What a beautiful ceremony. CONGRATULATIONS, YOU TWO! (Via FourFour.)

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  1. “You wanna order some pizza?”
    “I do.”

  2. Now this is what I’m talking about!

  3. This acid is working perfectly. Highly recommend it.

  4. Oh man the little nose nuzzle warmed my heart.

  5. Why do all the puppets look like they were recently pulled out of a chuckie cheeses’ dumpster?

  6. However if two male mice want to marry each other smack them with a broom since they’re the brethren of Satan

  7. I don’t like how the cat is looking at that Lady Mouse at the end of the video. I was waiting for Arnold Schwarzenegger to pop out of the cat costume and yell, “And death does you part” and eat the Lady Mouse.

  8. Holy Ratrimony (“Boo!” “Sorry.”)

  9. I would expect a couple of church mice to be a little more traditional with their ceremony and vows.

  10. Why do both mice have neck beards?

  11. Mazel Tov!

  12. They probably paid out the ass for that wedding. Singing priests cost SO MUCH.

  13. I know when I think animal marriage with another animal presiding over the wedding, I think Dr. Laura.

  14. my comment is not really relevant to anthropomorfic animals but….

    i said that i would attempt to double upvote everyone’s comments in the nicholas sparks = douchebag post, and i actually was able to! i’ve found if i return to a post the day after it appears (after it has lost all relevance) i can upvote everything for a second time. i was wondering if anyone else is able to do this?

  15. Better than the time those two girls got married by a cup.

  16. *Paid for by the Family Research Council

  17. “Ahhh! This is what happens when you allow the gays to marry. What’s next, trees?” – The religious right

    “This isn’t real. Please hush.” – me and everyone else

  18. im sick of all this gay-rights propaganda

  19. Oh, I forgot about my favorite crazy religious children’s public access television program where mice get married by a cat. Thanks Gabe!

  20. Art Spiegelman’s all like, “Whaaaaat?”

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