There are times in life when you stop and wonder at how you got here, marveling at the divergent paths and choices made along the way. Had you not missed the train, you might now be living in England, with brown hair, dating John Hannah. Instead, you have somehow become the Internet’s foremost watchdog for pop-cultural parodies of Juggalo culture. Such is life. You can spend the rest of your days wondering how you got here and wishing that maybe things had turned out differently, but it won’t make a lick of difference, and you better not let it get in the way of doing your duty and letting people know when a new Juggalo parody happens. The point is: on last night’s episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Master Shake threw a piece of cement off of an overpass, killing Paul F. Tompkins. Then he was haunted and taunted (HAUNTED AND TAUNTED!) by a Paul F. Tompkins angel, who forced him to become nicer, and do good deeds, to make up for his wayward past. In order to end his suffering and escape the wrath of the Paul F. Tompkins angel, Shake became a Juggalo. OBVIOUSLY:

Rest your case, Shaggy 2 Dope!

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  1. If Topher Grace guest stars on an episode of 30 Rock, my suspicions that Videogum is a front for the Illuminati will be confirmed.

  2. PFT FTW

  3. This really secured my love for a lot of things. Mostly Paul F. Tompkins and Shake. But also Insane Clown Posse. WHAT UP MY NINJAS?

  4. So the “F” stands for “Flames out of his appendages.”

  5. sliding doors ftw.

  6. You’d think PFT would be able to relax in the afterlife–loosen the tie, maybe a pair of jeans, but no. It’s a sign of his total professionalism that he’s still in a three-piece even when dead.

  7. when is the next movie review for wmoat?????????

    • To answer your query would only deprive you of the life-changing journey upon which you have already embarked by asking such trenchant questions. Keeping asking questions of life and you will discover so much more than the answers that you seek. Chase your dreams, Megan Park!

  8. i had a teacher in high school that I swear wore an ICP belt but I don’t think he realized it was an ICP belt because he was 50 years old and oblivious to everything. Trying to figure out if his belt buckle really did have the ICP logo on it forced me to stare at his crotch all year.

  9. Worlds are colliding!

  10. I’ve often wished for some Paul F. Tompkins news on Videogum! Two of my favorite things coming together = a good Monday.

  11. Why does that juggalo sound like Jason Mewes?

  12. I oft wished that my parents call me “Neal-zebub” at a younger age. However, my name is not Neal, so it makes sense now why they wouldn’t do it.

  13. a few months ago i went to an Insane Clown Posse themed party with a shirt that said “I see pee” but they didnt think that was funny so they painted my face against my will. Later that night I met a really cute girl who was hiding in a bush from the cops (there were no cops) and I got her number

  14. Let’s all stop this legal mumbo jumbo over who killed master shake and just take a trip down the tunnel of love.

    And when I say tunnel of love I mean the tunnel of doom.

  15. [IMG][/IMG]

  16. ok this episode totally makes fun of us. we all arent 14 yr old emos lol and we arent satanists either. and hell even at the end they didnt even get j an shaggys voices right!!! i wasted 10 mins of my life. mcl juggalos n lettes!!!! WHOOP WHOOP

  17. i think the episode is funny sammy the gerbil and his muffin adventure,
    it did kind of makes us look like we are all 14 but there are some lil ryda ninjas that really are fourteen
    shake was such a juffahoe in this episode
    wana say mmfwcl
    ‘down with tha clown till im dead in the ground’

  18. that was awesome how to i watch the full episode oh btw my name is neil so that was just epic! whoop whoop

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