Steve Carrell appeared on the British equivalent of the Today show this morning to deliver the weather in a classic (?) April Fools Prank:

Sure. I just have one question: HOW IS THIS AN APRIL FOOL’S PRANK? “I can’t believe they actually got Steve Carrell as our permanent weather man. He is going to take a little practice, but I am really going to enjoy getting daily reports from this former American actor on the weather in continental Europe,” said NO ONE. Ugh, this day. What a dumb day. It’s bad enough that this is a day where grown adults feel compelled to play pranks on other grown adults, but no one even seems to know what a prank even is anymore? I never thought I’d say this, but I long for St. Patrick’s Day. At least that is a holiday that MAKES SENSE. (Via ONTD.)

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  1. In Britain, we call weathermen “lorries”.

  2. i like this version much better

  3. And it’s thirty-eight degrees in the middle east.

  4. Maybe Ricky Gervais will impersonate a weatherman in the U.S. to bring things full circle.

  5. Gordon Bennett, what a carrel of laughs what? what?

  6. Nowadays a ‘prank’ is anything that is out of place. If that’s the case, then my mom played a HUUGE prank on me when she showed up at my doorstep at 8:45 last night. APRIL FOOLS, here’s 3 days of misery!

    • a really huge prank would be putting you in a basket on someone else’s doorstop. because you’re a baby.

      • One of the best pranks I’ve ever heard of:
        My mom’s friend Wendy saved the pregnancy test from her third child. TWO YEARS LATER she brought it to her husband and said, “We need to talk.” He was so mad: “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? We can’t afford another kid! What are we going to do?” He was on the verge of tears and put his arms around her waist; she cradled his head and said, “April Fools.”

        I think he ended up smothering her with a pillow.
        The End.

    • That’s still better than my “Prank”

      It was funnier in my head, okay!

    • One year I just said “April Fools” after anybody said anything.

      “We really need to buckle down to get this project all sorted out before the 3rd.”
      Me: APRIL FOOLS!
      “Do you want to grab Subway for Lunch?”
      Me: APRIL FOOLS!
      “I really don’t know if I can trust Laura anymore after everything that’s gone on.”
      Me: APRIL FOOLS!

      oh. it was the best day.

    • Last year, my boyfriend convinced me to write a blog post about how he was trying to be cute by climbing up on the roof to hide my keys and some roses, but then fell off the ladder and broke his leg and messed up his side. All sorts of people, including my mom, called to see if he was okay and then I had to explain that it was a terrible joke and that he was fine, although a bit of a turd-burger.

  7. Thank you for agreeing with me about how stupid this day is! Also, England has the CUTEST weather-tracking technology — it’s like Paul Frank designed it!

  8. Weather people weather people.

  9. It could be a prank if it was absolutely inaccurate forecast.

    Just imagine all the Englishmen leaving their houses and being met with scorching sunlight. They’d have to go in and put away their umbrellas! April fools to them!

  10. Yes, I hate April Fools. Today one of my facebook friends posted a very convincing status update that he was going to become a father, and the comments alternated between heartfelt congratulations and variations on “haha, good one!” Who knows if he was serious or not. It’s just a pointless, annoying, stupid day!

  11. The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.

    A missed opportunity to sing My Fair Lady lyrics is a missed opportunity for friendship with me, Carrell! Consider yourself warned.

  12. For your health!

  13. I always feel bad for the family and friends of people who die today.

    Cuz, you know…

  14. Steve Carrell on GMTV? Really? Are there anymore British’s here because I feel like I’ve gone insane. I don’t know what The Today Show is but GMTV is a kind of glossy breakfast hell watched by nana’s or the clinically depressed. The only guests I thought it had were soap star’s, expert’s on what the hottest celebrities are wearing and middle aged gentleman who have trained their dog’s to dance with them.

  15. “Should we give him a practice run, this is live TV!”
    “Na, he’s Steve Carrell. You know, the world famous Improv Comedian? He can improv pretty much anywhere. Sit back and prepare to laugh, mon amigo.”
    “Well… There are lots of… Umbrellas….”
    :: facepalm ::

  16. For some reason I think it’s hilarious that Gabe just hates pranks so much. I like to imagine his days are mostly spent answering phone calls for Mike Ock and cleaning up shaving cream in various locations. Gabe, did you know that if you’re hand is larger than your face, you have a much greater risk of cancer?

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  18. Woah, who peed in your April Foolsios Cereal (TM)?

    It’s a silly day where people make funny things happen. That’s not so bad, is it?

    As with every silly day, some people suck at it (I’m looking at you fruitcake), but on the years when I forget, it’s always kind of funny to be fooled.

  19. I have Water-Squirting-Fake-Flower and Prank PTSD. Gabe must have the same. It’s no laughing matter.

  20. Is it sad that I got kinda excited when he mentioned “Newfoundland?”


  21. April fool’s pranks really are the worst, but the video itself is actually quite charming.

    I mean, this could have been video of Steve forced to do schtick on The Marriage Ref. Fortunately, cute wins this round.

  22. Come on Gabe, this is the one day unfunny people get to shine. We should rename it “Leno Day.”

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