PAH! Jon Lovitz is no Michael Cera (reigning king in the celebrity photobomb industry), and he lacks Will Ferrell’s sense of drama, but this is a pretty solid photobomb. I love how insanely boring the photo would have been without the Jon Lovitz. I mean, photos of two friends smiling into a camera is already a pretty boring photo that no one wants to look at, but at the very least, get those two friends to STAND IN FRONT OF SOMETHING. “Morgan, remember that night we went out together to the anonymous gaping black void that I think was maybe a shitty bar but it’s impossible to tell?” “I kind of remember, Heather! I think we had fun! I don’t know!” Looking good, ladies. Looking great. (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. It stinks!

    • Yeah! That’s the ticket!

      • It might appear in the photo that he is bewildered and drowning in ennui, wondering how he found himself in the dark and half-empty bar, and why he is surrounded by tanned stepford women and their vacant smiles and constantly flashing cameras, when he should be reviving a once fruitful and rewarding career…but no, he is merely ACTING!

  2. While these young ladies look like perfectly nice women, I can see the one girl’s bra, and frankly, that’s just improper.

  3. fantastic. remember when he did subway commercials? or was that tom arnold? i always get them mixed up

  4. I wonder what Lovitz is thinking about. I don’t mean in this picture necessarily. What does he think about in general?

  5. He should give them a little tickle-pickle.

  6. The tuckbomb combines two things I love the most; manginas and photobombing.

    Ooops. NSFW. Happy Friday!

  7. you’re shit and I’m champagne, ladies.

  8. That’s the longest he’s been on camera since 1994.

  9. Also, where I come from we call what that gentleman is doing the “Christmas Tree”

  10. These girls are even boring Jon Lovitz! Show us some wits!

    • Maybe your play on words was intentional, but did you notice that with a quick spelling change to the word “wits”, that could be a dirty sentence?

      Just change the S to an A, the I to an AG, the T to a IN, and the W to a V.

  11. Can someone please photoshop a top hat, a monocle, and one of those log cigarettes things onto Lovitz?

  12. Oh yes, it’s ladies night!

  13. I swear I got to school with these girls. Though, considering I can’t tell the two of them apart, I might be mistaken about their resemblance to some classmates.

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