl that the song “most beautiful girl in the room” was being sung about. She does look a lot like Heather Graham, but she’s younger, and Canadian. And plays whores less often.

            Also, From Hell is yet another reason Alan Moore hates people making movies out of his stuff. At least it isn’t League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

      • So she’s been an old-timey prostitute, a rollerskating porn star, and a Vegas stripper? Glad she hasn’t been typecast!

  17. The Quiet. PLEASE add The Quiet to your list. Because it is THE WORST. Deaf girl who isn’t really deaf moves in with some family she doesn’t know after her Dad dies, and finds out that the father is molesting his daughter, and it just gets worse from there, and it has Edie Falco topless, and that is enough of a reason to hate any movie, but it’s not even the worst part!

    • Are you copying me, Havokz? I have twice now advocated doing The Quiet. Hope you’re not trolling me, troll

      • No way, I actually registered for this site solely for the purpose of nominating The Quiet. If a movie is bad enough, I suppose it’ll get nominated multiple times. And The Quiet is for sure bad enough.

  18. Wow, and (500) Days of Summer advertised on your website. Inconsiderate.

  19. I hated this movie when I was nine and had no taste. THAT’S HOW BAD THIS MOVIE IS.

  20. Good point on the being 19 thing. Once TV shows leave high school, it’s like, what’s the point, I don’t care what happens to college aged Kelso and Steve Sanders, go back to high school where things like charity casino’s and lockers still existed.

    But if we’re including movies like this (college love stories(?) with no name actors), you have to do Loser. Nothing beats Loser in being the worst. It’s the best at it.

    Also when are we finally going to get an All-WMOAT Team, I’m sure Robin Williams and Travolta are first ballot members, but I’m hoping Greg Kinnear can sneak in, maybe Nicole Kidman as starting point guard.

  21. if i had to choose between actively watching this movie again and breaking the dvd into pieces and digesting it, that would be a tough decision. considering how many things i am completely willing to waste my life on (abc family channel, this website, staring at my wall imagining the perfect taco), that is saying something.

  22. Music nerd alert on me: I was really distraught to hear Cibo Matto in the background of that jukebox nightmare scene.

  23. Oh Skuhdandy

  24. Also, Factory Girl for WMOAT.

  25. If Sugar Ray’s discography procreated with a glass of soy milk it would be this movie.

  26. I’m nominating You Me And Dupree since it was terrible

  27. From the 10 minutes of it I caught on TV yesterday, I’d say that “Mona Lisa Smile” has a legitimate claim to the WMOAT title, and I hereby officially nominate it.

    Seriously, Julia Roberts is at the helm of a whole classroom full of the worsts (Kirsten Dunst, Julia Stiles, Maggie Gyllenhaal, et al) talking about ART. These girls think they already know about art, but here’s the thing: Julia Roberts CHALLENGES what they believe (about art) and BLOWS/OPENS THEIR MINDS.

  28. Ew. This movie sucks. I remember watching it when it came out when I was in middle school (I guess?) and still enchanted by college, but this just left me feeling like, huh? That’s what college is like? Well, if that’s what college is like then college is dumb. Then I went and crimped by hair. Probably.

  29. I once tried to hit on a girl at a jukebox, but given the way this movie turned out, I’m happy she ignored me. I mean my life is not the greatest, but at least it’s not a trainwreck like “Down to You”. Way to go me!

  30. What if Videogum is my first love? Can we talk about first loves in that scenario? Because it might be true.

  31. I watched Observe and Report last night. Let’s throw her in the ring too. Worse than Freddie Prinze Jr.s Zach Morris impression in that first clip.

    • oh man. i actually really, well, not LIKED that movie, per se, but i appreciated it. maybe because i know way too many delusional male weirdos like seth rogan’s character? i also liked the horribly fine line they walked between funny and fucked up.

      • I wanted to like it so much, but it felt like they were just having the characters yell “fuck” every other sentence in an effort to shock. And his mom’s an alcoholic! I couldn’t shake the feeling that they somehow were trying too hard and phoning it in all at once. It was like a very very poor man’s Cable Guy.

        • Cable Guy is a grossly underrated movie, imo.

          • I’m resisting the urge to log out, log back in, and upvote this again. Man, I love that movie. Whenever I check my phone and there are no messages, to this day I say “nobody loves you” in my head.

          • cable guy is definitely underrated. i was in maybe 9th or 10th grade when it came out, and i went and saw it in the theaters, and i haaaated it. and for years avoided it and considered it to be just dumb and bad. it wasn’t until i was out of college that i rewatched it and realized how much i loved it. and i do see the parallel between cable guy and observe and report, except in my mind observe and report actually drew a more believable portrait of a deeply unlikable and fucked up person who you as the viewer have oddly and uncomfortable moments of sympathy with.

          • @shakeyourtail- whenever I turn on my mobile phone, my welcome screen says “The Future is NOW!”

        • in case it’s not clear – I agree. Cable Guy is a great movie. OaR is not.

  32. First Love,Last Love,
    Only Love, It’s only love.

  33. I again nominate Higher Learning for failing to grasp life. It had Tyra Banks…..

    • “What is…higher? What is …. learning? What is….higher learning?” – street poet in that movie.

    • Thirded. I couldn’t help but laugh at how Michael Rapaport was so easily swayed to white supremacy and how there was an entire song about Tyra Banks’ character that repeated her name over and over. I love you Deja!

  34. I feel like we missed an opportunity for another Freddie Prinz Jr movie, Head Over Heels. Such a classic!!!

    Monica Potter is a art restorer and use FPJ face to “fix” a classic but damaged painting.

    I had to look this up on instant viewing on Netflix account, but it was worth it.

  35. Ugh, this movie. I was wondering if you’d mention the shampoo drinking part, because it’s the worst. Seriously Freddie, that’s what alcoholics do when you take away all their options, not how people kill themselves.

    This is one of my friend’s favorite movies. She also dragged me to see Elizabethtown and Valentine’s Day. So obviously, Valentine’s Day deserves to be in the Hunt as soon as it’s available on DVD. I’ll keep you posted.

  36. These two screencaptures perfectly summarize Julia Stiles’ and Freddie Prinze Jr.’s respective acting choices in every single movie they’ve ever made in their entire careers.

  37. I know it’s too recent to be considered for nomination but out of principal (NOT TO START A FLAMEWAR) I submit: /Users/adanmagana/Downloads/avatar-movie-poster.jpg

  38. I would like to nominate Hackers. Angelina Jolie and Matthew Lillard are really the only two recognizable names, but I think that the overall suck of the movie will make up for the relative lack of star power. The best part is that the “technology” depicted was almost immediately outdated. And a special mentioned should be made of “The Plague,” a character so bad that a new hunt should be created – The Hunt for the Worst Movie Character of All Time.

    • You know he’s a badass because he rides a skateboard, and in one scene even NEXT to his limo

    • Hush now, some of us consider Hackers a “cult classic” and a delight.

      • I love watching this movie, but I don’t think I’ve seen a couple more uncomfortable than Lorraine Bracco and Fisher Stevens

    • Who the heck is Angelina Jolie?


    • But this is my FAVORITE MOVIE. I literally have a Hackers poster on the wall next to my desk. Unironically.

      And both volumes of the soundtrack.

      “Get over the 90′s”–You*, to me.

      *Turns up Toad the Wet Sprocket*
      “Sorry, I can’t hear you”–Me

      *This is more of a collective ‘you’ than a ‘you=sinkfloridasink’. I live in Florida, so we are friends, kinda?

      • I nominate it knowing full well how much I enjoy the movie, yet how terrible it actually is. But I also love a lot of terrible movies, and not for their cinematic genius (a sampling of some of the movies I actually OWN: Drumline, Stomp the Yard, 3 out of the 4 Fast and Furious movies – one of my favorite “genres” of movie is “Black Inspirational,” white guy that I am). The soundtrack to Hackers is pretty fun, though. I’m not saying I didn’t get down with Prodigy’s Voodoo People back in the day.

    • Watch out, Zero Cool could be hacking you right now for saying that (rollerblades aren’t cheap).

      Mess with the best, die like the rest.

    • Oh god. I rewatched Hackers a couple months ago, and those are some of the lamest characters ever created. But still… Angelina Jolie has never looked hotter than she did in that film with her short hair, and her neoprene shirts. Johnny Lee Miller had some pretty amazing HIGH TECH clothing too. Hackers is really a terrible film but I love it anyway.

  39. Gabe I am nineteen years old and I demand an apology

  40. Yeah I’m going to have to disagree about 500 Days of Summer. It has my girlfriend Zooey, dancing, and laughs, making it awesome.

  41. I don’t think it’s been done yet, but I vote for The Ugly Truth. Gerard Butler and Katherine Hiegl are insufferable on their own, together, they make me want to kill myself.

    • ugh…I watched this because it took place in Sacramento – it made me hit this city even more – also she should have at least boned the wicked hot dude before she broke up with him….amiright, ladies?

      • ….hate – hate this city, although I did punch a building after watching it bc it was so awful

      • Hi, kimbo slice. Sorry I haven’t noticed you before but I am now so w/e. Anyway, awesome user name. Please continue to enjoy Vigeogum.

        - Monsters

        P.S. I went to Sacramento once and it is indeed a #hellhole.

        P.P.S. I hope no one fucks with you:

  42. Chasing Amy THANK YOU. I got in more arguments when this came out with people who thought it was so awesome. I have never wanted two protagonists to die horrible violent deaths as much as I did watching Chasing Amy.

  43. I can really relate to this movie because I am always throwing my wooden airplanes into produce and then laughing at the perplexed faces on the various shoppers.

  44. Her acting skills communicate best in poster-form. My favorite poster for all of High School.

  45. Can I just say I am SO excited about Chasing Amy next week? In my bottom 5 movies for sure. Go Gabe!

    these clips were awful though. Glad I never sat through it. It makes me worry that we’re going to kill Gabe with movie badness, you know? Sorry Gabe.

  46. Dear Gabe, “Down to You” is a Joni Mitchell song. I know this because my first love was a Joni Mitchell fan, and thus forced me to watch this movie when it came out. One of the reasons we have not spoken in many, many years.

  47. Zac Orth is pretty rad, so I’ll give him a pass. Only this one time though, Mr. Orth!

    Also I will suggest (again) for the hunt: Mission to Mars and Antitrust. Freddie Prinze Jr. also reminded me of another HORRIBLE movie…Wing Commander.

  48. If I ever meet someone who walks through life with a wistful smirk like these two (about an eggplant? really?!), I will feel a moral obligation to punch them. And I’m pretty much a pacifist.

  49. i actually like (500) days of summer, its in my ipod

  50. I’m kind of let down with this WMOAT nominee. No fault to Gabe’s writing, but there wasn’t any material to work with. I’m sure this movie is in fact terrible but its not like anyone else out there had delusions of it being otherwise. Its a teenage romantic comedy from the early aughts and it has all the lameness that a product like that implies. I’d file that under acceptably bad. WMOAT is supposed to be something more, a place to expose films that are truly misguided in their belief of having created something worthy of praise. The ‘worst factor’ of Down to You is in the innocuous range for me.

    On that note I’m going to once again nominate The Invention of Lying. Its own ambition and sense of self importance is what makes the final product so frustratingly awful. A real deserving WMOAT nominee imo. Now can we cut back on nominating the merely lame, guys?

    • the misguided intentions of british humor for american audiences. HORRIBLE. it will make you hate everyone you love.

    • I agree with this notion, and while my initial nomination was downvoted for whatever reason – I think “A perfect getaway” fits in here as well. What would have been a perfectly fine B-Grade action film, instead obsesses itself with fitting in as many pointless pop culture references as possible – as well a hundred scenes where the main characters discuss things like film structure and red herrings (meta!). This is followed by a middle section where each character tries to out-monologue eachother with tales of their destructive pasts. Then at the end SPOILERS: we find out that the good guys were actually bad and that they were on crack the whole time. Review this.

  51. I really liked 500 Days of Summer =(

  52. I’ll admit I’m not a regular contributor to the videogum community and I may have missed something obvious to everyone else but could someone tell me why I won’t stay logged in? Even though I check off keep me logged in? I need help. Thank you.

    • It does the same thing to me too. :-/

      • This is a very annoying problem that until know I believed was a ‘just me’ thing. To whoever runs the tech side of videogum, please make it remember me, on average I have to sign in 2 or 3 times a day and if I don’t I can’t see up/downvote numbers (I know, tragedy). Anyways, it would be very cool if this was fixed or I was given tips on maybe running it on the right browser or something.

    • I have the same problem, but I figured the problem was relatively minor enough just to warrant a collective “ahem” so that the right people would eventually get around to fixing it.

  53. Now that I’ve returned to the fold I would like to once again start up my campaign for Home Fries.

    • This is pretty awful, but Luke Wilson was still hot in it so I’m torn. Although, if your main plot point includes a military helicopter used to “scare” a man who then has a heart attack…’re kind of asking for it.

  54. Please, please, PUH-LEEEEZE, The Blue Lagoon. Please.

  55. This is one of the best TWMOAT I’ve read Gabe. Thanks for the laugh tears. :)

  56. I’m still voting BELOVED for the hunt!
    (If you’ve seen this movie 1. you’ll agree with its nomination and 2. you’d get why I typed it like that.)

  57. Hello Gabe,
    This is my first nomination. I would like to nominate the film “A Perfect Getaway”, a murder/mystery/thriller with an unexpected TWIST! starring Steve Zahn, Milla Jovovich, Tim Olyphant and Nikki from Lost. I think it got a theatrical run. And that Steve Zahn, Milla Jovovich and Tim Olyphant kind of combine to make one collective, bankable A-List star. So it’s totally eligible.

  58. I just turned 19 about a week and a half ago, and all I could think was, “this is not interesting at all.” I didn’t realize I was consigned to a whole year of being uninteresting! That being said, I’d like to nominate Julie and Julia for The Worst Movie of All Time.

  59. This post reminds me of a time when I was young and in love. (You have to imagine that I am looking directly at the camera when I say this.) I was 19 and I’d just met this boy — sorry, MAN — who told me, apropos of nothing, really, that he loved female singers of various genres that didn’t really go together at all. You know. Cuz his mom used to spin. Which is totally a thing people say. So then he asked me my name. And I was like “Tanis.” And he gave me a strange look, because that is a not-very common name. So I told him the fascinating story of how my mom picked it out of a name book.

    The rest is bitter, angry, wrathful history. He works at a diner in my home town now, and every year, I go there and make him bring me breakfast because I am vindictive and hope that he dies a little inside every time I sit in his section. It’s starting to become sad, actually, and I’m starting to feel like Ben Affleck in that one scene in Good Will Hunting. I am starting to hope that his Matt Damon ass is just not going to be there to serve me runny eggs and extra crispy bacon.

    And that makes me think I’m losing my edge. So to sharpen it, I once again nominate The Love Guru, which is easily the worst Mike Myers movie ever made. Is it the worst movie of all time? Only Gabe knows for sure. And maybe Justin Timberlake. He probably knows. Because he was in it and his character’s name is Jacques ‘Le Coq’ Grande. Humour!

    • I passed out within 15 minutes of Love Guru. And I expected to be laughing so hard it hurts ( does that really happen), anyway I second that nomination. If they keep allowing movies like that to be made, I’ll end up narcoleptic.

  60. Best part of this week’s WMOAT “Next week: Chasing Amy.”

    This is the only movie in the line up so far that I own AND love… so I can’t wait for Gabe’s take… I know it’s going to be amazaballs.


  62. Good morning, Videogum Gabe.


    Best regards,
    Ms. Peas

  63. Anyone who thinks that a show about kids in college can’t be AMAZING hasn’t seen Felicity. Love that show, you guys.

  64. The Taking of Pelham 123
    Watch it, hate it.

    A sample Travolta quote: “You can lick my bunghole, motherfucker”

    I keep trying to nominate this and for whatever reason The Hunt seems to get posted when I am no where near a computer and thus my nomination gets buried under 250 comments. But I will keep pushing for it down here, 81 page down clicks from the top. It’s like the opposite of the Amelia campaign.

  65. I’m not sure if this fits in with the “rules”, per se, since the most recognizable actor is B-list at best, AND I have a feeling that no one EXPECTED it to be any good, but I’d like to nominate “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell”.

    Terrible, terrible, terrible.

  66. Someone has already nominated Marley and Me, right? Probably, but I’m doing it anyway.

    I watched this at the insistence of a friend getting a Masters in Film and Gender Studies (real thing, I guess) who offered it up as some kind of statement about the subjugation of women into traditional something or other, I stopped listening, but the point is that I did not watch it of my own volition. As just as I got up to leave, saying “I’m not watching one more minute of this” she said “WAIT. You have to wait for the next scene, because it is the worst.”

    And then, Marley and Me completely lost its shit and went into some “fast forward three years montage with hysterical voice over” nightmare sequence that…I can’t really describe it. It was one of the most terrible things I have ever seen, and I have notoriously bad taste in movies.

    And then I left. Mainly because I knew that the inevitable death of the dog (did the dog die?) would make me cry, and that movie didn’t deserve my tears.

  67. Julia Stiles looks like a cat with a pushed in face. You know what I mean.

  68. So I was looking forward to being 18. I’m 18 and it sucks. NOW I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO LOOK FORWARD TO? Thanks Down To You.

  69. I Hate Valentine’s Day with the Big Fat Greek Wedding chick has been on cable lately and it’s truly dreadful. Would make a good romantic comedies from Hell double feature with this film.

  70. “Forget it, Jake, it’s GARBAGE TOWN.” One in a series of Chinatown references, but this one is really choice. I giggle at thee, Gabe.

    Also, I nominate Disclosure. Again. Let’s do Amelia first, because I can’t outshine
    werttrew’s quality level and dedication.

  71. Not everyone has shitty/fruitless relationships in college, Gabe. chillpillz

  72. The Hunt, is my favourite film review online. But I beg of you Gabe, please review Bride Wars, it is truly painful, there is zilch humour yet it is advertised as a romantic comedy. And my friend dragged me to the cinema, at night, to watch it. He described it as ‘cute’ and ‘fun’. I should have known better. This is the same friend who’s favourite films include: Marley and Me; Hotel for Dogs; and Wild Child.
    I have never been the same, not to mention I passed out during the film, from what I can only describe as a form of self-preservation. Please Gabe. Please.

  73. As a girl who was teenaged in the year 2000, I will admit openly/on this anonymous internet forum that I always will be a little bit in love with Freddie Prinze Jr. I have since forgiven him for his part in Scoobie Doo and we’ve been going strong ever since. I’M NOT ASHAMED.

    • sigh, I wish I could still say i felt the same…but once they turned him was time for me to walk away. But if you’re going strong, I assume you watched his ‘series’ Freddy?

  74. nominate: FIREWALL, “starring” Harrison Ford and Paul Bettany.

  75. I nominate “Loser” starring Jason Biggs and Mena Suvari.

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