Oh, sure, yes. Headshot. Right.

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  1. Best actor of the movie – Blow up doll. Took that skateboard molestation like a champion.

  2. Would it have KILLED them to stay true to the novel? Jeez.

  3. I just don’t know. It is like porn without the porn.

  4. In a clip where they get SO MUCH RIGHT, a clear oversight is that the character who shot the bazooka was named Rowdy(?!) and not Joe.

  5. Best tampon commercial ever.

  6. My boyfriend reported this movie lost to Netflix and watches it every month or so. It’s not all this good…

  7. mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on Mar 30th, 2010 +11

    The trick is you have to practice shooting not just while riding a skateboard, but while holding the blow-up doll (aka Dutch Wife, Dutch Tilts aside) in your other arm as well because it affects your wind resistance and throws your aim off. Most people forget about that, which is why this particular plan rarely works.

  8. Yeah, I was smoking some Heavy Doobies when I sent this to Gabe-nasty last night.

  9. Faaake

  10. Let me break out of “character” for a moment, if I may, and thank you for posting this. It’s for things like this that I visit websites like Videogum, Everything is Terrible, and others.

  11. Knowing absolutely nothing about this clip, I would bet money that Cynthia Rothrock is in this movie.

  12. So the cops knew internal affairs were setting them up?

  13. Wait? Was the skateboarder twelve? If not, why is a grown man skateboarding while doing a handstand down the interstate in the first place? Jeez, old people, don’t try to out-sext the kidz!

  14. You know why I love Videogum? Because at any other site there would be a chorus of “that’s so old”, regardless of how great the clip is. This is a great clip, I like it when it’s posted everywhere at anytime, now and forever.

  15. This almost makes TOO much sense.

  16. I want this to be a series. Like Knight Rider, but with a talking skateboard. And instead of Devin Milford inside an 18-wheel truck running the operation, it’s the guy with a jeep. And the Michael Knight character gets killed in every episode. And then the bad guys are always like, “Okay, we took care of that turkey — now let’s get back to Eden’s and meet that drug shipment!” And so they do.

  17. The line was “heavy duty doobies”, not “heavy doobies.” oh, the eternal struggle between the auteur and his actors.

  18. Why would you let a man who has been SHOT THROUGH THE HEART drive you anywhere? It just seems unwise. And I didn’t see any seatbelts.

    • I’m afraid what happened was, this obviously very well thought out plan only involved a pellet gun that barely broke the skin. Or the man’s heart is located somewhere other than his chest. I don’t know, anything is possible in this crazy upside-down world.

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