These guys fighting is tearing me apart! (With laffs!)

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  1. wow…she just won. congrats.

  2. I’m surprised you can hear those upper registers at your age Gabe


  4. In my dreams, this happens with Fred, only in the end they both explode and when I wake up Fred has winked out of existence.

  5. I like how it goes from being cute to being horrifying very quickly–like children.


  7. This has no chance of not joining the Miley Cyrus Today Show Fail as video I watch that never not make me laugh (not enough double negatives in that sentence).

  8. So there’s an app for that.

  9. I had to stop watching this half way through. my skin started crawling, and I just got really freaked out by the whole thing and I still don’t feel quite right.

  10. I laughed waaaay too hard at that.

  11. Man, I can’t wait until David Cronenberg makes a movie about this.

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