Speaking of FRINGE SCIENCE, Splice trailer, you guys:

Plot synposis for the 1987 horror movie, The Kindred (from CHUD):

Dr. Amanda Hollins is a dying molecular biologist who asks her son, John, to fulfill her final wish that all of her experiments, including her “Anthony journals,” be destroyed. All that she’ll tell John about Anthony is that he’s his brother. What she doesn’t tell John is that Anthony is half of John’s DNA, and half sea creature. And Anthony doesn’t exactly have the best attitude. When he gets loose, the typical ’80s monster flick hijinks ensue.

Plot synopsis for the 2010 horror movie, Splice (from IMDB):

Elsa and Clive, two young rebellious scientists, defy legal and ethical boundaries and forge ahead with a dangerous experiment: splicing together human and animal DNA to create a new organism. Named “Dren”, the creature rapidly develops from a deformed female infant into a beautiful but dangerous winged human-chimera, who forges a bond with both of her creators. When she gets loose, the typical ’10s monster flick hijinks ensue.

FACT: flying chimera DNA is the new sea monster DNA. Also, “if we don’t use human DNA now, someone else will” is a really solid argument, and I hope the next line of dialogue is just her resting her case.

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  1. When do we get the 2010 version of Dune?

  2. I’m torn since the parable about the perils of the dangers of modern science is interesting, but I’m also a scaredy cat and that baby monster looks very frightening

  3. I’m pretty sure Elsa, Clive, and Dren are slang words the kids are using for drugs. Like, “Oh man, did you score some Elsa from your older brother?” and I’d be all “nah, but I found some sweet Clive in the park” and then a monster named Dren would eat us.

    This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the Anti-Drug Coalition.

  4. Man, being a parent is HARD.

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  6. I remember the day I found out I was half sea-creature. And adopted. I cried, I asked god, ‘Why?!”, and then I dragged a whaling ship down to my undersea cave palace.

    I’m still working my way through it, but every day gets a little easier.

  7. So…not to nickpick, but Adrien Brody looks like crap in this movie and for that reason (and not because I too am a scaredy cat) I will not watch this movie.

    Also: does “forges a special bond” mean she sexes on them?

  8. If direct-to-video psychological thrillers have taught me anything, the SECRET ENDING will be that the monster turns out to be a Nerd.

  9. Well, I WAS planning on using human DNA sometime this weekend for purposes of hybrid splicing experiments (y’know, good ol’ fashioned funtimes), but now that those guys did, forget it.

    Damn them for their immediate action on human DNA use.

  10. aww! that little baby monster is so cute! but then again, i really don’t like real babies so i am way more likely to find cgi monster babies adorable than actual babies.

  11. Is DNA splicing responsible for the monster hijinks, or is it bad parenting? Call me old-fashioned, but when my deformed human-chimera squid baby trashes its science lab nursery, IT GETS A SPANKING.

  12. Hi sorry someone’s going to have to explain this plot to me. “If we don’t use human DNA, someone else will.” Isn’t human DNA pretty accessible? As opposed to, I don’t know let’s say…CHIMERA DNA?!?! I’m so confused. I take this shit too seriously.

    • Well, “chimera” is actually the term for a genetic hybrid of sorts (and a mythological creature which itself was a mixture of various creatures, hence the term). When they say “human chimera,” they actually mean a human-animal hybrid (and really, they’re misusing the term in reference to genetics as it has a different meaning than an organism made of DNA from two or more different species, as it is used, I presume, in reference to the film). I haven’t seen the movie yet (dunno if I will) so I don’t know *which* animal’s DNA is spliced with human DNA, but certainly not an actual chimera (which doesn’t exist).


  13. Oh my god you guys, I saw this at Sundance and it is just as bad as you think! The science is ridiculous, the acting is awful, the characters are total douchebags, and nothing they do makes any logical sense. My theater burst out laughing at one of the most “dramatic” scenes. Towards the end it gets really, really disturbing in a way that makes me wish I could burn it from my brain. I wouldn’t even recommend hate watching it. Awwwfuuuuuul. If you want spoilers I’d be happy to tear it apart!

    I just had to get that off my chest.

    • I might be alone here, but I’d love for you to tell us the end!

      • Ok. so SPOILER ALERT people. Avert your eyes.

        This shit is crazy. So the little creature grows super fast, and it grows into an eerily pixie-pretty freak animal-human creature. And blondie secretly used her own DNA to create her. Right? In one of the pivotal scenes, Adrian Brody thinks he is in a porno and actually has (somewhat graphic, crazy) sex with the creature, who is hormonal as all hell. And Sarah Polley walks in on them and is like. what. the. fuck. They (FINALLY) decide that it’s all gone too far, and they need to put little Dren down. Only Dren dies. . .but she doesn’t, because the thing with these manufactured creatures is that eventually they turn into males (???). So Dren comes back from the dead as a freaky male monster. And then it RAPES Sarah Polley (who, I remind you, was the creature’s “mother” and also they share DNA). Adrian Brody stabs it, but before Polley can deliver the final blow, it kills Brody with its weird tail-spike. Sarah Polley kills it. But then it turns out she’s totally pregnant, and she agrees to have the crazy hybrid incest rape monster baby if her company pays her a billion dollars. For science!!!

        Needless to say I was highly, HIGHLY disturbed by the monster-rape. I mean, like rape in movies isn’t bad enough already, right?? I really think the director had some crazy fetish, because half the movie is people having graphic sex with a science monster. I wish I could scrub this movie out of my mind.

        Ok. I feel better now. I’ve been harboring ragey-hatred for that movie since January. I kind of can’t wait until it comes out so more people can rant with me about how awful it is!

        Hope I didn’t ruin everyone’s much anticipated movie-watching experience.

        • wow……that……I mean…I…what?

        • wait, what?

          Good gracious. I saw Splice at the Frightfest in Glasgow and i don’t remember THAT….though, that may have something to do with the mass intake of weed that weekend. Not that I smoked any, mind, just every single other person was…

          That said, the film I saw was BATSHIT crazy.

          • hmm. I was actually wondering if they were going to edit some of it for wide release. . .I guess worse things have been in movies, but it’s hard for me to picture a big studio not having a few objections. I’m interesting to see what the general response is to it when it comes out.

          • Thing is, the Frightfest was a week after Sundance, so unless they already had a seperate cut ready for Glasgow it probably was the same, and i’m talking pish.
            I do remember most of what you described though, just not the end bit a-la Polley being pregnent. I possibly forgot it due to being so utterly bored by it.

            Aye for sure, it’ll be interesting to see the general opinion by the mass public. My guess: Not Good.

    • well apparently I don’t understand this new-fangled Videogum picture posting so feel free to down vote the heck outta this one.

  14. Science’s newest miracle….is a mistake

    Adrien Brody’s newest movie……is a mistake

  15. “What was that?”

    “That was our careers…”

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