I don’t get it. Is the joke that usually Improv Everywhere interferes with the day-to-day lives of normal people who are just trying to go about their business in order to make their “art,” which is actually just “pranks,” but which they have the nerve to call “missions,” but in this case, they are interfering with the day-to-day lives of normal people who are just trying to go about their business in order to make their “art,” and even they recognize that this is a “prank” but don’t have the self-awareness to understand that everything they do is fucking pranks? Is that the joke? Is the joke that Improv Everywhere is usually terrible, but this is extra terrible? April Fools?

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  1. “Are you havin’ a laff?” is what you should say to Improve Everywhere people when you seem them doing funny things.

  2. AHH! THEY’RE SITTING ON THE SEATS! WITH NO UNDERWEAR! Surely this is the start of some unimaginable new disease. I think the creation of Super-Ebola or whatever is way more offensive than the obnoxious nudity.

  3. April Fools is the worst. First that Jay Leno Garbage and now this…Lame! what a lame day.

  4. It’s not improv if a guy with a megaphone tells you what to do first.

  5. Oh hell no. This is not the same thing as the underwear on the subway “mission” they pulled? Those people are actually buck naked from the waist down? Never sitting on a subway seat again.

  6. Good that the “director”-guy tells everyone to not rub their genitals against the other people in the subway, because that could be, you know, awkward…

  7. If I remember correctly, last year they pulled a “prank” where they all went to a funeral. However, the real prank was that they didn’t really do it–it was an April Fool’s Joke (becuase of course that would be mean). My guess is that this is another fake prank for April Fool’s Day–though I don’t know and haven’t read about it.

    I just know I wouldn’t sit on a subway seat with no pants becuase I know that I would not be the first person to do so.

    • You’re probably right.

    • Yeah, seems pretty obvious. Much as I hate the Improv Everywhere, the fact that they fooled Gabe into writing an entire post about a prank that they didn’t do sort of validates them, this time.

    • It’s fake, no duh. The kinda hot blonde guy at 1:22 who gets up, disgusted by “naked” improv-ers, has his pants off at 2:17. Nice try, Improv Everywhere, but no kinda hot blonde guys get past THESE eyes. I’m nonchalantly angry I paid attention to an Improv Everywhere video, especially a fake Improv Everywhere video. April Whatevers.

  8. Come on, Gabe, don’t be such a curmudgeon. Remember the words of Mark Twain: “Humor is tragedy plus bare mucous membranes on public surfaces where other people will soon be sitting.”

  9. Was that Tom Morello at 1:15?

  10. this explains the mystery stain on my pants this morning.

  11. good luck working this one out future historians

  12. This guy in the middle at :23 seriously can’t wait.


    You guys I am NOT a germaphobe. This is how I operate: respecting other people’s rights not to have my germs all over themselves. I don’t always wash my hands before I eat my own dinner, but if I am cooking for others, I will wash my hands, because of other people. It’s BASIC HUMAN DECENCY. Treating others as you would be treated. And I would be treated to subway rides WITHOUT YOUR UNCOVERED JUNK ON MY SUBWAY SEAT.

    FUCKIN FUCK. Ten thousand showers, right now.

  14. Maybe Improv Everywhere is usually knock-em-out-of-their-socks funny and their April Fool’s joke on the world (Their World 2.0) is to be extremely not funny.

    Got me.

  15. Today, like every April 1st, I awoke with the hope that Ann Coulter would finally reveal herself as the world’s most dedicated, radically liberal performance artist.


  16. Come on people. Flesh colored underwear.

  17. No one cared to stop and think about the children, did they?

  18. Emily Post called. She said if you ride pantsless on the subway, you should at least cross your legs. Bonus points for covering your shit with a purse or bag.

    Nice job, woman on the right! Very lady-like. Also remember, start with the outer spoon.

  19. “penises, butts and vaginas! hahahahahahahahah” ~ Improv Everywhere’s staff meeting while planning this.

    • “Oh, man, this is going to be the best totally spontaneous gag ever! Quick, someone run down to City Hall and get all of the relevant permits and paperwork we’ll need to pull this off without getting fined or anything.”

  20. The April Fools joke was supposed to be that they all get assassinated at the end, but they ran out of bullets during Erykah Badu’s practice run.

  21. turns out life played the real joke, when each participant contracted genital herpes.

  22. Have they made fun of Improv Everywhere on South Park yet? Every time I see or read about an Improv Everywhere “skit,” I immediately think of the South Park “Butt Out” anti-smoking kids or the Mormon family that moved into town.

  23. If there’s one thing the New York subway system was missing, it was the unfiltered smell of ball sweat. Thanks Improv Everywhere!

  24. Regardless if this is fake and gay or not, every once in a while I need something where I say thank god I don’t live in New York. This is that something. (It helps balance out all the I should have moved to New York clutter in my brain)

  25. Fuck these guys.

    • Even through the blur you can tell you want to sex them?

      Good vision.

    • Has anyone heard the This American Life where they talk to people who were “missioned” by Improv Everywhere? The name of the episode ‘Mind Games’. They all just went up to him at a bar and pretended to know him basically and it turns out he has a lot of social anxiety and the whole experience really fucked with his head. Another time they all went to this tiny band’s show and acted like they loved it, which got the band really excited and then really sad when they found out it was fake. The director of Improv Everywhere still thought it was a good mission that inspired people with his spontaneous art, or something. The point is, yeah, fuck these guys.

      • What killed me is that the Improv Everywhere director never admitted that what he did was rude or in any way dickish, despite the band being clearly upset by it. Instead, his rationale that he did a “good” thing was that he gave the band the best night of their life. Anyone anywhere who thinks that they have given any other living thing the best night of its life needs to be taken down ten or twenty notches. Improv Everywhere is not responsible for all the happiness and delight in the world! We’re not all walking around like zombies whose monochrome world suddenly goes technicolor when we see a bunch of people not wearing pants on the subway.

  26. Quintessential Improv Everywhere participant: Guy in New Radicals hat at 0:34.

  27. Okay…why isn’t that illegal?

  28. Who’s Ass Print Is It Anyway?

    I’ll show myself out…

  29. Apparently public nudity isn’t illegal in New York? Good to know.

  30. while i am mildly amused by people’s reactions, this terrifies me on a number of levels.

  31. Come on, this isn’t even close to real. It’s just footage from the no pants subway ride with the underwear blurred out. If they’d really done that the NYPD would have clubbed them all the second they got off the train.

  32. They blurred it out, so HOW DO WE EVEN KNOW?

    That’s the prank, I get it.

  33. the only prank here is on the people who sat in the ass-sweat streaks left on the train seats.

  34. Videogum Everywhere April Fool’s Day prank: everybody take your pants off, right now!

    I’ve been doing it for a few hours already… you know, for… April… Fool’s… Day…. yeah, that’s why…….

  35. Dear Dr. Megaphone: do you know what ‘fun,’ ‘respectful’ and ‘positive’ mean? I really think you need to join OED Everywhere. Meet me at Union Square at 6:00.

  36. Is this how far we’ve come to be shocking? What’s next; pissing on the seat?

    “It’s not illegal to gang rape each other on the NYC subway…as far as we know”

  37. my hand is tired (from upvoted all these hilarious comments!)

  38. All right. Fair play, Improv Everywhere. Now relax, Improv Everywhere.

  39. I do not have to masturbate once DAMN! That’s nasty.

  40. whoops, i improved. everywhere.

  41. I’m getting a little sick and tired of all this nudity.

  42. yeah so I was like why are there no naked genitals on any of the blogs and that can’t be right because all of the bloggers live in new york and all of the bloggers have smart phones and all of the bloggers take the subway so they can blog about taking the subway and crazy and new york so like it’s physically impossible that hundreds of hipster genitals survived a subway ride without the uncensored pubescaping trending all of the search engines. false

  43. Wait. So is it only my extreme unwillingness to believe that this atrocity actually happened that has me immediately believing that the prank is just a recut version of their pantsless subway “mission” made to look like it is also underwear-free? Or is the “prank” getting me to respond to this post to explain what is obviously going on here? Anyway, that’s what’s happening for sure. There’s no way that (1) so many people showed up to enthusiastically strip on the subway and that (2) this video is the first we heard about it.

    UGH. I am so old and April Fool’s Day confuses and enrages me.

  44. White people are crazy.

  45. Why didn’t Joe Rogan participate in this? He is a comedian, so obviously making people laugh is what he loves to do, and he is also comfortable with nudity when people are around.

  46. Great. Just when my VD was clearing up….I have 11 more to deal with.
    On my eyes.

  47. Seriously gross. The leader or whatever of this group always seems like a huge pretentious dbag that seems to think that what he is doing is actually important in interviews.


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