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Tim and Eric are great, no duh. Their show is great. This is great. When they direct music videos, those are great videos! Of course, it was only a matter of time before Corporate America (boo!) got the idea to try and capitalize on their unique brand of oddness. It began with the Zach Galifianakis Absolut ads, although those remained primarily on-line novelties. Vodka-soaked Easter eggs for the superdrunken superfans. But now Tim and Eric have directed a series of actual commercials? For Old Spice deodorant? And they are so weird? Obviously? But also kind of great? But then you have to wonder where this will all lead? And question the ramifications of Corporate America’s (boo!) relentless co-option of the interesting and bizarre? And what that means for the development of ideas? And the increasing difficulty in drawing the line between art and commerce? Although maybe that line no longer has any value in a media-saturated world like ours anyway? And will I ever shut up?

Tim’s and Eric’s Old Spice commercials after the jump:

This is Corporate America’s (boo!) first foray into Tim’s and Eric’s brand of nightmare-comedy™ but one has to imagine it is not the last. Eventually, this will become an industry standard. Everything will be half-way house residents screaming and close up squish-effects. Personally, I’m just waiting for Mr. Peanut to be replaced by James Quall in a top hat and monocle. Don’t forget your walking stick, Mr. Quallnut! (Via WarmingGlow.)

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  1. Dr. Steve Brule says “You gotta use deodorant so ya don’t smell like a muddy hog pig, ya dummy! Fuh yuh health.”

  2. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho says:
    Buy some Old Spice!

  3. Nicholas Sparks should ask this guy for advice on steroid use. Wowza.

  4. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho says:

    Buy some Old Spice, Its got what armpits crave!

  5. Me: (1) Ha ha, yup that is funny! (2) Ha ha, dang, that’s pretty funny too! (3) Haha wow, these are hilariously well edit— [model's pex make gross floppy noise] —BWHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  6. This is an April Fool’s prank, right? Right?

  7. Well, it’s watered-down T & E, but still loud and WTF-inducing enough to annoy several of my friends and family so… I give it a B-.

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  9. These ads do not make me want to run out and buy deodorant but I am now strangely craving a chocolate bar for some reason.

  10. Good to see that Peter from The Room recovered from his football injury.

  11. I assume that these ads are fairly expensive due to the royalties owed to Marky Mark every time the “PAH PAH PAH PAH PAH PAHWUR” bit airs.

  12. I welcome an era in which all commercials contain extraneous explosions! Bring it! Imagine how it would transform the Activia/Jamie Lee Curtis campaign! This can only be a good thing.

  13. This guy’s still better.


  14. You know how your auto reticular sense starts noticing a thing everywhere after it has been introduced into your thoughts. Well, following these commercials I have been seeing dancing chests and bouncing nipples everywhere. Weird.

  15. Thanks Cinco!

  16. Are all of Old Spice’s commercials gonna feature glistening ripped black men wearing towels? If so, I gotta masturbate at least once DAMN.

  17. Back in Gabe’s day it was just called Spice.


  18. Because I can’t not take things seriously: there is no way that stuff actually works. Your move man that appears to be cut out from a block of marble.

  19. So they Did NOT make the I’m on a Horse commercial? I felt like I was on the Horse when I saw that shit the first time.

  20. mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2010 +22

    The real irony is that so much of what Tim and Eric do is a co-option of actual commercialized media culture, and often isn’t even very exaggerated at all. I don’t understand how some people can think Tim and Eric are “weird,” but then see a Slap Chop™ or ExtenZe™ infomercial on TV as though it were a completely normal thing to have existing in reality. And now these corporations are co-opting the ironic parody/tributes to themselves. I guess these are just next level commercials, but I really wonder where this cycle will lead. I’m kind of hoping reality descends into unrelenting madness.

  21. Time-Warner should do more to protect T&E-style comedy from Corporate America.

  22. Oh man, I really love these ads. POWERTHIRST IS METH IN A CAN!

  23. seriously, though, would you rather terrible boring commercials? you would? that rhetorical question did not pan out as I expected…

  24. To be fair, the Japanese have been doing this for awhile. I once watched a 15 second ad for a Japanese drink that featured: a guy with a nest on his head. A dancing drink can that freaked out and opened up to reveal Gandalf inside, a gold angel, a silver angel, and a bunch of kids doing the moonwalk. In 15 seconds!

  25. It’s actually not their first commercial. You know those Boost Mobile Super Bowl Shuffle commercials? With the odd close-ups of mustaches combined with disgusting sound effects? They did that one too. And did nobody else notice the same shit used in the Telephone music video? SO MAINSTREAM, Y’ALL.


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  27. Can we talk about the fact that the actor in the third one was also “Peter” in The Room. Yeah, let’s talk about that. He always plays psychologist.

  28. I, love, Terry Crews.

  29. Terry’s one of the nicest guys out there – go Terry – get that work!

  30. These ads smell great. kudos to T&M and Terry, from a proud Old Spice wearerer….

  31. that is definitely Peter the psychiatrist from The Room in the punch ad

  32. Gotta pay the bills, you know? Kinda like Of Montreal singing about the Outback Steakhouses’ blooming onion or Beyonce’s sister or whatever the hell.

  33. This guy is so funny, I love him from white chicks.


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